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Ann and Sue's Isla adventure 2008 - Part 2

By: MNAnn (View Profile)
Date: 3/20/2008

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Norte is still hanging around and it’s another cool (70’s) and windy day. It’s not looking like a beach day, so Sue and I found our way to Alexi and Giovani’s for breakfast and then rented a golf cart for 24 hours. (For those who read this in my Golf Cart review, I apologize for the duplication.) This was my first time renting a cart, and I admit I made a rookie mistake in not requiring that they give me a lock. Guess where this is going???

We took a tour of the island, all the way around to the other side of the lagoon, down past Punta Sur and back along the East side. We really enjoyed the scenery, stopping now and then to take pictures. I especially love the wild surf crashing on the shore on the East side. Back in Centro, we grabbed lunch from the Rib Guy and took it back to Villa Vera. I got the ribs, Sue got the chicken – wow…it was amazing and for $65 pesos total, more than the two of us could eat! After lunch, we decided to take a rest before heading in to town for the evening. After our siesta, I went down to the hotel office to check email and when I came back out noticed that our cart had vanished! I went back in and told the young man at the front desk that our cart was gone.

First he asked if I had left the key in it...No, the key is in my room. Next, he thought maybe another guest took it by mistake...hmm...not likely since ours was white, and the two in the lot were red and tan (both with locks). Then he asks who I rented from...he makes a phone call to report it for me. When he gets off the phone, he tells me that they will find it, and that this happens all the time, AND that all the keys are the same for all the carts!

Nothing to do but wait and see, so I went up to the room and about 45 min later get a call from the desk that they found the cart and are returning it to the hotel...with a lock! How nice! I go back down as they pull in, get the key for the cable lock and promptly lock it up. 15 min later, our phone rings again..."please come to the front desk with your receipt for the cart. You have made some confusion." Okay, here we go...

In the office are two young American men who look rather disgruntled. They then ask me if I was at the Turtle farm...nope, drove by this morning, but didn't stop in. Next they say that the cart outside is the one THEY rented today. Huh? I show my receipt showing that I rented that cart at 9:30 am. And there was some material still in the dashboard that left absolutely no question that this was the cart we were touring with earlier in the day.

Yet, somehow, these young men had rented the same cart later this afternoon, gone to the Turtle Farm, only to have it disappear while they were visiting the tortugas!! No wonder they weren't happy! In the end, the representative from the rental place drove them back in to town to get them a different cart, but they were still looking rather skeptical too.

I have NO idea how the same cart was rented to two different parties on the same day, but I have some suspicions. And as I stated before...I did learn that you must demand a lock when renting a golf cart, no matter who you rent from. But the stress of the situation and the evasive and indifferent attitude of the rental representative when I tried to ask how this happened, was not the way I envisioned starting my Isla vacation! I'll know better next time! ::>

One interesting thing we did notice was that after this happened, Villa Vera 'security' at the entrance gate were using the chain across the drive on a pretty consistent basis! Hmmm….

Okay, so now that the missing cart was returned, we head into town for the evening. Since we had a later lunch, and with all the stress about the cart, neither of us really want to eat. BUT….we are sure looking forward to another pom marg at Miguel’s!! Oh, and it’s 2 x 1…bonus! And after those, I just had to try the mojitos that I’ve read all the raves about. (The raves are all true!) Sue is almost strictly a cervesa girl, so after one marg switches to her new fave, Sol! We hung out with some spring-breakers for a while; really nice kids and lots of fun. Before you know it, it’s near midnight and time for us to head back south to Villa Vera. All the anxiety about earlier events is gone, and we enjoy another restful sleep on this beautiful island.

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