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Kristi & Dave's Isla Adventure (Part 3)

By: KristinMN (View Profile)
Date: 11/19/2007

Part 3

Tuesday - the weather here is wonderful and sunny again. Every morning I check my mapchick map for where we want to go. Today it's to M&J's at the Rocomar for breakfast. Good breakfast, good service...too windy to sit outside, but all the tables are full out there because of the beautiful view. Cheesy eggs that came with delicious potatoes 41 pesos, Ham and cheese omelet with the same potatoes and two coffees, all for 109 pesos. Good breakfast, very nice service.
Sorry, no pict of the food, I love how they "decorate" it. I'd get my own camera, but then I'd have to carry it...hehe. Besides, Dave takes awesome pictures.

To the Super Express for water and vanilla (not sure if it's the best kind, but for 6 pesos per bottle of vanilla, I bought a few of them)...gotta love the Super Express.

Back to the room to drop off our things and grab our towels. We're going to the beach in front of the Caribbean Queen today, WOO HOO! (2x1 all day, the beach is huge and the water is gorgeous).

Hoil (sp) is our server and we are ready for some Sol's. I see Maria again and buy some more peanuts, they are a different flavor this time and tasty, great beach snack. Popcorn from Enoile (sorry, I know I'm probably not spelling names right, I probably can't pronounce them the right way either, I tried), very nice man, good popcorn too ($1US).

I was in and out of the ocean many times, it was beautiful there. I had my little floaty and I'd just sit on it, chillin in the water. I love being able to walk in the ocean and not worry about stepping on anything but sand (the water is so clear)...this was perfect! I was in heaven, we had two chairs close to the ocean with an umbrella and a table, 6 cervesas for 105 pesos, I think. ;-)

On one of the docks near Bally Hoo.

Dave's a big fan of the pelican.

Lunch - Don Chepos. Our server was Cesar, what a personality, nice guy! I had to have the chicken lime soup that I read so much about (yumm!). Dave had the bean soup and we split the delicious chicken fajitas between us and had 4 cervesas for 235 pesos, great meal and service.

We walk back to Sergio's for the beautiful sunset - 4 margaritas 80 pesos!

Dinner - Medina tacos...Very good!!

Dave wanted to try this place since you could see the pork on a spicket (sp) cooking, from the street.

6 tacos, 4 Sol's + chips and an array of toppings for $12US! Great service from Louis, we tell him that we'll be back.

Back to Romi's bar, I can't believe it's so empty there.

This place has a great atmosphere and Romi is SO nice! Romi helped me with some Spanish and talked for a while. I was pretty worn out so we just stayed for a couple cervesas, before we left he poured us a couple pomegranate shots (he said to help us sleep well, hehe).

Time to go home.
Nite nite.

Part 4 coming up!

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