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Chapter Two-The Perfect Isla Day

By: Kathryne (View Profile)
Date: 3/19/2007

It is going to be a hot one today. The Caribe wind and waves have calmed and there is only a smattering of clouds. I am taking the sun (as they say) –it is 7:30 am. Doug my “hunter” is off to buy fixings for a smoothie breakfast (or perhaps daiquiri cocktail time). Wow, we did so much in the last 24 hours and yet of course because we are on Isla it was lazy and unstressed. We packed up to explore the south end and sight see. Waiting for THE bus (which that day was one bus going in one direction making constant circles of the island) is one of our favourite people-watching times of day both in Centro and at the end of the loop. Of course the banter of the locals is equally entertaining. The climbing on of a toddler though, is the best part. Yesterday at the Lancheros stop there was an Isleno on the ground. We of course were concerned that he was passed out or worse but he was just sprawled out having his siesta. Likely one of the workers from the new condo project going up there. We also saw the woman who brings the workers their lunch returning home with empty bags and pots and pitchers. The major entertainment is watching the day trippers in their golf carts trying to figure out which way to go in the traffic circle. The near misses can be alarming but most laugh at their own ineptness.

Doug loved the south end when I showed him where I’ve stayed at VPS and where my family stayed at La Joya. He had no idea that it was so isolated there and was fascinated with the extreme from north to south. I pictured him a Centro guy but perhaps not. There were a number of surprises to me-not the new condos that I had read all about on the message board but that Maria’s Kan Kin has re-opened at that Playa Indios was under some kind of refurbishment. No one seems to have discovered Maria’s because there was not a single soul there but the beach is gorgeous and the view of course the duplicate of Casa O’s next door. We peaked into the rooms which were neat as a pin but perhaps too “exposed” for us with a wall of glass on the front. We checked out their menu for future reference. To find that even though their lobster is crazy at $60. they do have items like seafood fettuccine and other fish choices in the $10 range.

Since we had Indios to ourselves, we pulled up a couple of lounge chairs under a cabana and had our picnic lunch of fresh “Super” buns with ham, Mexican cheese and lime mayo. Washed down with cans of Sol it was perfect. We were visited by a dog family who were looking for our discarded treats-a white lab with amber eyes, a black and white spaniel & their pup. We then walked down the beach to Lancheros where we noticed the lovely new beach house at Mar y Sol-do you still have to wash your dishes in the shower? Was not really sure what was happening between there and Gaviota-a new section of Gaviota or a new builder? A former octagon beach cottage is now a storeroom for boats. I had thoughts on previous walks that it would have been a cool place to stay. The new beach club at Lancheros was hopping. Were they Cancun day trippers or Islenos? We refreshed with another couple of beers while waiting for the bus. A cabbie offered us a ride to town for $2 so we hopped in just as the bus came around the corner. He dropped us off at the Super for appetizer and cocktail supplies.

We sat on our west side patio and watched the sunset. We waved to the golf carts going by as we ate our homemade guacamole and sipped our banana/fresh oj/kahlua/dark rum blender cocktails. We listened to Josh Groban and Il Divo which was so appropriate since they sing so many Spanish songs. Just as the sun was setting we switched to Tony Bennett/KD Lange’s duet of “It’s a Wonderful World” and Doug pulled me out of my chair to dance with him on the patio. Top that romantic moment you guys!

We freshened up and walked to La Lomita to check if they had Chiles Relleno. We did have a back up plan but we were in luck. As we waited for our meal we watched the TV in the corner next to the real Christmas tree that should have been made into wood chips on Boxing Day. The woman next to us declared as she sat down-don’t light a match next to them! There are some situations in life that strike me as particularly unique. We were waiting for our authentic Isla meal while watching Rachel Ray in Rome on $40 a Day which was overdubbed in Spanish! The world is a small place. Speaking of $40 a Day, we are spending only a pittance on food here. We split the Chiles and each had an order of Papas Fritos. The French fry that I compare all other French fries in the world to. Doug loved the bean soup but saved me from future dismay by not consuming the entire bowl. Our intention was to go out for coconut ice cream but we were too full. Supper was $14 including beer!

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