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Isla Mujeres Day 2

By: sengel (View Profile)
Date: 8/10/2010

We wake up earlier than expected today...but the thought of staying in bed when so much awaits us is just not in the cards! I immediately tell hubby that I HAVE to get to the ocean and as he gets ready I grab shoes and head out to the beach...Note to self...Humidity fogs up the glasses and camera lens for a bit once you walk outside...I cant see a thing...after a few minutes...I can see again and the camera lens is clear...There is cloud cover this morning and the beach is quiet and empty...except for the sand sweepers that get the beach ready for the days tourists...I smile and start saying my "holas" right off the bat...No shoes....Hmmmm walking on sand is great...but I should have worn shoes...I need to head into the water now and then to soothe the feet...thats OK I love this!!! I take a few pictures and collect a few shells and head back to the Hotel...Hubby is ready so we head out and walk down Hidalgo to do a bit of exploring...we walk for quite some time and are far away from the hotel when a torrential downpour nails us... we laugh and enjoy the is still so warm...but my mascara is burning my eyes and I need to take shelter I run into the doorway of some Naval Meeting Center...where I proceed to wipe my eyes free of mascara...while hubby thinks Im gonna get in trouble for standing in their doorway...Im soaking eyes are burning outta my head...I really dont give a poop!...note to need not wear mascara in Mexico...and for that matter...forget about doing your can live without the bangs for several days...its all good!

We walk back to the hotel and dry off...the rain has stopped so we decide to rent a golf cart and tour around the island...We rent a cart from Ciros which is just a block away from the hotel...again with Mapchick map in hand we are off!!! Lunch at Mocambo Lancheros first..We have the fish tacos, beef fajitas (hubby stuck to the beef most of the trip) ,guac and pico...a beer and we are ready to hit the town!
Its wet and sprinkling most of the day but we still get around the entire island...We stop at the Turtle Sanctuary (30 pesos)...what a great place...and such good things they are doing for the survival of the turtles...The we head up a bit further to find Dolphin Discovery...its my hubby that is interested in this...he knows how I feel about this type of animal usage...but I have dragged him so far and out of his element that I sit back and let him have this desire for himself...We also find Zamas.. we saw it online and hope to spend a day here as is very nice and when I asked about the $20 min/person..he did say yes...but I have a feeling that if you did spend the day there and not spend $ wouldnt be penalized in any long as you did eat and drink there it would have been fine and a nice way to spend the day.
Next we happen upon Garrafon Park...I have been looking at pictures of this place for months and to see it in person is incredible...the have a great spot on the Island...I hope to spend a day here as well...up around the southern tip of the island and we head back to Playa Notre via the east side...nice rough seas...we stop there for a bit but it is raining again...its only day 2 so I know we will get back here to explore more...Its been another long day (which they all turn out to be actually) so we head back to the hotel to dry off once again...Dinner tonight is at JAX...I have the coconut shrimp and hubby has the beef again...and Margaritas all around...and an open drink to go when we are done....LOVE Mexico!!

To be contd....

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