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Jeff & Stacy Day 2, June 2

By: JLM (View Profile)
Date: 6/12/2005

Awoke to discover a beautiful Isla Mujeres morning beaming through the curtains, so I had to open them and get my first glimpse-awesome!! Ready for breakfast, so we head over to Cazuela M&J for fresh squeezed pineapple and orange juice-incredible, and 2 ham and cheese cazuelas with the potatoes they have-very good. Sit and enjoy the view of the carribbean side, and Stacy purchases some very nice anklettes they have for sale. Head over to Diga Me to phone home and let everyone know we made it. Time to rent a cart so we go to Ppe's cart rental since we have a coupon. The man who runs this place is very friendly, lively, and hilarious to boot. Arrange a monster cart for 24 hours for $50us, sign paperwork and leave my D.L. and it's off we go. I would recommend this place to anyone. So it's back to the room to load up our stuff and off to pick up Mike the "Traveller" for our exploration of the island. Head down the east side as suggested by the mapchick's map and it is a very beautiful and interesting ride. Stop at the Shell House for some pics and continue on to punta sur. We decide we're ready to snorkel first so we ride over to Garrafon. We get the basic admission $15us, snorkel gear $10us, and a locker $2us, so it's time to hit the water. It's chilly at first but just plunge right in and you're fine. Snorkel along the reef(very basic compared to other places like Belize) but lots of fish and some descent coral. Swam out to their platforms and laid in the hammocks and jumped off the high dive platforms, very exhillarating! After several hours of swimming and relaxing under their palapas enjoying the delicious coconut ice cream, our hunger returns so we head for another suggested stop which is Playa Lancheros for their famous Tix n Xix. A very basic place and we personally didn't care for the Tix n Xix, as we are picky fish eaters. Stacy orders a hamburger, and to our surprise, it has a slice of ham on it(did they take the ham part literally?). The highlight here is out on the pier where for a tip you can get in the water with a large nurse shark, with it's handler too of course. Now it's off to the Turtle Farm. Arrive and find several wild Iguanas perched on rocks next to the parking lot, in fact they're all over the island if you just look for them. Pay our 10p admission and view what must be at least 100 or more turtles in various tanks. They are very beautiful and gracious swimmers! This is a must stop on your trip. Then we head to Hacienda Mundaca to see where this pirate resided and see the zoo that has been created on the grounds. 10p admission here also and a pretty good walk to make it around the whole property. The monkeys were the highlight here for us, as well as a guy who was feeding the alligators, but the jaguar was eating in the enclosed part of his pen when we arrived and couldn't get a good view of him. The stone structures on this property are worth going see, so this is a must stop also. Now it's off to punta sur, since our admission to garrafon covers this also. First climb the lighthouse for an awesome view, then wander down the paths past all the statues and Sculptures to the ruin at the very south tip. This is an incredibly beautiful place with the heavy surf pounding the rocks and splashing into the air. We walk down and along path by the seaside(be careful as it is wet in some points and you DO NOT want to slip an go over)and take in the beauty of this natural wonder! We return to Garrafon but decide against more snorkeling since it has clouded over quite a bit, so we clear out our locker and being exhausted from all the walking we search out Zamas Beach Club to relax and enjoy a cerveza. This a very nice thatch roofed veranda with a nice beach also, and some folks we met there said the food was very good also. It's time to head back to town so we can get ready for dinner. Tonight we head back to the south end to dine at Casa O's which was highly recommended. After a lovely walk through their gardens we arrived at the restuarant, very nice with a great view of the Cancun skyline. We all try a Cadillac margarita that comes with a snifter of gran marnier-best we had on our trip. We start with some guacamole-Yum, then some lobster bisque-Oh my Gosh! For dinner Mike has garlic fish, Stacy has arrachera steak, and I have shrimp in garlic butter, all excellent. for dessert it's Key Lime Pie-some of the best I've ever had, and a glass of chardonnay. I would highly recommend this place to anyone, our only regret is we didn't make it in time for sunset, which they say is a must here. It's back to town now so we stop at La Pena for a drink. A funky club like place that younger people would probably enjoy more than we did. One nice thing here is the incredible wooden chairs and tables in the front section. It's now been a full day, so we say our goodbyes and swap e-mails with our new friend as he is leaving the next morning. It's back to the hotel for some much needed rest. Our 2nd day in Paradise down and it was absolutely perfect as well!!

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