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Mexico 2008 ~ Day 19

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 6/2/2008

Mexico 2008
February 14 – March 9

Isla Mujeres

Day 19 Monday March 3

“A Day Of Sun And Sand”

How could anyone sleep through such a spectacular sight…

A spray of clouds above…it looks like they are on fire…

What a way to start a Monday!

The sun finally peeks over the horizon….

I crawl back into bed, feeling so happy and refreshed…”Vince, you missed a good one…Again!”
Ah well, after so many early mornings, I still find it such a special time and I don’t mind enjoying it by myself…it’s ME time. It was usually the time of day that I would sit and write in my journal, but that routine stopped a few days ago!

Once we’re both upright, we have a quick breakfast and hit the beach early. Sergio’s beach gets soooo busy by lunch time, so it’s really nice to be there early and enjoy some peace and quiet. We have our pick of perfect spots…

There’s a chair waiting just for us…

I take a walk out on the dock…that rickety tower would only be around for a few mores days…a fierce wind storm would take it down…

Turning around, the quiet beach…

Vince waves at me from the sand…

The tower makes a perfect natural frame…

I bought this swimsuit just so I could match the water!

We spend the day lazing away with friends, sipping cold ones and munching on snacks. It is another perfect day at the beach. But…..I do feel like I should mention a few things about Sergio’s Playa Sol, so I don’t give the wrong impression to newbies. Complete perfection it is not. Early morning is definitely the best time to be on this particular beach. I don’t really want to say anything bad about day trippers…’cause I used to be one!...but by noon, the boats start arriving and the place is overrun with them for the rest of the day. The final boat leaves just around sunset but quite often sits and idles with motor running for a very long time…noisy and smelly. We counted 240 trippers coming off just one of the boats! We did spend more time at this beach this year since Playa Norte was a little smaller than past years. It’s much quieter on Playa Norte and although the chairs may not be free, the peace and quiet can be priceless. The beach directly across from the Posada is also a great beach and again, not so busy. So, there are lots of choices for a perfect beach day! Okay…’nuff said!

Our usual routine takes us on another circle tour of the island. We stop at home first and notice how great the malecon is looking. They are putting in light standards.

All the action kept this doggie very busy!

After our island zoom, we stop in at the Posada beach as it looks like it just might be a great sunset…

From beginning to end, like book ends to our day….

We are so lucky to be together in our little island paradise….

After enjoying such a beautiful sunset…..I have no idea what we did or where we ate, but I bet we had fun and enjoyed some great food! Shame on me for not taking better notes this time! Guess we were just too busy being on holiday!

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