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MX 2005 - Isla Mujeres - Day 14

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/5/2005

Mexico 2005

Isla Mujeres

March 9 Day 14

“Rain, Rain….Please Make The PooPoo Water Go Down The Drain!”

I just can’t sleep in! There are clouds on the horizon again this morning…

I sit on the balcony and wait to see if it will poke through the clouds…

It’s unusually hot and humid so early this morning…27C and 81% humidity. Everything is just wet! The pareos that we hung up last night are still damp…the wooden slats on the door and window area are dripping wet with moisture. The last time it was like this we had a downpour later in the day…hmmmmm…

Back to bed for a little more siesta as the sun is taking too long to shine on me today. By 8 we’re both up and moving. I head for the shower and Vince goes to the bakery for fresh croissants. We enjoy breakfast on the balcony, discussing the plans for the day…beach, hog ride, walk???….Hey, it’s cloudy this morning, why don’t we get some shopping done! We always leave that to the last minute so it would be nice to have most of it done now so that we can enjoy our last few days.

With mucho pesos in hand we walk just a block down Guerrero to the silver and talavera store on the corner by the Supermercado. I’ve been buying pieces here since 2003..adding to my collection of colourful dishes by ‘Hernandez’. This is what I have so far….

The fellow that owns this store is always very nice and after I pick out a few dishes, we agree on a price. He’s fair and they pack it up nicely in bubble wrap for me. With that done it’s off to find some tshirts for the kids. Vince gets sidetracked though and ends up getting a wallet and choker for himself. It’s getting too darn hot out to do anymore shopping so we go back to the room and change for the beach.

It’s still overcast but I sure need a dip in the sea to cool off. As we park the moped we see what we call the ‘Barbie moped’…

It was parked there often but we never did see if ‘Barbie’ drove it! With pareos spread out on the sand we lay back and roast for all of 2 minutes…..Too hot!!! It’s 34C and still 65% humidity. Nat and Les find us and we chat for a while…then Jan and Bruce arrive and there are laughs all around. We’re all dying from the heat so everyone soon goes back to their spots in the shade. Vince is starting to fade so I send him off to get water. He comes back with water….and a cerveza of course! Strike a pose honey!

Before the sun leaves again we take our routine picture to show that we were here today!…

By 3 we start to feel the odd raindrop so Vince uses that as an excuse to get back on the moped for a ride. As we go down Rueda Medina he suggests a bite to eat. Picus looks too busy so we go a little further to a spot that Jan and Bruce told us about…Cockteleria Mininos. We park the moped and find a table with a nice view of the water….does that look like rain off in the distance?…

We order drinks and guacamole and Vince decides on a garlic fish fillet. The guacamole arrives and it is delicious!…

Vince’s fish arrives…

He said it was okay but a little chewy. I’m not sure what kind of fish it was but the colour of it kind of turned me off. As we’re finishing, Vince says we better hurry as it looks like rain is coming…too late! The drops begin to fall…

These are just a few little drops…in a matter of seconds it is a full blown downpour and everyone is running for cover!

It’s too late to get on the moped as the roads are filling with water…

So we wait it out…

After about 20 minutes, the rain lets up and we decide to get going while the going is good. At least we thought it was a good time to go….There is a median so we have to continue further south to the end of the naval base area before we can turn around and go back towards centro. Vince is driving slowly as the water on the road is splashing us. As we near our turn off to Roca Mar, I smell it before I see it. Vince stops the moped and tries to balance without putting his feet down. I peek around his head to see what’s the hold up. Uhoh….that can’t be good! Mr. Health Inspector has just come upon an exploding manhole cover. And yes, there is poopoo water running out on the street. Vince swears and I laugh at the correct description of what is before us. We have no choice. Without another word he goes as slowly as he can through the poopoo water and then turns up the street to Roca Mar. The scooter gets parked in record time and once again he dashes up the stairs and into the shower, sandals and all! Well, that was an experience!

I take a look from the balcony at the Roca Mar that faces town. When I see this golf cart coming it reminds me of the downpour that we got caught in last year while touring the island on a golf cart. I bet those people are wet!

It’s still warm as we linger in the room cleaning up and waiting for the floods to disappear…30C and 67%. By 5 the air is fresh and the skies are clear once again. We decide to go for a walk on Hidalgo since there probably won’t be a sunset tonight. We send a few emails and happen upon a little shop that sells the most beautiful paintings. Each scene is done on a feather and they are gorgeous. I’m really tempted to buy one that is a painting of the island but it’s over $400MXP and a little pricey. I’ll have to sleep on it.

We get a lime popsicle as we missed out on that last night, and find Les and Nat and their friend Linda enjoying an early dinner at Rolandi’s. After a stop at the Supermercado for a few supplies, we head back to the room to relax and read for a while as Vince is still full from his late lunch. Actually, I’m not sure if he’s gotten his appetite back yet after that moped fun!

By 8 the tummies are growling so it’s off to Hidalgo we go. We bump into Les, Nat and Linda again…and they are eating, Again! This time it’s just too funny! While we were chatting on the beach with them earlier today, we told them about the delicious twice-baked potatoes at Amigos. Well, guess what Linda and Les are eating?….Only twice-baked potatoes! No fish, no steak, nada except the potatoes! Nat is enjoying a full meal, but the girls are getting their forbidden carbs!

We leave them to enjoy their potatoes and wander a little further. We bump into Faith and John and they invite us to a house party tomorrow night. Woohoo…it’s Sparkarita time! Wonder if we can outdo last year’s party! Thanks for the invite…we’ll be there for sure!

You just can’t walk on Hidalgo without running into all your amigos…it’s like main street on Friday night about 40 years ago here at home! Jan and Bruce are just finishing up dinner at Fayne’s so we chat with them for a few minutes before moving on to Angelo’s. Vince is craving that salad again! Seated at a table we find ourselves sitting next to a young couple from Frankfurt that we met here a few nights ago. We had laughed at them last time as they made the same mistake that we did on their first time at Angelo’s. They had ordered 2 pizzas…big mistake! Tonight they have learned well and are sharing one! We order a pizza with ham, mushrooms, pineapple and olives and Vince gets his mixed salad once again. It’s delicious as always!

With 3 glasses of wine, our bill comes to $300MXP, including tip. Time to wander home once again, enjoying music from all the various restaurants and bars on the way. After a rather eventful day we fall into bed before 11….lights out until tomorrow!

**Report Card
--Silver and Talavera store on the east corner on Guerrero near the Supermercado….excellent selection of hand painted pottery…a little expensive but so worth it. The owner is very nice.
--Cockteleria Mininos—Service was good and staff was friendly. Vince was impressed with their ‘restaurant approved cutlery’. The guacamole was excellent, freshly made. The garlic fish fillet that Vince had….not too impressed…it was chewy. Cerveza, Fanta, guacamole, and fish fillet and tip…$125MXP.
--Small store that sold painted feathers—Can’t remember exactly where but it was just off Hidalgo. Not cheap but very pretty and a nice souvenir.
--Angelo’s—Excellent as always!

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