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One Old Fat Guy Returns.... Day 3

By: Homebrew55 (View Profile)
Date: 12/20/2006

Day 3 Sunday, October 29


And fortunately it looks like Mother Nature is in a
beach mood as well. Beautiful blue skies and lots of
Isla sunshine! Put on your suits and sun tan lotion
girls, grab your towels and let’s head for the beach.

I debated where to camp out for the day but defaulted
to Caribbean Queen Beach Bar, as that’s what me
and the other Old Fat Guy called home on our
first trip. Chairs & Umbrellas are free as long as you order drinks and that was not going to be a problem!

Last time we were there (back in January) Jose took
care of us and I was hoping he’d remember me.
Sure enough he did! He got our chairs and
umbrellas all set up and brought us 4 Aqua and
4 Sol and we were good to go.

It wasn’t long before Maria showed up.
I told her these were my daughters
and we needed a picture.
She said “ahh, photo, si”

What a sweetheart! We got a bag of pepitos with
chilies and limes and I gave her 50 pesos and
told her to keep it. She grabbed my hand and
said “God bless you senor” What a wonderful lady!

We brought beach balls and squirt guns for the kids.
They were a big hit.

Around lunchtime I ran over to Jax to check the
scores of the football games and to get a couple
orders of cheese quesadillas for us to snack on.
I really wish they would serve SOL. I HAD to drink
a Corona while I waited for the food to be ready,
and I’m sorry, SOL is much better!!

That afternoon Lisa’s “boyfriend” Mike showed up!
It was kind of nice having him around as an
interrupter! Some guy was coming around trying
to collect money for something that looked
“political” and as soon as he approached us
Mike mumbled something to him and off he went.

Another Sol for Mike!

So if you’re Isla and you see this guy working at
Faynes tell him Lisa and her Dad and sisters
said HOLA and I’ll see him in February!

We had a GREAT day… the girls got some sun, we bought pepitos, 3 pair of silver earrings, some bracelets
& popcorn from the vendors, passed out beach balls
and squirt guns to all the kids, and drank a lot of
aqua and SOL! I think the total bill for the day
at Caribbean Queen was $690MP.
And we did a lot of rounds of Sol, including getting
5 at a time when Mike showed up.
Did I mention that I LOVE this country!!

Back to Bucaneros and time to partake in that great
Mexican tradition…. Siesta!! What else are you
going to do after a day in the sun and lots
of Sol! Works for me…. I’m on vacation…

night night!

Sunday night the girls INSISTED we go back to Miquels!
Who am I to argue with that!

We pretty much just duplicated the night before….
Except instead of starting with Mojito’s we had
Miquel mix us up some Sangria! And it
wouldn’t be Miquel’s without the traditional
shot of pomegranate tequila!

At one point in time we’re all sitting there talking
and the girls pointed behind me and said someone
wants you. I turned around and there was
this cute petite little thing standing on
crutches…. DONNA!

I never had the pleasure of meeting her on
the first trip but had planned to this time
for sure. But she beat me to the punch.
She was heading out to catch a cab after work
and figured she’s hop down Hildago looking
for an Old Fat Guy with three girls and take
a shot it was me. Obviously we weren’t too
hard to spot!

After dinner and drinks at Miquel’s we headed
for the square… or should I say the basketball
court. The square was still under construction
so everyone was hanging out at the basketball court…
but it wasn’t the same!

We brought about 3 dozen Halloween Paddle Balls
that had a Halloween scene to color in
on the backside. We even had 3 dozen sets
of mini colored markers to go with them.
And a few left over beach balls in case the
paddle balls didn’t last long…. They didn’t!

This one little guy was having a blast with one
of the beach balls and he was
a real cuite with the biggest smile….

The rest of the kids had a great time coloring!

And of course, like I said earlier, we never left the hotel without animal treats!

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