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When I was 8....

By: malena (View Profile)
Date: 7/26/2006

Recently I have been sorting through all my belongings at home and digging and ditching things that I don't feel like packing up into my new apartment. Of course, I came across a box full of my treasures from elementary school that Mom carefully had packed away. For the fun of it I decided to sift through the pile and look at my wonderful pieces of artwork, christmas ornaments, and stories upon stories.
Two of my masterpieces made me smile as I look at the covers decorated with blue skies, sand, and palm trees. I laugh as I read the titles "The Trip to Mexico" and "The 2nd Trip to Mexico" Written and Illustrated by Malena Oldenburg. Even though, not everyone's prefered literature, it humored me to read about my thoughts of Isla through my eyes at the ages of 8 and 9 directly after my vacations. Even though they arn't the smoothest reads on earth...I hope you all enjoy! The second story is probably the more interesting of the two!

"The Trip to Mexico" Age 8

Once there was a little girl named Malena Oldenburg. One day she was riding on a plane to Mexico because...
she was going on a trip.

Malena did not want to go on the first plane because she was scared. Butt... finally she got on the plane. She is really grumpy on the plane.

The plane ride was over and Malena was HAPPY!!! When Malena gets to Mexico she gets a surprise. She gets a surprise because she can't believe she is at Mexico. Malena had so much fun.

She went swimming every day.

Malena got to go sailing on a boat, "Sailing was fun." She said. The boat was called Nellie.

Malena made a lot of sand castles.

Every night her family would go out to ear for dinner. Malena and her family would always eat at Abribas. It was fun.

Malena did not want to leave Mexico. Finally it was the day for leaving.

First Malena had to ride to another island called Cancun. After that , Malena and her family went to the airport.

The plane to Dallas Texas was delayed. They had to wait another hour. Finally Malena and her family got on the plane.
Malena thought the plane ride was o.k. this time.

Malena was going to go to Mexico another time.

The End
And OH ya, This book was dedicated to "every girl in the world". Oh gosh....those were the days...

"The Second Trip to Mexico" age 9

At frist we rode in our car to the Chicago airport. We waited for at least an hour in the waiting room for the plane.
Pretty soon it was time to get on the plane. We rode on the airplane for 2 hours. We arrived in Mexico Citty airport and waited in the waiting room. It was soon time to get on the plane. It was a medium sized plane. It took hours to get to Mexico.

We had to look for a taxi. We finally got one. We rode in the taxi to one fo the docks. There we got a boat. It only took 15 minutes. The boat stopped at the dock. We were finally at Isla Mujeres! I could not wait to get to my condo. When we came closer, I got more excited.

When we just got off the dock, looking for a taxi, a lot of people were asking us if we wanted to stay in this hotel or that hotel. Good thing my mom and dad had to handle it.

Finally a taxi came. We told the driver where we were staying. We were staying at the Marin Isla Mujeres. I was about to reach for my seat buckle, but they did not have one. There were a lot of bumps on teh road. They had speed bumps!!! It took 14 minutes to get there.

When we were finally at Marina Isla Mujeres, I could not believe it! My mom was pregnant at the time and was very tired. RIght away we went into the check-in place. They gave us our key. We were renting the condo form some friends of ours named Inga and Gus.

We went into the condo and started unpacking. When were were done my family and I got on our swimsuits. We went swimming.

We went swimming every day at our beach. Every once and awhile we would go swimming at North Beach. Once when I was walking out to the deep end of North Beach, I got pinched my a crab. My mom was right beside me adn I told her something was moving under my foot and bit it. My mom said it was a crab. I asked why did it have to bite? My mom asked me how I would like it to be stepped on, but still I did not do it on purpose.

I was trying to give my mom a hard time. When we were standing there my mom said, "Let's get going."

I said no because i did not want to get bit by another crab! My mom just went on ahead. I did not want to go in any direction. I was afraid more crabs were there so I just stood there acting like a big baby and a fraidy cat!!

My mom and dad were talking to some people they had just met. I forgot about the crab and went straight over there to say hi. I did not get bit by a crab so I just kept on going out farther and farther.

Once my little brother and I woke up early and fed the fish cornflakes. AFter that my little brother went swimming. I sat on the dock and watched him. Pretty soon something came up from under the sand. It was a STING RAY! My little brother just floated on teh top of the water, not knowing what to do. The sting ray almost got him. We told our dad we saw it and he believed us.

One SUnday , Inga and Gus, our friends, let us come to their house. They had just gotten a new cat and dog. I LOVED the kitty! But it was scared of me. So I started playing with the dog. It was OK but not as fun as playing with the cat. My dad and brothers had to watch football.

Once we went to eat at this North Beach restaurant. This one guy that worked there would always pat me on the head and smile at me. I don't know why he did it.

We wiykd eat at Aribas a lot. Once the ower of Aribas gave my big brother a birthday cake. When we went to Aribas last year my mom had met the waiters. When my mom first went there with us this year, she saw them again and said hi and patted her tummy. One of teh waiters was standing there and said "BABY!" My mom said she did. They were really surprised.

We had to take showers every night. At night I got to sleep in my own double bed.

Once my dad rented a golf cart. We all got in it and went to look at the Myan Ruins. Then we found a beach and went swimming at it. It had a lot of big seashells. We got a lot of seashells.

We have an uncle named Gorge in Mexico. We call him uncle, but he is not our real uncle.

When the time came to leave, I said goodbye to MExico and we got on a boat and rode to Cancun airport. We got on a plane adn rode to teh Mexico City airport. Then we went on another plane to Chicago and drove home.

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