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MX 2005 - Isla Mujeres - Day 16

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/9/2005

Mexico 2005

Isla Mujeres

March 11 Day 16

“Just Another Fun Day In Paradise!”

Another 6am morning for me….not a perfect clear sunrise, but beautiful just the same…

Sometimes the clouds make it much more picturesque…

The wind seems a little calmer this morning and it’s a very comfortable 25C already.
It’s probably 25F at home! Brrrrrrr!

Back into bed for a while until we are shaken awake by a very loud helicopter flying directly overhead.
Scared the heck out of us but it was time to get up anyway!

We decide on an early morning hog ride before breakfast. Off we go taking a few new roads through the colonias.
We come upon Salina Grande. I assume it’s a fresh water lagoon…

Driving on through the colonia we find the most
colourful home…I call it the ‘Crayola House’!

Out on the main road on the east side which we follow to Punta Sur.
The place is deserted this early in the morning so it’s a great time to enjoy the view
from the lighthouse…

The view of the tower….no way I’m going up that thing!

And the wonderful colours of the water this morning…

The view up the east side…

Back on the scooter we go back up the east side,
stopping to walk the beach and collect some shells…

We make it back to M & J Cazuela’s in time for breakfast. We have a simple one today…just toast, OJ for me and
Chaya for Vince….and then we can’t resist…a plate of potatoes to share! Oh yummm!
$106MXP including tip. We enjoy a wonderful
view of the waves…

We’re on the beach by 11:30. We’re planning on just laying here and relaxing the whole
day so we get 2 loungers and an umbrella.
The sun is really intense today so I really needed some shade. Looking at my thermometer in the
shade, it’s 32C and 51% humidity…just perfect!

What a great view….

Ha!…you thought it was going to be water, didn’t you!

We pass the afternoon, swimming and reading, and when Vince gets restless I
send him on a walk. He finds Jan and Bruce at
Sergio’s and brings them back to our area of the
beach for a chat.

By 4, the hog is calling Vince once again…guess he is realizing that he only
has 1 more day of hog rides! We drive south
along the west side this time. We plan on stopping
in at Playa Lancheros but it’s too late for Tix-n-xic, so we stop at the little store by the beer distributor.
I'm searching their freezer for lime popsicles but they don’t have any. I see something,
another treat called ‘Gansitos’. There’s a picture of a duck on the outside and it
jogs a memory….I think it was in ‘Lolita’s trip report from a few years ago and she
raved about them. Well, let’s try it!
I have no idea if they are frozen treats so I tell Vince to floor it so we can get
to the beach before they melt.

A few minutes later we are settled on the beach.
Now that is an odd cloud formation…I’ll let you
decide what you think you see….

Anxious to bite into my ‘ducky treat’, I rip open the packaging….hmmmm…not exactly
what I was expecting. Turns out to be a kind
of Twinkie-like thing with chocolate on the outside
and a raspberry filling. Way too sweet
for me and definitely did not go well with
Vince’s cerveza!

Time for break over, it’s back on the scooter,
around Punta Sur and back up the east side. We head towards Roca Mar, but
the sky is looking very red so we hurry to
Playa Caribbean to watch the sunset.

There’s a bit of melancholy as we watch the sun
disappear for the day…we’re starting to get close
to the idea of ‘the last….’. Tomorrow will be our
last full day…that’s never a fun thought!

Back home to shower and we decide to do a bit of shopping before dinner.
Somehow we are going to squeeze in Taqueria Medina and Manolo’s for dinner tonight!
We quickly pick up a few tshirts for the kids, along with the additions to their collections of
turtle bobble heads and ceramic sun containers.
We walk up Hidalgo, looking forward to a snack of
tacos al pastor. We find a table right on the street
and are soon joined by puppy. She joined us often
for dinner no matter where we ate!

The service is really slow…even for Isla! We chat
with fellows at the next table who turn out to be
from Kelowna….a city only 30 miles from us…small
world! We finally get to order and when the fellow
brings our food, it’s not quite right….we only
ordered 2 tacos each and got 3 each instead, and there
are no pineapples. Darn! These were so good last
year and I was really looking forward to them. Since
our food is wrong, we don’t want to start eating just
in case we received someone else’s order. Vince
finally gets the waiter and fills him in. He takes
our plates away and comes back again in a
few seconds….they just tossed some pineapples on top.

Oh well….let’s eat the best of it before it gets
really cold. We nibble and it turns out to be
puppy’s lucky day!

The bill was $86MXP and I left $100MXP…mainly because
I didn’t want to wait another 20 minutes for change!
It was probably an off night and I’m sure we’ll try
it again next year. Vince is really looking forward
to Manolo’s now! We shop just a bit more and then
wander down Matamoras towards Manolo’s. Uhoh….it’s
closed for a private party. We absolutely loved
this restaurant last year…guess we shouldn’t have
waited until the last few nights to go back.
There’s always next year!

We’re still kind of hungry though, after that disappointing snack,
so it’s off to our usual back-up meal…Pizza
Rolandi’s. We just get one Hawaiian pizza and
2 strawberry margaritas. We take one more wander
up Hidalgo to get our usual dessert lime
popsicle….ooops, too late! Viva Mexico is closed!
Our tummies are definitely full but it’s been kind
a messed-up food day! Can’t really complain
though….21 days of holiday and only 1 off day
for food…that’s pretty good!

With all our shopping bags in hand, we trudge home.
I decide that it might be a good time to start the job
of packing so we can relax a little more tomorrow
night. Oh, how I hate packing to go home!
There’s definitely a bit of sadness as we turn out
the lights….we don’t say anything to each other, but
I can tell we’re both feeling the ‘time to go
home blues’! The waves lull us to sleep…how will I
ever go to sleep without them!

**Report Card
--M & J Cazuela’s--Great!
--Taqueria Medina—Really slow and unfriendly
service. Tacos al Pastor were not very tasty
either…we loved them last year and will probably try
them again next time. $86MXP for 3 Tacos al Pastor
each, cerveza and Fanta.
--Pizza Rolandi—Hawaiian Ham pizza,
2 margaritas…$150MXP including tip.

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