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may2010(very late but here)

By: garpar (View Profile)
Date: 1/3/2011

sorry no one;this was our second trip to isla,and since the first trip we only stayed for a weekend we were really looking forward to staying for a week.i have a hard time describing the feeling when you get on the ferry and head across the most beautiful water you will ever see (a child on christmas morning maybe?)to the island.once there we checked into our hotel and headed straight to the beach and after a short walk it was very hot so we stopped at buhos for a couple of margaritas, our first official drink(what took us so long right?).later we headed out for supper at vibre cuba?we had yummy meat sandwiches on a bun,sweet potato fries and plantain?(fried bananas)and washed it all down with 3 rounds of cuba libres.the atmosphere,the smells,the noise,the people walking by it was awesome.we sat there for a hour or so then got our bill only $35(we payed in pesos but marked journal in dollars).then checked out a few more places(i think one was shebar)met some fun people,a great first day(1/2 day). day two;up early for sunrise walk around the island(lots of cats here).later we headed to picus for guacamole, chips,ceviche and a couple of sols.feet in the sand looking at the boats and water,perfect.then it was off to the beach again,we grabbed a couple of chairs at sunset and a couple buckets of sol and relaxed for the afternoon.back to hotel to clean up then out to find somewhere to eat(dont you love it).after a walk around town we decided on asia caribe?we both had the sticky ribs and a couple of negra modelos.good band playing next door and they were playing real mexican music(nice change).then back to cuban place for a couple of mojitos then bed.perfect three;up early,walked,breakfast and rented a golf cart.we love golf cart day,we headed along the coast until we got to punta sur. checked out lighthouse stopped for a snack and a couple of sols(we love all the snacks).then we took our favorite walk on the island around the cliffs and the is breath taking.then we were of touring again stopping at el publito for the best guacamole and four sols for $10 yes $10.not a very fancy place but good food and great presentation.then our last stop on our tour was soggy peso a thatch roof hut kind of place and tacky as was perfect so we grabbed a seat asked to see a menu but no need as they only have one special a it was breaded shrimp tacos and they were better half ordered a margarita and struck up a conversation with some local fisherman.she decided to have her second marg and asked (i think his name was snoopy) to make her another one.i dont know what he put in it but it was a fun drive back to town with her singing and dancing all the way.(remember were in a golf cart,dont worry i was sober)after a nice swim at the beach somebody had enough and needed her bed that was it for her for the night,once she was tucked in i was off to the cuban place for something to eat then over to faynes for a couple of beers from alex i think the waiters name was.then off to four,funny no walk today but went for a good breakfast at la tigrera.then we went shopping for a couple of hours and after we stopped for lunch at qubanios.we met the owner vivian a very nice lady who talked with us the whole time we were there.we had the cuban sandwich and tostan(chicken between fried bananas)and hungarian potatoes washed down with fresh watermelon our time on the island this was our favorite place to eat.then back to sunset for a bucket of sols and relax.for supper we headed to don cheapos had a couple of chicken dishes that were good but the service was fantastic.then we headed down to the basketball court and got a marquesita(a nutella and banana thing)surprisingly good.we watched a basketball game that they sure take seriously, i thought a hockey game was going to break out.then back to vibre cuba a couple of drinks and people watched till bed time.great day. day five;up early for a walk and a very good breakfast today at the french bistro.then back to sunset and grabbed our chairs for the know what comes next,so after relaxing we go back to the hotel get cleaned up and dressed up and head out to olivias for supper.we had a very good meal and great service.then we took a walk on the beach it was a beautiful night with a big bright full moon.then i surprised her by getting down on my knee, gave her a ring and asked her to marry me.she was in shock as we had never talked about it but she said of course she would.then we were off to la adelitas to celebrate and on the way my wife to be noticed all the people smiling at us and said they must know we are in love.only once we got to the bar we noticed i had sand covering my knees.(better me than her i guess).we listened to the band at faynes then to bed.very good day. day six; up early and out for our walk and breakfast then off to sunset was very hot this day so lots of swims .met a nice couple from texas and talked to them for a hour or so over a bucket of sols.then we walked down to bally-hoos for the best fishn chips on the island no i think the world.(what a cool place).then back to beach for rest of afternoon.then hotel clean up and we grab a taxi and head to a beach near zumas.we met a lady named Sabina(who is awesome for doing weddings on isla)there who had a bouquet for the bride to be and took us down to the beach where a nice little alter was set up on the beach.we took our shoes off and walked down to the water and alter and with the sun setting we got married. again much to the surprise of my now wife as she had no idea what i had planned long before we left for isla.pretty sneaky and she was impressed i did all this without her knowing.then we grab a taxi and head back to town for supper.tonight we go to comnono?its owned by a couple of guys from Israel and serves mediterranean food.we had a samplers plate and it was yummy.then we went to faynes for a couple of drinks and listen to the band.we also got to enjoy some ladies dancing on the bar and showing their stuff.just what you want on your wedding night i think,anyway all good fun and we partied late into the day yet. day seven; last day.we got up and did our walk and then breakfast at the french bistro,bagels,crepes and coffee.very good.then headed to the beach and laid on our towels in the sand under a palm tree close to buhos.we went for a couple of swims then happy hour at buhos.after we headed back to bally-hoos this time for the grouper.also very good we really liked this it was time to leave this awesome little island we sure didnt want to but we had the best adventure and can not wait to come back.we still had two more weeks in mexico so it made leaving not as bad. this is my first entry, sorry for spelling mistakes of places etc most will know what i mean.i will try and post some pictures soon .we had seven days of sun and over 90 everyday it was beautiful.only one down side was the constant people asking us if we wanted to buy drugs.while we were shopping,walking down the street,even when we were having a drink and talking to another couple in a bar.other than that it was awesome,we wondered before we went if there would be enough to do on isla for a we know next time its for two or three weeks,it will take you that long to eat everywhere once.hopefully we will be back in march 2011.

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