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Wanda's Trip Report - December 2004

By: WandaW
Date: 2/25/2005

Wanda – December 2004

December 26 & 27

The morning of the 26th, I caught the bus for the 3 hour ride to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Although I live in Calgary, I went to visit my family for Christmas. I arrived 5 hours early for my flight, but I had a good book with me. I took a taxi to the airport, prepared for and, resigned to, the long wait.

Well, 5 hours turned into12 hours…….sigh. Our flight was delayed 3 times!!!

There is not much to do in the Saskatoon airport. There is one little store, which I think I visited about 10 times. I decided not to return after the store clerk looked at me like I was some kinda nutcase.

There is also one bar/restaurant. After about 4 -$6.00 rum and cokes, I decided it would probably be best to NOT pass out in a corner somewhere, and miss my long awaited flight.

Finally, FINALLY, it was time to leave. I was looking forward to getting some sleep on the plane.

Oh, look………..KEWL! This plane has satellite TV. Very neat! A little personal TV screen in the back of every seat. I spent the entire 4 ½ hours watching Fraser reruns.

And about the 4 ½ hour flight??? Every flight to Cancun I have been on has taken about 5 ½ hours. And now, since the flight is sooo late..all of a sudden, we can make it in 4 ½ hours. What’s up with that? If the plane CAN fly that fast, why don’t they fly it that fast ALL the time??? And eliminate at least one hour of torture?

Since I was in the front bulkhead seat (the ONE and ONLY good thing about arriving 5 hours early for your flight), I was first in line at Immigration. Picked up my luggage, got the green light and was out the door in about 15 minutes.

It was amazing how busy the airport was at 5 am. Tour buses everywhere. Shuttle service people holding up signs with people’s names on them. Even the time share sharks were wide awake and already being annoying.

I planned to take the Riviera bus to the bus depot and then grab a taxi to the ferry, but I had to catch the shuttle from the charter terminal to the main terminal. I waited, and waited……..and finally looked up at the sign. The free shuttle only runs between 8am and 8pm. Ughh!! I couldn’t remember how far of a walk it was to the other terminal, and I was tired.

So, I schlepped off to find a shared shuttle. While waiting for a couple more passengers (I kept my fingers crossed that nobody was going to the Hotel Zone), I started talking to the couple waiting with me. Dee and Gord had been on the same plane as me, and had landed in Cancun with no real plans. They had decided to head downtown, find an inexpensive hotel room, and planned to head south.

Well, by the time we reached Gran Puerto Cancun, they had decided to come over to Isla on the ferry with me. The weather was horrid, super windy and rainy. I hoped it would clear up later in the day.

No sitting outside on this ferry crossing. I continued to “babble” non-stop all the way over on the ferry.

I stepped out on the dock and felt that same familiar feeling wash over me. I was “home” again.

Ahhhhhhhhhh,………..I was speechless for a few minutes (which Dee and Gord probably appreciated…..LOL).

Soon, I regained some composure and we headed out to find some breakfast, luggage in tow. The sky was overcast, but it was not raining, and was not nearly as windy as it had been at the dock in Cancun.

As we walked down Medina, I pointed out the Vistalmar as a possible hotel (They ended up staying there), gave them directions to Sergios, and then we decided on Chile Locos for breakfast. Very good breakfast! Elvis was working, and soon Jorge wandered by. Hugs all around!

After breakfast, I decided to head to the RocaMar to see if I could leave my luggage with Ino until my room was ready. Dee and Gord headed off to find a hotel for the night. They were planning to stay on Isla for the night, and then head to Playa del Carmen (I had already told them that was unlikely…….lol).

So, off I headed to the RocaMar. It was still early. Isla in the early morning is one of my favorite times. I love watching the island come alive.

As I headed up the street behind the church, Ino saw me headed his way.
“You crazy woman!” LOL
Yep, its nice to be “home”.

It was still only about 8:30 am, and Ino told me that my room probably wouldn’t be ready until around 12. I left my luggage in his office, grabbed my camera and headed out to kill some time. And there is no more pleasureable place to kill some time than Isla Mujeres!

I walked around the corner to M&J’s and spent a couple minutes getting caught up with Pedro and Marcos. It was quite windy that morning, so everyone was inside, and Pedro as keeping very busy.

I walked out towards the Malecon and was sad to see the havoc wrecked by Ivan. The area in front of the RocaMar looked like it had when I had first stayed there….rubble.
Ino had told me that the first floor rooms were still not open.

I would miss walking out on the malecon, and down the steps onto the beach, to watch the sunrise. There was no beach there anymore, and even if there had been, the steps were gone.

I walked the other way, towards Playa Media Luna and the Avalon. It was VERY windy, and I walked for quite awhile before I ran into another soul.

La Pena looked like it was still closed. I hoped the owner would decide to open for New Years. I had heard a lot about the amazing décor inside the bar and wanted to see it for myself. It had been closed on my previous 3 trips.

I passed the Perla del Caribbe, and it looked the same as it has for the past 3 years. The north building open, and the more southern building in the same state of disrepair. That property is such a primo piece of real estate. I wish someone would complete the renovations. It would be a great place to stay!

I continued on towards Media Luna, and walked out onto the beach. I had never seen the surf so strong. I sat down in the sand and watched for awhile…mesmerized by the strength and beauty of the Caribbean.

Looking back south towards the RocaMar.

I continued on my way towards Playa Norte, climbing over the rocks just past the Media Luna. I had never walked that way before. It’s very beautiful, and rugged, but if you are a klutz like me, you have to watch where you are walking.

I walked along the beach in front of Casa Maya, and turned the corner onto Playa Norte.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a fair amount of beach had returned since Ivan. It looked different, but then again, it looks different on every trip.

The Avalon

Soon I found myself at Buho’s and plunked my butt down, asking the bartender for the time. I was surprised to hear it was approaching 11am. Ok, its 12 0’clock somewhere…Sol, por favor!!!

Ahhhhh…..I kicked off my sandals, dug my toes in the sand, and watched the turquoise water.

I decided there was a good chance my room would be ready, so I headed back to the RocaMar.

I noticed that Sea Hawk was adding a third floor of rooms. Sea Hawk fans will be pleased.

My room was ready. Yippee, I had one on the second floor, ocean-side. Ino only had a room for me for the first 2 nights, so I wasn’t going to bother unpacking. I spent a few minutes out on the balcony, taking in the wonderful view, and then headed to Sergios.

A number of my Amigos were on the island, and I was looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Tee and Mr Wunnerful!!! Woohoooo! I had met them on my first trip to Isla, which had been exactly 3 years ago. And Jeannine and Mal, Ralph, Al & Marylee, Denise and Mike, and MarkD. Jorge was back working at Sergios.

The afternoon absolutely flew by. It was spent sitting on the beach, chatting with old friends and meeting some new ones.

For lunch, I tried Sergios buffet. It was great, just as I remembered. And a good deal for $70 pesos, IMHO. Tix n’Chix, chicken, rice, spaghetti, salad. It hit the spot!

I was awaiting my first sunset, which sadly, did not amount to much. Many Amigos decided to go and get cleaned up for dinner. I decided to wait around to see if Dee and Gord (my new Amigos from that morning) showed up. I had told them I would meet them at Playa Sol for sunset.

It was growing dark when I saw them come around the corner. They had been able to get a room at the Vistalmar, and had spent the day exploring centro and Playa Norte. Before sunset, they had set out to find Playa Sol. They had started out on Playa Norte and ended up at Buhos. They asked the bartender where Sergios was, and had followed his directions to “Sergios”…….the mini-super on Hidalgo…………LOL.

They soon realized that this was probably not the place I had in mind to watch the sunset. Eventually, they found Sergios Playa Sol. We enjoyed a few cervasas, chatted about our day and agreed to meet at Amigos later for dinner.

Amigos as usual, was fantastic. It is one of my favorite Isla restaurants! I had the Chicken Enchilados Suisse for 72 pesos. Yummy!

After dinner we wandered down Hidalgo to Fayne’s and Bamboos! It was busy, with live bands at both bars. I remembered my first trip to Isla. The livelier part of Hidalgo was the first block north of the zocalo. That block was now practically deserted in the evenings. It’s funny how the “entertainment” district had slowly shifted about 3 blocks north.

Soon, I realized how tired I was. I bid Buenos Noches to Dee and Gord, and headed back to the RocaMar. As my head hit the pillow, I realized I had been awake for over 40 hours!! I fell asleep to the sound of the surf crashing. It had been a wonderful day!

December 28

As I slowly opened my eyes, I could see the light peaking through the shutters a few feet away from me. It took a few seconds to remember where I was.

Ahhhh……Isla Mujeres
Eyes half closed, I found my camera and wandered out onto the balcony.

Click! My first Isla sunrise for this trip!

It was still before 6 am, so I decided on some more shut-eye.
Yesterday was a very LONG day.
It felt great to fall asleep again, with the sun rays shining through the shutters.

I awoke about 10 am, gathered my beach stuff and headed to M&J’s for breakfast.
I sat outside. It was a little windy, but I love the view from there.

Tummy full, I headed to Sergios.

Not much to report other than laying in the sun, partaking in some cervasas, and generally loving the fact that I was on a nice warm beach, with many Amigos to share it with.

I had to order a club sandwich for lunch.
Actually, I ordered a “club house sandwich”
Ziggy ( a waiter at Sergios) looked at me. Huh???
Jeannine let him know that I was Canadian, and that we had some little “language” quirks, eh?
I must have at least one club sandwich at Sergios. At first, I found it a little odd that they had a fried egg in them……..but it works well. Yummy!

As usual, the afternoon seemed to fly by.

As a reward for hanging out at the beach all day,we were all blessed with this awesome sunset.

As the sun disappeared below the horizon, the Islaholics dispersed. We would meet later on Hidalgo for dinner.
Back to the RocaMar, shower, another chat with Ino.
I will have to find another place to stay tomorrow. The RocaMar is booked. Ino felt bad, but I didn’t give him much notice.

I planned to start looking for another place tonight.

A quick hug for Ino and I am headed down the street. Walked through the zocalo. It always takes me a long time to walk through the zocalo..there is so much to see there. The kids playing basketball, the food vendors!! Yummy!
The church, which is always open and always welcoming.

I headed down Hidalgo. It is very busy with people shopping, dining, and just having a whole lotta fun.
I find my friend Jeannine and her famalia at Faynes. They offer me a chair, so I join them for dinner.
I had the surf and turf. It was good, but not as good as previous meals I have had at Fayne’s. It was $159 pesos.

After dinner, I decided it was time to go look for another place to stay. I needed a room for 2 nights. I had my last 2 nights booked at Punta Piedra.

I dragged Mal (Jeannine’s Spanish speaking daughter) with me. Actually, I dragged the entire family with me…….LOL.

First we tried Carmelina (no vacancy), and then Francis Arlene (no vacancy).

Then, we went and looked at a small apartment on one of the side streets. It was nice, but it smelled weird…kinda moldy. I guess I am spoiled by the crisp, clean air at the RocaMar..
Then we went to the Maria Jose. The room they showed me was okay.
Not the RocaMar, mind you, but its only 2 nights, right?
I was kind of panicking by then, so I plunked down my pesos…
“I’ll be back” early tomorrow morning…….LOL
Hugs to Jeaninne and her family, and I headed back to the RocaMar.
Another wonderful day in paradise.

December 29

Ahhhhh..when I awoke the next morning………it only took a second to remember where I was.
Oh yeah…….I am in paradise….Wooohooo!

I am up early enough to catch the sunrise. Click!

My friend Jeannine and I had chatted briefly about possibly visiting Zama Beach Club today. It was still only about 6:30am, so I went downstairs and found some coffee (not bad) and packed back up the little bit I had unpacked.

It just seemed wrong. I LOVE the RocaMar……..its become my “home” on Isla. I didn’t want to pack up and go stay somewhere else.

About 8am I headed out to M&J’s to meet mi Amiga Jeannine. We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast. Jeannine is a great lady. I love her to death! Jeannine had some errands to attend to as she had some friends arriving on Isla later that day, and familia to check on. Zama Beach Club would wait until another day.

I decided it would be a great morning to go and visit Julie, our wonderful webmistress!! I called Julie from M&J’s and she was home. I would catch a taxi to go spend some time with Julie.

I gave Jeannine a hug, picked up my luggage and slowly wandered through centro until I found Maria Jose (Truthfully, I didn’t really remember which side street it was on..we had checked out many little hotels the evening before).

Maria Jose……the room was clean, no issues there.
And my room had a window……….which unfortunately, looked out into the first floor hallway.
There are some rooms on the second floor that have balconies.
Security was good! That night and the next night, I was tapping on the front door for someone to let me in..

But, for $25/night?? If you are on a budget, check it out. I would recommend a room other than the first floor, though. The curtains didn’t really stayed closed. I had to become quite inventive with my nail clippers substituting as clothes pegs…to keep the curtains closed.

I hailed a taxi, and soon found myself at Julie’s gate. Hola Amiga! I spent a wonderful morning at Julie’s. I played with the dogs (now… 4 of them), chatted a bit with little Marcos, enjoyed the sunshine and Julie’s company.

Around noon, I decided to head back into centro. I started walking along the Caribbe side, enjoying the views. My walk tuned out to be longer than I expected…..all the taxis driving by were full. But, I enjoyed the views along the way.

I was already to the first colonia (sorry, can’t remember the name), when an empty taxi pulled up.

Playa Sol!!! Por favor

All the usual suspects were there….Ralph, Al &Marylee, Denise and Mike, Mallory

I hung out there for awhile, and decided to head over to Playa Norte. I used to love walking along the wall in front of Chichi’s house, but that wall is no more!!

Shortcut through the sand… first glimpse of Playa Norte!

While wandering up Playa Norte, I spot Dee and Gordy (remember, these are my new Amigos……who were only going to stay one day?? LOL)

I spent the afternoon with them on Playa Norte. By the sounds of things….they probably aren’t going anywhere else.

By late afternoon, I decided to go back to my hotel,have a short siesta, and get ready for sunset..

Well, I was almost to the RocaMar before I remembered I wasn’t staying there.
(The RocaMar is just kinda hard wired into my Isla Psychie)

There was a crowd of IslaHolics at Sergios by the time I arrived.

This would be the point where I stopped taking notes.

I had really great tacos at Medina’s that night.

And whose brilliant idea was the tequila slammers?

I did meet Paul in CO that night, and Jackie had landed on Isla.

But I met up with MarkD…….he was planning to go check out the ballfield taco stand.Yep, count me in!!! What a great place!

This place was hoppin’ and it must have been about 1am

Yummy!!!! The tacos are delicious.

Mark dropped me off at the Maria Jose.
Knock, knock.
I woke up the guy sleeping in the hammock in the lobby.:-(
Bad Wanda!!!!!!
I crashed. As usual, I fell asleep with my goofy Isla smile on my face.

December 30

I am now writing from pure memory (which ain’t so good)
I woke up, and had no idea what time it was
(Usually…the light or lack of light pouring through the shutters at the RocaMar help me gauge the time)
No lights or windows at Maria Jose.
I stumble through the darkness (the after affects of too many rum and cokes prolly didn’t help)….where the heck did I put my watch??? I finally found it! 6:30am

Waaaaa, I missed a sunrise!

Times a’wasting! I showered and was headed out lickety split.

Ahhhhhh., sunshine!!!

Ok. I had hoped to go snorkeling with Captain Tony today. Had talked to Dee and Gord, and another Vistalmar patron the night before, and we decided to try for a snorkeling trip today.

I wandered by Tony’s house about 8 am. I was welcomed into the casa.

Soon Tony appeared. I had missed him. He is a very wonderful person!

Snorkelling at 10am?


I wandered back down Juarez and found Dee and Gord, and Larry. I suggested we go for breakfast at Poc Chuc.

I looked, in vain, for my little Poc Chuc dog. I had always seen her, on that street, until last February. The cutest little dog, and she was always there. She always seemed to be waiting for someone.
Again, she wasn’t there.
I hope and pray that her humans moved, just because I don’t want to consider the alternative.

My little PocChuc Amiga.

I know Mi Amiga Doris misses her as well.

We had a great breakfast at PocChuc (I have had many fabulous lunches there)

We gathered in front of Captain Tony’s. Got fitted with all the snorkel gear, and we were off!!

Tony’s brother Mario accompanied us on this trip. I am sad to say, I did not get a picture of them on this trip. But, here is picture of Tony and his Dad, from a previous trip.

The view from Tony’s boat.

First we visited the lighthouse. I saw a couple of barracuda. It was busy out there.
Then, we all climbed back in the boat, some traveling, and stopped at a spot I had been at before. The little island, just north of the end of Sac Bajo.

And back in the boat. We cruised along the shore, and then stopped at one of beach clubs.

There were 3 younger kids on our boat. Tony gave them some bread crumbs to throw for the gulls. I just saw alotta wings, and some very hungry birds..LOL.

Then, we headed out to the reef. Very kewl! I could look down, and see these huge schools of fish.

If I ever needed some inspiration to get scuba certified …..that was it!!

Gigantic schools of fish. I couldn’t really tell if I was moving, or if they were. But, it was beautiful to watch! Waves moving them, all in unison.

One of the kiddos on our trip started to feel seasick. I saw Tony frantically waving his hands. We have to leave NOW. We headed back to centro.

I could tell Tony and Mario were really concerned about her…

She started to feel a little better. She went from positively green to….sorta happy in a couple of minutes.

Tony slowed down, so I could take these pics

Once we docked, I headed to Sergios and spent the remainder of the afternoon there.

And we were all treated to this beautiful sunset.

For dinner, I met my friends Patti and JD at the Miramar, a wonderful restaurant, right on the water. I had Yucatan Pork Chops, which were fabulous.

Then, we headed to Hidalgo, and to Bamboos, to listen to the band, and do some people watching.

It was late when I returned to the Maria Jose. (At least I remembered what street it was on tonight……

I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Having this much fun……..sure is tiring….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

December 31

Today I planned to visit Zama Beach Club for the morning, with my friends JD and Patti.

I packed up my things. I was moving AGAIN today… Punta Piedra.

3 places in 6 nights is way too much moving around for me. But, because I had finalized my trip so late, I was lucky to have had 2 nights at Roca Mar, and 2 nights at Punta Piedra.

Now, where to leave my luggage for the day was the question?? I headed out to RocaMar, hoping Ino would let me leave my stuff there until I returned from Zama. On the way, I stopped off at the Tim Pho laundry.

I always plan it so I leave Isla with a suitcase full mostly of clean “Ariel scented” clothes.

My suitcase MUCH lighter, I headed towards the RocaMar.

It felt very strange to be “visiting” the RocaMar. It has sort of become my Isla “home”.
Of course Ino let me leave my stuff there, and I headed to M&J’s to meet JD and Patti.

We enjoyed another wonderful M&J breakfast, and then caught a taxi for the trip to Zama Beach club.

This club is out on Sac Bajo. We arrived early……there were only about 3 other people on the beach.

For a change of pace from Playa Norte, I highly recommend spending some time here. We did pretty much nothing other than lying in the sun.

I had mentioned it would be nice to get back early afternoon, and have a siesta before the New Year’s Eve festivities began.

I think all 3 of us found it difficult to get our butts off the beach loungers, and when we finally did, we had to walk a bit to find a taxi.

We dropped Patti and JD on Medina, and then headed towards the RocaMar, which was an interesting experience, since many of the streets were already closed due to the pending New Year’s Eve celebrations. After spending many minutes of my taxi driver, trying in vain to get somewhere near the RocaMar, I just asked him to park, wait for me, and I would hoof it to the RM to pick up my luggage.

Then we headed to Punta Piedra. Now this place is fabulous, and I wish I would have had more than 2 nights there. I would stay there again in a heartbeat.

The view from Punta Piedra towards Centro.

This is an older pic from when I visited friends at PP. The benches are no more, courtesy of Ivan.

I got cleaned up and planned to catch a taxi into centro. I started walking……every taxi that went by was full. But, I enjoyed the walk, and listening to the Caribbe surf. There are much tougher things in life to have to deal with.

Soon, I found myself in front of the Casa where mi Amiga Jeannine and her family were staying.

Knock, knock.

We all hung out there for awhile. Soon, Jeannine, Deb, Marissa and I decided to go out and catch a taxi into centro. Mike would catch up with us later. Mom and Dad were having some issues with the lights on the golf cart.

We headed onto the street. Every taxi was full! “Zoom” as they sped by us.

And along comes the Bus. I make a little feeble attempt at a wave to flag it down, and am already saying “He probably would have stopped us if we had made a bit more of an effort”….when the bus came to a screeching halt.

The back door opens. We embark.

A cute Islenos comes running down the aisle.

“Poc Chuc” (or something similar)

“Cuba Libre”

Aha!! He was our waiter the night before at Miramar, had been on the bus, had somehow recognized me and told the driver to stop.

LOL……..only on Isla would this happen.

We had a great bus ride into Centro! Everyone was already in New Eve’s Party mode.

The driver stopped and let us off at Jax.
Lo and behold, who should we find, but Tee and Mr. Wunnerful.
Mike showed up a few minutes later.

All the guilty suspects! LOL

After partaking of a couple drinks there, we decided to head to Hidalgo to find someplace for dinner.

Hidalgo was hoppin’. If there was an empty table to be found, it had a reserved sign on it.

We ended up at Bucaneeros (sp). Had to wait for a bit for them to set up a table for us.

I had great Chicken Enchiladas!

After dinner, some of our group dispersed, the rest of us headed to La Pena. The rumor had been circulating that La Pena was reopening tonight, and they were giving away free beer!!!

Both rumors ended up being true!

I had not been in La Pena since they had remodeled…..and let me tell you, that place is something else! Absolutely gorgeous!!

About 11:30pm, people started heading out, onto the Zocalo.

This was my second New Years Eve on Isla and both times have been a wonderful experience. Bands, dancing, the wonderful fireworks display at midnight.

Sorry, this didn’t turn out very well.

My friends Patti, JD and I found a place near the band, and danced.

So many people! Everyone having such a wonderful time! New Years Eve in the zocalo is a wonderful experience.

JD and Patti on the dance floor.

Soon it was time for JD and Patti to head to their hotel. They were flying back to Houston early the next morning. Hugs! They are wonderful friends, and we had a great time and many laughs over the past couple days.

Ow….my feet are really starting to hurt. I run into Tee and Mr. Wunnerful. They were staying on the south end, so we shared a taxi.

I sat out at the Punta Piedra pool for a while, just listening to the surf.

It had been another wonderful day in Paradise.

January 1 & 2

I missed the sunrise this morning..darn!

Gathered my beach stuff and headed towards town. It was early, about 9am. Okay, not so early, but it was New Years Day, after all. The taxis were few and far between…I figured everyone was still asleep, or still up partying.

I walked all the way into town. It was really quiet, except for the sound of the Caribbean. An enjoyable walk.

I decided breakfast was in order, but found the majority of the restaurants closed! Duh! I should have remembered this from New Years Day 3 years ago.

So, I headed to Sergios…..where else? Some of my fellow beach bums arrived.

After my first cervasa and some lunch, I decided to head over to Playa Norte for my last stroll up the beach.

It started to rain a bit, so I decided to head into town to do some shopping. I found another ceramic parrot to add to my growing collection.
I had seen some really kewl lamps, actually made from carved out gourds (sp), so I did some bargaining at one shop and bought one, along with a Mexican blanket.
I packed the lamp VERY carefully, but it was in at least 6 pieces by the time I got home (Sniff….they are not very sturdy). And of course, I needed to buy my usual 2 bags of Ariel laundry detergent, and another supply of lime peanuts.

I stopped to pick up my laundry before catching a taxi back to Punta Piedra.

Uh-oh. Tim Pho Laundry was closed today. Duh !!! I should have picked it up yesterday. The sign said they would be open at 8am the following morning. I hoped so……since I was leaving the next day, and the 9am ferry was absolutely the latest I should be leaving.

I headed back to Punta Piedra and hung out there for the rest of the afternoon, and caught a taxi back into town. Since New Year’s Day was a big football day for my American Amigos, I figured they were all still at Jax, or taking a siesta after a long day of watching football and drinking cervasas.

I decided on one more feed of tacos at Medina’s (yummy), sat on the street and watched Isla life go by.

I wandered over to Bamboo and found MarkD perched on his usual stool at the bar. Soon, my amigo Jeannine’s daughter and hubby arrived, as did Paul in CO and his wife. I enjoyed my last evening listening to the band at Bamboos. I finally met Maggie from La Gloria English school and realized I had some school supplies that I had never gotten around to delivering to the school. She would pick them up from Punta Piedra.

Javier’s Band at Bamboo

Mallory, Mike and I at Bamboo

I had planned to head back to Punta Piedra early and get a good nights sleep. So much for my plans……LOL. I caught a taxi back about 2am, finished packing the few clothes I had which weren’t at Tim Pho’s, checked and double checked the alarm clock, and fell asleep to the sound of the waves.

January 2

I woke to the sound of the alarm. Arghhhh! That is just not a sound I like to hear on Isla Mujeres. Showered, gathered my things and caught a taxi to the RocaMar. Enjoyed my last breakfast at M&J’s and stopped to say good-bye to Ino.

Then, I headed to Tim Pho’s just before 8am. About 8:15am they were still not open, and I started to pace. About 8:45am, I was hoping I would see someone I knew walk by, that would be agreeable to picking up my laundry and shipping it to me.

About 8:55, the attendant arrived. A grabbed my things and ran to the ferry.

Hmmmmm, it was a ferry unlike I had been on before. Turned out to be the 3rd ferry service (can’t remember the name, but it leaves from the Ultrmar dock on Isla, but lands at the Puerto Juarez dock on the mainland.

With the rush to get my laundry, I hadn’t had much time to dwell on the fact that I was leaving my beloved little island once again. The tears started to fall…

Adios Isla Mujeres!! See you next time!


I easily found a taxi and headed to the airport. Upon arrival, I discovered our flight was late…….again. I found Dee and Gordon, and we spent the time discussing our various adventures. They had a wonderful time on Isla Mujeres. They had planned to visit other parts of the Mayan Riviera, but we all know what happens if you go to Isla at the beginning of your trip!! The chances that you are going to venture back to the mainland become fewer and fewer with each passing day spent on Isla.

After an uneventful flight, we landed in Saskatoon. A quick trip through customs, and I headed out of the Airport.

With the windchill………it was 50 below. That was quite the welcome home! Waaaaaaa! I wanna go back!!!!

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