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Here Goes Nothing...Last Few Days in the House by the Turquoise Sea! April 17-18th, 2008

By: sandybunz (View Profile)
Date: 8/15/2011

Ok, Im moving a little bit slow today....nothing a little scrambled eggs with pepper onion and bacon wont cure. Decided to hang around the hacienda today. Sat in the sun and read books. John has finished 3 and Im almost done with my 2nd. People have asked if we needed an extra suitcase for all the books we would need for a month (infancy of Kindle in 08). I love to read but I find myself not reading that much on a trip like this because I just dont want to MISS ANYTHING with my nose stuck in a book!
We did take an afternoon walk across the street to the Caribbean to walk the trails along Punta Sur. On the way back we met Anna with Charlie going for a walk. She says there are many paths that lead down to the ocean in different spots There are big rock formations where the ocean just splashes through, on called the Windows. I think I already posted this pic but it deserves another look.
I will really miss Charlie and Gato. I got a little teary eyed petting Charlie. He reminds me of the Chow/Golden Lab mix we lost this year. Same loving face.

We ate the rotisserie chicken we bought in the Colonia yesterday, for dinner tonight. It tasted like Johns famous chicken on the grill but what is kinda cool about buying these meals is there is always somthing different included. We got the typical soupy black beans, more like a kind of gravy, but this time instead of the yummy pickled onions, we were given a kind of cole slaw that had a type of vinegary dressing. Very good! Also a really tasty salsa that tasted like gazpacho!
April 18th-Our last full day at Casa Mar Turquesa. We are sad but trying once again not to waste time wasting time! Its so fun doing the month like this, changing places once a week. I feel like Im starting on a new vacation every week. Chatted with the owner of the Casa and John was wearing his RunSF cap and it was determined that he and John had run the exact same marathon in San Francisco. Isnt it weird how you cross paths with people who will figure somehow in your life and not even know it? He told us he had been coming to Cancun for years and never knew this island was here and when friends brought him over he bought this property on the spot! He said he became a Mexican citizen and enjoys dual citizenship. Anna said he refuses to speak spanish, with a teasing giggle. Her english is pretty good (she claims "un poquito", a little) although there are a lot of words and phrasing that she doesnt understand or seem to know how to convey, she seems to get her point across. Wish my spanish was as good as her english!

Decided to walk over to Hotel Garrafon de Castillo, which has a beach club that for $40 pesos each we could hang out and snorkel around in front which is supposedly good snorkeling. It was ok....Im looking forward to our trip to Contoy Island which has some of the BEST snorkeling in this area. We saw lots of sunfish and at one point there were around 5 two or three foot barracuda right in front of me. I LOVE to snorkel and feel so comfortable in the water. We had no flippers or life vests and I just feel so buoyant and effortless in the water. I could swim against the current out into about 20 feet of water and not feel winded at all...oddly it really energized me! Makes me think seriously about getting my diving certification. hmmmm.....

Had a nice conversation re family with the waiter at the beach who brought us drinks and snacks. He said he has two ladies and 4 children!!! Not sure what that means but on the board Ive seen much discussion about how some of the men here have two families. Lots of opinions on that! Back to Casa Os for our finale of living on the south end. Some of the best chicken curry Ive tasted was mine this evening! Tomorrow its up to Playa Norte to the Playa Media Luna Bungalows, where we will await Diana who arrives on Weds night. Diana is one of Johns 4 sisters (he being the only boy!). Hey, its made him an awesome husband!!! ;) She is the woman described in the Train song "she wears high heels when she exercises"....cant wait for you to meet her!!!!

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