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The Erickson Family makes it to Mexico

By: ericks5 (View Profile)
Date: 12/19/2008

Well this is my second attempt at a trip report, the first time I spent two hours writing it up and posting the pics, only to hit the add entry button and have it tell me that I need to sign in first. Ok, I sign in, hit the back button a couple of times.....and.....its......GONE! Sometimes I really hate computers.
So on with the report, there are seven of us on this trip, Myself (Pete) my wife, Kris, her cousin Emilie and our four kids, Tim 18, Adam 15, Marlena 13, and A.J. 10. We spent two days flying from Petersburg, Alaska to Cancun, overnight in L.A. and landed at about 2:30.

Go through custom/immigration, green light all is well.
Bags in hand we head for the door. I tell everyone on the crew DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE UNTIL YOU ARE OUTSIDE. Weve run the timeshare gauntlet before and I am not stopping for anything. I say it again "DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE UNTIL YOU ARE OUTSIDE" Pretty simple, right? I am leading the pack thinking everyone else is right behind me, the doors are within reach. I hear a little voice saying "Pete" "Pete" Almost like it was carried on the wind by little angels. Then I hear my wife yell "PETE!!!!" I turn around and I am WAAAYYYY aheadof the pack. There was this "nice" lady who stopped my ten year old son A.J. and told him she had his ride ready. everyone else saw it but I had my blinders on. So I turn around grab him by the hand, tell her to get lost and we all head for the doors. Get outside and meet our ride. As we are loading up I think Ill go get a six-pack for the ride to Puerto Morelos and THIRTY DOLLARS LATER!!!! I have some lukewarm nasty beer in a can. I love it!! The ride to P.M. was uneventful and the first night we went out and ate too much and drank almost too much.
Our first full day here was pretty mellow. Sit in the sun, walk on the beach watch A.J. make new friends. We met a really nice couple from Arizona with a boy A.J.s age who spoke Sanish and English. Now a little about A.J. hes a sweet loving kid with a huge heart and great sense of humor. , our little Angel. He also has ADHD and sometimes can get a "little" wild. He can get a little more wild if he misses his medicine first thing in the morning.
The first day we forgot to give him his medicine.

Right before lunch I come up to the pool from the beach and here is my sweet, caring, loving son running around like the Tasmanian Devil from cartoons. Throwing things in the pool, throwing things at other kids, throwing things at me. He runs over to his new friend from Arizona and asks "how do you say I am in Spanish?" "Yo soy" the boy replies. "YO SOY EL DIABLO!!" My sweet little boy starts yelling at the top of his lungs. Yeah, Thats my boy.
What a great first day.
Casita Blanca
First sunrise

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