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Isla with the Jones Gang, (aka Hogfamily) part 2.

Date: 9/14/2008

Well due to the overwhelming emails (2) requesting more about the Jones Gang adventures on Isla and the enthusiasm of my family “yea, ok, whatever” I will attempt another installment of our Isla vacation.

As I am severely computer challenged it has taken me a while to figure this Photobucket thing out. “What do you mean I can’t just plug the camera into the computer?” So my apologizes.

We are a family of six from Anchorage Alaska, (yes we know Sara), Bill, Michelle, Joseph 10, Travis 8, Daniel 6, and Shane 5. Only two of our boys have been out of Alaska when they were 8 months old. Their idea of white sandy beaches is a little different…

Alaskan white sand.

Our boy’s idea of a day at the beach, Alaskan style.

We planned for our trip for months. On the computer, reading, and practicing with our snorkeling gear.

Watch out Cousteau Society, here comes the Jones boys.

Fast forward to the day of our departure… Our flight left Anchorage at 12:30 am, yes just after midnight. We thought that after the initial excitement of being on a BIG airplane wore off they would sleep during the 5.5 hour flight. Silly parents.

When we got to Security the TSA people saw us coming and opened a security entrance just for us. They had a row of about 12 baskets lined up on the tables before the x-ray machine. We all went through the scanner and they had three officers waiting for us on the other side that helped us get our stuff back together our shoes on etc. Thanks to TSA security was a breeze.

Heading to the gate at the Anchorage airport.

Last minute pep talk about the proper behavior on the airplane.

Happy fliers. Hogfamily, aka, the Jones Gang starting our adventure.

Playing games.

Digeplayers. What a great invention.

We had a three hour lay over in Los Angles. We ended up leaving for Cancun from the same gate we arrived at. How convenient. We ate breakfast at Burger King. It was the most expensive meal we had the whole trip.

Back on a plane for the 5.5 hour flight to Cancun. The boys did great on both legs of the flight. Of course they fell asleep half an hour from Cancun.

Next it was immigration. There was a long line. This surprised me as we were there at about 4:30pm on a Tuesday. At about half way through the hour long line boys # 1 & 2 had to go to the bathroom. We convinced them they could hold it or we would have to start at the back of the line.

The immigration officer was on a platform and could not see the boys when checking the passports. I had to hold each one up so he could see them. He would ask each boy, “Where is your mustache, (or beard)?” They would say I don’t have one, he would say you have one in the passport picture. He was very pleasant and patient.

Next was baggage and customs. Green light. I don’t know who was more relieved that they did not have to search the bags us or them.

Next to AGI Tours and the ride to the ferry.

Waiting for the ferry.

Yes that is our stack of luggage. A lot of it was donations for the English School and LYSH.

The boys had never been on a ferry before. The only boats they have been on are 16-20 foot river boats.

We made it to Hotel Plaza Almendros, got checked in and had pizza at Pizza Rock. Great pizza. Then to bed after a very long day.

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