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WIDave Day 3

By: WIDave
Date: 5/31/2005

Isla Mujeres 2005 Trip Report

Thursday 5-12-2005 Day 3

Today is the day we rent the golf cart and tour the island. Day is cloudy and windy we were not sure of the weather but we ran into Capt. Tony and Mario and they assured us it would be a nice day (they were right, better than our weathermen). We ate breakfast at Café Cito, it is such a nice little place and the waiter was very friendly, he helped us set up a cart rental with Cardenias. They came and picked us up and took us to sign the paperwork and give them the 450 peso and it is off we go for the day. This is a much better cart than the one from a different place last year as it would sputter and did not have much power. After loading our gear we head down the eastern side of the island, the wind was making heavy waves and it made for some very pretty pictures. Stopped to look at the shell house and saw Jim Morgan’s home from the road it looks great. It was off to Punta Sur photos from the light house as well as buying some very nice paintings with her finger on wall tile for $5. They were well done and very unique (I have not seen them before on Isla). We then headed for Hotel Garrafon to do some snorkeling and lounging. With the waves it was not the best day for snorkeling, a lot of work to get around and the visibility was poor. We chatted with 2 girls from Texas renting apartments and they have been to Isla a lot so they had some advice for us. Well it is after 12:30 and Playa Lancheros awaits. Julie and I order tix -N- xic, Mary not as adventurous order tacos de pollo, Pam asked if they had club sandwich, the waiter said it is not on the menu but they can make it. She said it was very good and got a lot, our tix n xic was excellent again. We stopped by the turtle farm, my daughter just loves sea turtles. We took some pictures and even though you can’t touch them for 10 peso it was fun. We toured around the south end of the island for an hour and took in the sights. We went back to the hotel for a quick dip in the pool and to get cleaned up. Returned the cart with out any hassles checked out some shops and things until we were ready for dinner. Tonight we went to El Balcon de Arriba ( we had such a good meal there last year). Pam and Mary ordered the Shrimp Alfredo, while Julie had the Shrimp Tempura and I had the Red Snapper Quintana Roo. The food was very good even though the service was a little slow, but we were in no big rush any way. I have heard spotty reports of this place but so far we are 2 for 2 there. We walked to Sergio’s for a sunset and drinks, the clouds moved in so we pretty much only had the drinks, we ran into Vee and Tim who were with some friends from Indiana. We decide to walk back to Hidalgo for a late night treat. Julie and I shared a coconut ice cream with Kahlua on it and Pam had a banana split with alcohol lit on fire, it tasted good and was a good show at night. It is amazing how the sun can wear you out, we all agree it is time for bed.

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