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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Days 10-12

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 7/19/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Days 10-12

Thursday March 1 – Saturday March 3

“Honey, I’m Home!”

As we do every year, we sneak off the island for destinations unknown. It’s always fun to throw something new and different into the mix and this year we drag Ingrid and Rick along.

We do a little of this…

…A lot of this….

And a little more of this….

And soon, it’s time to return to our Isla Mujeres. The sun is out in full force when we arrive at Playa Sol…

There’s plenty of room on the beach to stretch out….

Vince and the boys find the quickest way to cool off….

I keep my eyes peeled for ‘Geneva’, a friend from the message boards that we are supposed to meet up with this afternoon. We plant ourselves in the middle of the beach with no umbrella so we are easy to spot.

Shooter and Frank join us for some chit chat….

Vince enjoys a delicious parmesan grilled fish fillet with rice and coleslaw. He would be back for this treat again and again!

The afternoon slips by and it’s time to get ready for Faith’s birthday BBQ on the beach, but as we are leaving, a lady approaches me…Geneva!!! Finally! Drinks are quickly fetched….

Our visit is far too short…we’ll have to meet up again soon Geneva and Rich! It was so nice to finally meet you.

Vince and I dash home and quickly change for dinner on the beach. The girls gather together….Happy Birthday Faith!

Captain Tony grills up an awesome meal for us…grilled grouper and baked potatoes.

John has brought a salad and some delicious shrimp with mango sauce….all the girls want the recipe! The feast is served….

Notice that John is actually holding a flashlight….

Because this is how dark it really was!...

While we’re enjoying our wonderful meal, there is an amazing display…a lunar eclipse….

Hard to capture in a photo, but very interesting to watch. A magical way to end a fun evening together!

Hugs goodnight to our amigos and we meander home via the zócalo. The new fountain is doing its musical water show….uh, did we just catch a flight to Disneyland? If the local people like this, then I’m happy for them, but for me, I much prefer the simple beauty of the old zócalo.

Our tired feet carry us back up the stairs to Roca Mar, and we are fast asleep before midnight, dreaming of another wonderful day in Isladise...

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