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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 13

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/18/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 13 – March 5

“¡Hola Juanda, Adios Mama!”

Oooh, these super early mornings are beginning to get a little tough! I’m up even earlier than usual, thanks to the alarm, as we are off to the ferry terminal before 6am….no, we’re not leaving! Wanda is arriving! Jan, Bruce, Vince and I have promised to meet our amiga at the ferry terminal…a proper welcome and to help her with luggage. But first, it’s out to the balcony to greet the morn….

In between getting ready, we step out to the balcony to check the sun’s progress….another gorgeous day in paradise!

By 6am we join Jan and Bruce at the ferry dock. I have an ice cold bottle of Sol nestled inside Vince’s chilled cooshie. Hmmm…..that sounds kind of kinky, but anyway, the cerveza is frosty ready for Wanda! The ferry pulls up and everyone gets off….everyone but Wanda! Her flight was supposed to land around 2am and we were sure she would be on her way to Isla as quickly as possible. Once we’re sure that there is no one else coming off the ferry, we hike back to Roca Mar. I put the Sol back in the fridge and the cooshie back in the freezer. About 15 minutes later we do it all over again. Ice cold Sol back in the cooshie and off to the ferry dock to meet the 6:30am ferry. With smiles on our faces ready, we expect to see Wanda tripping off the ferry. But, nada. No Wanda. Well, what the heck is up with that girl! Little did we know that she was snoring away in the lobby of some hotel while we sweated away the morning walking back and forth to the ferry!

We decide to take a walk around centro to see if we can find an internet café open. That would sort of be like winning the lottery, but who knows! At least we would be able to find out if Wanda’s flight was delayed. I feel rather trashy carrying around a bottle of beer this early in the morning. I don’t even drink the stuff! We have no luck finding anything open, but the boys get sidetracked at the coffee shop….the waitress was cute. I run back upstairs to our room to put the beer in the fridge once again. We’re all pooped out from the early wake-up and all the walking so we decide to go back to our rooms and keep an eye out for Wanda…she’ll get here eventually!

From our 3rd floor balcony I keep a lookout for ferry arrivals. Around 7:20, I take another look and what do I see? About half way down the road from the Roca Mar, there’s a woman hauling a suitcase and big bag. Could it be? Yup!!!! I holler out “Wanda!” She waves and I begin to dash down the stairs….back up again as I forgot the beer!!! Semi ice cold beer back in the sort of warm cooshie and I dash off down the street. Big hugs and holas. And then, ‘where the heck have you been?’. I think she mumbled something about ‘a long story’. I grab the bag…wow, is it heavy!!! Together we pant our way up the hill to Roca Mar. Ino is ready and waiting for her. He actually thought that she probably went to Cuba instead of coming to Isla! He does the usual torture, telling Wanda that he has no room for her and that she has to sleep in the hammock by the pool. By now, Wanda is drinking the beer so Ino’s teasing just makes her giggle. He finally gives up and hands her the key to ‘her room’ and after a hug to Ino, we haul her things up the stairs. It’s 7:30am and I am ready for a siesta!

We give Wanda some time to clean up and then we wake up Mama. Everyone meets at M & J Cazuela’s for breakfast. It’s been a long morning and we are all starved!

It’s all delicious and Mama is happy to have her granola, yogurt and fresh fruit.

She only has a few more hours before heading to the airport as her flight leaves this afternoon. Jan, Bruce and Wanda head off to enjoy the day and Vince, Mama and I head to the swimming pool to relax.

By the Roca Mar pool…

Mama decides that she has a bit more room in her suitcase, so I take her to the pottery shop across from the Municipal Hall. She buys one of the small Nativity sets. Next stop is Mirtita’s for a bottle of vanilla. Back to the Roca Mar to do the last minute packing and it’s off to the ferry at noon. Adios Mama….hope you enjoyed your time on Isla Mujeres!

We make our way back home for about the 10th time so far today….change into swimsuits and head for the beach! I need a drink and a swim! On the way we decide to stop in and check emails. Uhoh…bad news! I had sent an email last night to confirm Mama’s transfer from Puerto Cancun to the airport, but there’s an email from the transfer company that it has been cancelled and no one will be there to meet her. My mouth drops open as I read it….I am so dead. There was a mix up on her arrival as her flight was delayed…the tour company and the private transfer I arranged both showed up at the airport. Long story short, the tour company sent off the transfer and in doing so, cancelled the return pick-up to the airport. Luckily, we told Mama to take a taxi if for some reason, the transfer didn’t show up. That’s what she did, and ended up saving $10usd too. Of course we didn’t know that for a day or two, so we were a little worried! Ok….I really need a drink now!

We quickly make our way to Sergio’s where we find the whole gang already gathered and happily relaxing. Drinks are fetched and we assume roasting positions….ahh, life is good once again! Bruce suggests ribs…I completely forgot that it was Sunday…yes please! They were delicious….boneless and seasoned just perfectly. Another finger licking moment! We spend the rest of the afternoon enjoy some refreshing dips in the sea…the current was very strong in front of Sergio’s…a very good workout if you tried to swim against it.

By 4:30 Vince is itchin’ to hop on the moped. Pepe has been sorely neglected the past few days. Off we go for a quick ride promising to return for sunset. And after a quick loop of our usual circle tour of Isla, we arrive back at Sergio’s just in time. It promises to be another beauty tonight so we fetch some drinks and sit back to watch the show….

Heaving a sigh after that splendid display, we all agree that tummies are once again empty and Angelo’s is the lucky spot tonight…again! Everyone dashes off for a sand dusting and cool shower and by 8, the whole gang is gathered…

Clockwise from left….Bruce, John, Faith, Jean, Colleen, Doris, Jan, Wanda and Rich…Vince is taking the photo!

Food is ordered and it is delicious as always.

There is way too much laughter…started mostly by Jean and Faith….those girls were naughty tonight! But it is so fun and our cheeks are hurting from the giggles. It was strangely quiet at the boys’ end of the table, but the girls more than made up for it! While we enjoy our dinner we are entertained once again by some Carnival dancers…

After such a fun evening, the laughter quickly comes to an end as we have to say goodbye to Jean and Rich. They leave in the morning and we are definitely going to miss them! On our way home we stop at a phone and give the kids a call….happy to know that all is well at home…bet they’re not having as much fun as we are! Sweet dreams!

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