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Dolphin Discovery!

By: viennaz22 (View Profile)
Date: 3/20/2007

One of mt favorite parts of the trip was swimming with the dolphins. We took a taxi to dolphin discovery, it was like a zoo there! There were monkeys, sloths, toucans and of course dolphins! Shawn, Dayna and I were leaning on the ledge to watch the dolphins and Shawn and Dayna went for icecream cones and there was an iquana over by the rocks and we gave it some icecram cone and it came closer and I guess it thought I was a tasty meal because it tried to bite me! So Shawn went crazy to save me and threw his shoe at it and started screaming, so the iquana(naturally)ran away but when he went to look at something the iquana tried to eat me again this time I ran instead of Shawn coming to my rescue. I discovered a whole new part of the Dolphin Discovery there was a park and more animals and...(best for Gramma and Auntie K.C.)...a bar. When it was finally our turn to swim with the dolphins we watched a boring movie about Dolphin Discovery and a expereince of a life time... so on and so forth. When we got into the water we pet them first then kissed them and shook hands with them. They were really smooth. You got to dance with them but they only danced with Auntie K.C. and we got to hold their dorsal fin and they dragged you through the water and you went in the water and it would push you up by their noses way out the water, they missed me the first time but they found me the second time. It was so much fun I love dolphins!

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