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Isla Mujeres 2010~~Day 25-27

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 7/19/2010

Isla Mujeres 2010

Day 25-27
March 8-10

March 8 – Day 25

Good morning sunshine!

How lucky we are to be here enjoying these wonderful days….

Off to Playa Norte where I see one of these in the water. I call them needlefish, but I’m sure that isn’t the correct name!

There was a fellow from Kelowna BC, doing some awesome sand sculptures. This is Chichén Itzá with the ‘Ogopogo’ lake monster that supposedly lives in our nearby Okanagan Lake…

Tonight Vince and I went to Mango Café….we had a craving for the Jamaican BBQ once again….

We sat outside tonight and dinner was yummy once again….way too much food!

We were happy to share with this sweetie….she was being adopted the next day so I hope she’s happy in her new home now!

It was one of the first times that we were driving in the dark with our moped. Vince was careful as always, and it was kind of fun!

March 9 – Day 26

How else would the day begin!...


I am just always amazed by this view….

It was a great day for roasting and relaxing and we enjoy the sunset from our doorstep…

Jan and Bruce come by to enjoy some tzatziki that we had picked up from Olivia’s (Lolo was sold out of it!)along with great sourdough bread that we got from Lolo’s…

It was delish!

March 10 – Day 27

Just a quick check on the sunrise today….

We have a busy day ahead……we are moving to the Roca Mar for our last few days. Here are a few more photos of our Villa Makax Townhouse (which can easily be booked by Kathryn at

We love this place…can’t beat the location and it just feels like home!

We have to check out of Villa Makax but can’t check into Roca Mar until 3, so Vince takes one suitcase at a time on the moped, just a short ways down Juarez to store them at Jan and Bruce’s place until later.

We saw this cute daddy and baby truck on the way to the beach…

Vince is hungry so he gets a delicious lunch from ComoNo’s at Ixchel…..a clubhouse sandwich, fries and calamari….

Lee has a surprise though and brings us some grilled baby crabs….Yummy!!!

In the late afternoon, we leave the beach and begin the move to the Roca Mar. Check in was easy. We had booked Roca Mar via Kathryn and paid in advance so we are quickly on our way to our room. We were on the 3rd floor, which is one down from the top floor. It was a king room with the glass bathroom. Here’s the tour…

So….my impression of the new and improved Roca Mar……Between 2003 and 2008, we stayed at the original Roca Mar for a total of 99 nights. Loved every one of them! Did it need some updating? Sure it did, but that was somehow part of the charm. And of course, Ino was a big part of the Roca Mar as well….he gave it personality.

Now, the rooms are nice and as clean as always, but they sure do lack personality. It is still a great location with awesome views. The fridge was super tiny and there wasn’t a lot of storage space. The air-conditioning worked well and the full glass sliding doors on the balcony were great. The bed was very comfortable.

Now, the bathroom…..did I like the all glass bathroom that I requested? Not really. Even after being married for almost 30 years, there is such a thing as too much sharing! The sliding mirror gave some privacy but not a lot. It wasn’t a big deal and we had a few laughs, and the view from the bathroom was great.

The cleaning ladies were great…everything was always spotless. The front desk staff was okay….not super friendly or inviting. There was free wifi which was nice…..if I sat in our doorway I could catch a signal, but it was best to do it in the open courtyard area.

Would I stay here again….sure….but it is a bit on the expensive side at $110 USD per night. Compared to our townhouse, which is less than that, it’s very easy to choose the townhouse. The other problem with the Roca Mar is the noise from La Luna. We loved La Luna, but didn’t appreciate the boom boom that lasted until 4am one night. Even with the sliding doors completely closed and the air conditioning on, it was impossible to drown out the low bass beat. It was very bad on our very last night and I didn’t really sleep very much that night. Of course, that’s not the fault of the Roca Mar, but it certainly does affect it.

On with the rest of our day….

We ate at Angelo’s tonight….the ribs that Colin had the other day looked so good so we just had to try them! And boy, were they good!

The holiday is almost over…..sssshhhhh……

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