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Part 11 Exuma Land and Sea Park

By: BertaB (View Profile)
Date: 5/31/2007

Tues 5/15/07

Woke up to the worst day yet. It was rainy and cold and I felt awful.
My stomach was not up for any food, but I had to cook for the rest of the crew.

I made breakfast and crawled back into bed. We had hoped on leaving early but the weather was just not on our side. Tis not a good thing to be standing out on the bow of a boat with thunder and lightning. At least with the weather, my not feeling well didn't make me feel guilty.

After an hour it started to clear up enough to leave. The dockhands came to help us out, but our departure was not as pretty as when we came in. There was a strong current and our type of boat just did not have enough get up and go to fight it. We banged against the side of the dock and one of the fenders popped like a balloon. Leo floored the throttles and with a huge push on our port side from the dock hands we cleared the dock and were on our way. I still felt like death warmed over, but I had to help out.

Leo needed to do his engine room checks and the guys were busy bringing in the lines and fenders. This left me to drive the boat. Easy enough to follow our previous track on the plotter. Just follow the red line and look up now and again. This was a good thing as it had just started to pour again and the guys gave up on putting the lines away neatly and just dumped them on the bow and came inside.

Leo was back at the helm and I went in search of some Tums for the tummy.
After about 5 of them, I did start to feel better. I guess dinner did not agree with me last night. At least I knew I did not over do it on the beer!!!

There wasn't much to do except look out the window and the radar and guess whether we were looking at boats or small clouds. It was hard to make a visual with the gloomy skies.

After a few hours we made it to the Exuma Land and Sea Park. We picked a mooring buoy and tried to bring it up to attach a line to it to secure the boat.
Just as we got near enough, the wind kicked up and it started pouring again.
Great timing. There was also another boat trying to do the same thing. We gave up and circled the area and waited for it to clear enough.

After 20 minutes it did clear up and on our first attempt, the guys snagged the buoy and secured us. We called in to the park station to let them know our mooring number and were told to come to the office as soon as it cleared.

After a couple of hours, it did seem to clear up and so 4 of us got in the dink and went. Chris decided to stay on LaChelle. This was actually the wiser plan.
We got to the dinghy dock just in time for it to blow and start pouring again.
We got drenched and dried off before going into the office. From the office I could see other parts of the park and mooring areas. This would be a real pretty place on a sunny day! It was nearing 4 pm and the office was going to close for the day, we had to leave.

Of course it was pouring. It was only a 10 minute dinghy ride, but we were soaked to the skin and I was freezing. Since I couldn't cook, we had sandwiches for dinner.

By 6 pm the sun started to shine and it was clearing up. The guys and I decided to brave the elements and get in the dink to explore the island. If it started to rain again, oh well, it is only water.

We get to the island and find the trail that lead to some ruins that date back to slavery days. There was a main house and some smaller ones. The map also directed us to the other side of the island and a bay that was called the "slave dip." This must have been the area where the slaves were brought to wash up. I can only imagine what it was like to wash up in salt water and if the wind was blowing like it was today, it would have been difficult to avoid being tossed into the rocks. Bone crushing waves. Made me really think about how cruel man can be sometimes.

We headed back to the LaChelle and hoisted the dink to her cradle.

I could not stay awake any longer and went to bed at 9:30. Boating can be exhausting!

Wed. 5/16/07

I wake up early and thankfully it is sunny. It is windy, but better windy and sunny than rain. I note that there is only 8 days left of my adventure including today. I get a bit weepy in that I really can't wait to do this with my hubby. I buck up and break out the breakfast goodies.

Still no generator, so that means it is cereal, poptarts or whatever one can scrounge up to get their day started. We are off to Normans Cay.

I do have pictures, but once again, I apologize, they are on the waterproof cam and have to be devoloped.

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