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My Isla Trip Report -March 4 &5

By: Wanda_W (View Profile)
Date: 5/1/2006

March 2006 Trip Report ¡V March 4 & 5

The day has finally arrived!! Time to begin my 7th journey to Isla Mujeres. I have to find ways to amuse myself for most of the day, since my flight doesn¡¦t leave until 7pm. Arghhh..I just wanna go to the beach!!!

My boss¡¦s daughter picks me up and we go back to drop Bailey the Wonder Dog off at their place. They have graciously volunteered to ¡§dog-sit¡¨ once again.

Check in goes smoothly and I wander the shops until it is time to board. In the bookstore, I pick out ¡§A Salty Piece of Land¡¨ ¡V Jimmy Buffet. Excellent!!! I am on a SkyService flight this time (Ughhhh!!) I had been fairly spoiled being on WestJet flights my last couple of trips. Personal satellite TV for everyone. Love it!!!

I hope that I am going to be able to sleep during the 5 hour flight since I was arriving at 1am. My plan was that I was just going to hang out in the airport until it was time to catch the Riviera Bus and get on the first ferry of the morning. (Note to self ---always have a back up plan)

No sleeping occurred. But, I must have been on a newer Skyservice plane. It didn¡¦t seem as cramped as usual. Got through a good part of ¡§A Salty Piece of Land¡¨. Great book!!!

We land in Cancun about 1 am. The first ¡§blast¡¨ of hot, humid air always feels good.

I am happy to see there are no other planes at the Terminal. Immigration should be a piece of cake!!!! On the way through the Terminal, I can see someone asking for our tourist cards. I put my things down and dig through my knapsack for my tourist card. It wasn¡¦t until I schlepped a bit further until I realized I left my book behind. ƒ¼

But after I saw the line-up, I wasn¡¦t about to lose my place to go back for it. A plane full of 250+ people and 2 Immigration booths are open?? Sigh. I was planning on hanging out at the airport for the next 4 hours¡K¡K¡Kbut I really didn¡¦t want to spend it standing in line. After a while, a couple other booths opened up.

Through Immigration and through Customs, I head outside. Walking down the sidewalk, I realize I am really tired, and my great plan of hanging out there until morning now sounds like a really dumb idea.

I have arrived at this ridiculous time before, and took a taxi to a decent, downtown hotel for some rest. Okay, time to cave-in again. Shoulda slept on the plane instead of reading my now MIA book.

$40 later¡K.I am in a taxi headed towards downtown. The taxi driver seems to understand. We turn onto some main street, and it is a ¡§parking lot¡¨ and appears to be ¡§party central¡¨. We spend a fair amount of time heading a couple blocks, and then the taxi driver makes a U-turn and starts heading the other way up the ¡§parking lot¡¨

¡§No, no, no!!!¡¨ I cry, ¡§Don¡¦t go back THERE!!!!¡¨ He turns down a tiny side street, lined with vehicles. Finally, he stops. ¡§This way mi amiga¡¨

Don¡¦t ask me the name of the hotel, because I have blocked it out.

The night clerk takes me to my room. Most of the lights are out, and we go up some stairs that don¡¦t have any railings. On the second floor, we pass big buckets that were catching streams of water coming from somewhere.

He opens the door to my room, and it¡¦s like a FURNACE. A/C por favor?
¡§Si, mi amiga¡¨ He pushes the bed away from the wall. It¡¦s situated underneath the only window, which faces into the hallway.

Okey-dokey then¡K¡Knot going to be much rest happening here.

I needed to get some bottled water anyways, so head out. Now all the lights are out again..damn. I head out on the party street and see an OXXO couple blocks away. On the way I passed a karaoke place that was playing what sounded like ¡§Mexican Polka Music¡¨ and people were dancing.

Find some water and some snacks and head back to my ¡§room¡¨, aka HELL.

The TV didn¡¦t work (big surprise), so I amused myself taking some pictures.

Interesting Mexican wiring

More interesting Mexican wiring

The bathroom, with the 3 watt lightbulb

So, it¡¦s now about 4:00 am (or so I thought). I¡¦ll just take a shower, read a bit, and get ready to catch a taxi to the ferry. But, I don¡¦t have a towel, or any TP, so I head back downstairs in the dark.

My little desk clerk friend is not around. Whatever!!! Go back upstairs to find I have locked myself out of my room. Argghhh!

Back downstairs, in my nightgown, to wait for him to return.

Finally, about 5:30, he reappears. I jump in the shower, gather my stuff and catch a taxi. Woohooo! Now I am on my way!!!

He drops me off at Gran Puerto Cancun, I buy my ticket, and am on my way!!

Looking north from GP

Looking south from GP

Gran Puerto Cancun (Bye, bye¡K¡Ksee you in a week)

I sit up top on the ferry. It is so windy, but I don¡¦t mind. I can see HER¡K.I can see Isla Mujeres¡K¡KWoohoo!!!

Getting closer!!!!

Arriving.I feel the corners of my mouth turn up. Ahhhh!! My goofy Isla smile, which will remain for the next week. And it feels so good!

I notice the buildings that have been painted. Actually, I can see much more since much of the foliage is still trying to recover post Wilma.

We¡¦re here!!!!

I realize I am late. Mis Amigos Doreese, Vince, Jan, Bruce had emailed they were going to meet me at the first ferry. I know I missed the first ferry, but I didn¡¦t think I was THAT late. (Turns out the battery in my little travel alarm was dying, and it was losing time).

I wandered out to Rui Medina, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells of Isla in the morning. I trudged up the hill towards the RocaMar, listening to the clickey-clop of my suitcase on the cobblestones.

All of a sudden I hear my name and see Doreese running down the street. Big Hugs! They had all been going down to the ferry dock since the first one. No Wanda. Try again later.

She helps me carry my stuff to RocaMar. Ino!!!!!!! HUGS!!!
Doreese has brought me my first Sol!! It¡¦s 7am, but hey, it¡¦s 5 o¡¦clock somewhere!!!

He tells me I have to sleep in one the hammocks¡K¡K.then hands me the key to my favourite room!!!! Woohoo!

Vince has gone off to get Bruce and Jan. I am up in my room, taking in that first beautiful view. Jan arrives!! More hugs!!!

We all go for breakfast at M&J¡¦s. Pedro, Marco!!! More hugs!

I had my favourite RocaMar brekkie. The bacon and egg sandwich, with mashbrowns and coffee. Thanks Bruce!!

I head back to my room to unpack, and then head to Sergios.

Wow, it looks totally different, post Wilma. He has done a great job rebuilding. The beach is bigger than it was last New Year¡¦s. His palapa is huge.

Great afternoon. Hung out with J&B. Met Jan and Rich. Saw mis Amigas Jeri & Steve.

About 2pm, I realized I would not make it to sunset without a siesta. Jeri offered me a ride on her golf cart back to the RocaMar.

But, I was not too tired to remember it was Sunday. Ribs!!!!! Jeri obliges and makes her way up and down the one way streets, so I could get my rib fix.

I ate my ribs on my wonderful balcony at the RocaMar¡K..YUM!!

After a 1 hour siesta, I hit the shower and headed out for sunset. It was a good one!

It was decided we would have dinner at Angelos. I had never had dinner there before. Great place!! If you notice in the picture, we sent the guys to the other end of the table, so we could have a ¡§hen party¡¨.

So many laughs that night. Time spent with good friends. It doesn¡¦t get any better than that.

I headed back towards the RocaMar¡K.very tired, yet very happy I was back on Isla Mujeres.

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