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Trip Report Tank You

By: dand
Date: 4/6/2005

I want to thank everyone for all the great information. I am a lurker who has posted some In the past. Here is my thank you in the form of a trip report.

Arrive Monday, March 28(afternoon):

Customs and baggage took about an hour. We get outside the airport and all hell breaks out. People grabbing and pulling you in every direction. We locate the greenline booth and hire a private taxi for $42.00usd. Show us to the line. The line seems to be for shared shuttles but we meet another family that also hired a private cab to the ferry and agree to share the van to the ferry. Van gets a flat tire in the left lane of the highway. As I look back I see cars speeding towards us and my life flashes quickly. I cant die yet without seeing the island. We get to the shoulder and another van comes in about 10 minutes. Make the ferry right before it leaves(Ultramar) and buy round trip tickets for two($7 roundtrip). We get of the ferry and walk left to taxi stand and take taxi to Hotel Secreto. Unbelievable hotel. The circus is going on. Room #5. Cant say enough about this hotel. It is so quite and peaceful. The view is great. The breakfast is fine. We are not big breakfast people anyway, but you get enough to get you going. The bed was a little hard, but we got use to it. Talk with the owner and he confirmed they will close in July to December. He hopes to open by the new year, but it depends on construction. We loved the isla so much that we booked new years week at Media Luna. This way we don’t have to worry about the construction being delayed. Ate at Faynes the first night and it was pretty good. Cant remember what we had, but the check was about $55 for two. Also ate at Poc Choc(sp?), which was great($26 for 2 apps, 2 meals and 2 drinks). Ate Pizza Rolandi. Was ok. I didn’t want Italian in Mexico, but it was my girlfriends birthday and she won. Had the seafood calzone. We also ate Restaurant Amigos(very good).

This was a great vacation. The hotel was great. The tequila bar next to Faynes was great. They were very helpful in choosing tequila. We stayed on the beach in front of Buhos. The beach chair rentals are very expensive. $12 for two chairs and umbrella each day. There must be a cheaper way. Maybe I will payoff the waiter next time, since we ordered and tipped him very well all week. The plastic beach chairs are very uncomfortable after many hours of sitting and drinking. Drank at Jaxs which was good, but never had a happy hour($3.50 per drink). Sergio’s bar was great with a happy hour. Only had one sunset during the week and that was truly unbelievable. Cant wait for this winter. Hope the weather is ok. I want to thank everyone on the boards. The information was priceless. My girlfriend was amazed that I know the isla like I was there before.

Flight Home uneventful. Customs is so easy in the US.

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