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Kristi & Dave's Isla Adventure Part 5 ...and the last day :-(

By: KristinMN (View Profile)
Date: 11/20/2007

Part 5

Thursday - Beautiful day again! Breakfast was at Pinguino's...beautiful view of the beach and ocean. We had 2 egg dishes with potato sides, coffee, BIG basket of toast and habanero sauce of course (around $13). Our waiter gives us both pico and habanero sauce and points to the habanero sauce, asking if we tried it...he smiles when we tell him it's hot.

We're out of small bills so we head to the bank to change our money. $100US gets us 1075 pesos! Should have done that a long time ago...oh well, live and learn.

We have the golf cart until 11am so we decide to head out for one last trip around the island.




The sun hitting the water around the Garaffon area in the am was making the water a neon turquoise color...just gorgeous!

*note* We did NOT tweek the color in any of the pictures.

On our way back Dave spots a lady and her young daughter on the side of the road and asks them if they would like a ride into town. They don't speak English, but they understand and hop in the back. We drop them off near the ferry entrance and the little girl is waving, smiling and saying something in Spanish to us as we leave. She was very cute, I wish I would have taken her picture.

Off to the Super Express for more great finds like habanero sauce, close pins for pinning my beach towel to my chair when it's breezy and snacks.

"Cinco Alto!" (high five) ...Dave loves to say this.

...remember? I think I posted this one already.

One of the many cute animals in our room.

We drop the cart off and grab our snorkel gear. Dave wants to snorkel near the Avalon bridge today.

I tell Dave I'm going to wait for him down by the pool while he gets ready. Again, this is the opposite of what happens in the US...I'm waiting on HIM on Isla! "How do YOU like it?", he asks...hehe.

We walk around the beach (and in the water) to where we want to go and plop our things down. I just float on my floaty and Dave snorkels.

This is a pict of the area Dave snorkeled at (the right side of the Avalon bridge) and the Rock house.

Dave's mask is leaking a lot so we don't stay too long. Beautiful area, but I prefer the beach and ocean in front of the Caribbean Queen. I don't have to worry about stepping on anything in the ocean there.

We start walking along the beach to put our snorkel things you can see, the beach is missing where that building is (facing the Avalon, this picure is taken on the left side of the bridge), so we walk threw the water to get to the beach on the other side.

Dave wants to grab lunch before we hit the beach.

We head to Sancocho's on Hidalgo for Chili Relanos (1 meat 1 cheese, 90pesos)...a bit too greasy for us, but it looks very impressive on the plate. They bring flour tortillas with this as well.

We split that along with guac and pico (I have to have my guac & pico), we couldn't finish it all. Lots on the menu here, good food, ~everything goes great with guac! Maggie, our server was SO nice...AWESOME service! We were never without a cervesa, when Maggie saw one of our bottles was almost done, she was right there. When one got empty, someone was there to take it...

...except this time, (they laughed when they saw Dave do this) he wanted a before and after

The sign across the street...we liked the penguin part at the bottom.

NOW, it's off to Caribbean Queen and Hoil (sp) is there to greet and wait on us again. We meet Kevin from Seattle on the chair next to us and chat it up all afternoon. Aside from the many cervesas, I buy some more popcorn from Enoile (sp) again...muy bueno!

Also, a hand made purse from Cescilia and I share my popcorn with her. I tried (for the first time) ceviche (sp) that Kevin had ordered. I was shocked that I liked it! I thought it was going to be rubbery, it wasn't at all.

Ended up watching the sunset from our beach spot (Dave was in the ocean to take this one), beautiful again.

Kevin was telling us about a little place in the back of somewhere, where they had all these bottles of tequila on the wall. We see it and go back there.

When we walked back there, the man asks us if we want to try his favorite tequila and Dave says, "Si!"? (so unlike Dave). I forgot what kind it was, he pulled it out of the fridge, he's holding it in the picture. 45 pesos for the shot and 15 pesos for my Sol.

We leave and wander around, I have to use el banyo so we stop for a cervesa at Buccanero's. Jorge (HOR hay, is how you say it) waits on us and I ask him if they have 2x1's...they didn't but, he gave it to us anyway...nice guy. Back from el banyo and here comes Ceasar from Don Chepos, he remembers us and Dave takes our picture.

Jorge is on the left and Ceasar is on the right.

We head back and stop at Bamboo's again, Juan waves us in. Dave's very interested in purchasing Bamboo t-shirts for the both of us and follows Juan into the bar. I see them talking. Juan comes back, sits down shaking his head, kinda laughing. He tells me, "This guy is tough!". Dave was wheeling and dealing on the t-shirts and later told me that he told Juan, "Give me your best price and take 25% off it". We did end up getting the t-shirts for $9 each and had 4 sol's on top of that.

Dinner at Medina Tacos again!

Louis remembers us and calls us by our names....we have our usual delicious tacos and Sol's...Very good.

On the way back to the condo, we stopped at the Beer Store to grab a 6 pack of Sol. Enoile (the popcorn man) was there, he gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek...Dave grabbed an extra Sol out of the fridge and gave it to him. Smiles all around.

Nite nite.


Part 5 1/2

Friday, our last day :( - Cloudy in the morning, sprinkled a little. The sun was trying to come out that afternoon.


Breakfast at Buccanero's (just so-so, I'm just not a breakfast person I guess)- I had the ham and cheese omelet (it was big, I only ate half), Dave had Mexican eggs, (with habanero sauce of course) both came with really good re-fried beans...I wish we could get refried beans like this in the states! We both had coffee, around $13.


The Belmar was across the street. Dave liked the looks of the place.

We went back to pack :-(, went down by the pool one last time.

My sad face.

I told Pablo we were leaving today and he said he was going to miss us and that we were nice I really wish we would have hung out there a little more, such a nice guy.

The last shot of the ocean from the pool.

We hated just waiting to leave, we were pacing around. We had to be at the ferry at noon. So, at 11am, (I wanted to earlier, but Dave said, "Not a minute before 11!"), we cracked open a cervesa with our cut up lime. I had another to-go when Dave wasn't looking (I took it when Dave was in el banyo)...hehe.

We walked with our luggage all the way to the ferry. We thought we'd see a taxi right away...but, no biggie, this made our time last longer here. I would say "Adios" to vendors and anyone else along the way, giving them my sad face. Our vacation was coming to an end.

Once off the ferry at Gran Puerto, I went into the store for more cervesas...our vacation wasn't completely over yet! The regular size bottle was 15 pesos and the 40oz bottles were 18 pesos! No brain-er there! These aren't twist offs so, the nice guy behind the counter opens them up for me. When Dave sees the big bottles, he gives me one of those, "That's my girl!"...we laugh.

Our transfer service was right there waiting for us. His name was Antonio, from Balam transportation (threw Cancun Transfers)...he was great and talked to us the whole time. He said it was OK to have cervesas in the vehicle but there was a 200 peso fine if we didn't have our seatbelts on. We buckeled up and we were off.

We're at the airport now and Isla is behind us :-(
We'll be back someday. It's Cozumel in Feb 2008, Punta Cana again in Feb 2009 (probably) and hopefully ISLA AGAIN after that, if not sooner!

We only had ONE negative experience our whole trip, it wasn't on Isla, it was at the airport: I hate to even mention it, but if it will help anyone, I'll feel better, since it left a sour note at the end of our vacation.

We wanted to eat lunch on the island but, we weren't hungry until we got to the airport. We went to Margaritaville and ordered 2 tap beers and split some chicken nachos (about $27US). The waitress (Lucy) was a pretty girl but, "snotty". She acted as though we were a bother to her and when I was speaking to her in Spanish, she acted insulted. Her service was VERY poor (I won't go into detail) so it reflected in her tip...we left her between $2 - $3 tip. She came back and quickly went through the money and squealed, "Only a $2 tip!!?", I gave her the rest of my pesos in my pocket which was about $2 US more and left.

We talked with more people who were talking about this same girl and she even had the same reaction when people tipped her well. I understand that people have bad days every once in a while, but we are super easy going people and this didn't sit well with us at all.

Live and BEFORE you leave the island!

OK...forgeting that...

To sum up (if you're still awake) - We had a fantastic time! We met a lot of very nice, fun people, took a lot of pictures. Ate a LOT of delicious prove it, I gained 5 pounds.

Hasta luego!


Kristi and Dave (will be back)

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