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Trip Report 12-13-06 to 12-22-06...Day one

By: Char (View Profile)
Date: 1/2/2007

We had been waiting and waiting for this minute and it finally arrived. We were headed to Isla!!!

12-13 Twelve of us were meeting up on the island. One woman of our group arrived on Sunday, and gave us updates via e-mail. Our flight left St. Louis on time and we were on our way. I hadn't flown in YEARS, but managed ok after the take-off! We only had an hour in Miami between connecting flights and wouldn't ya know it...we had a delay. We landed and another plane was in the gate we were supposed to go to! We waited about 15 minutes, then were directed to another gate. Miami airport was a NIGHTMARE! LOL Felt like we walked miles in there, but finally made it to the plane. Then had another delay! Someone had checked their luggage at 2pm, but was not on the flight. We had to wait for them to go through all the luggage, find their's and pull it off the plane. The delay was a pain, but I'm thankful for the extra security.

We got into Cancun basically on time and had no problems going through customs. We met up with our friends who had arrived about an hour before us and headed out to find our ride. we went to the end of the walk-way (by the hertz sign) and were told to wait there. I was pleasantly surprised to find a signal on my cell phone, so I tried to call home to let them know we made it safely. I got some kind of recording in spanish and had NO IDEA what they were saying! The sweet woman from best day listened to the message for me and told me what to dial in order to reach the states. I called home and said, "we're in cancun, we're safe and I'll call from somewhere cheaper tomorrow!" LOL

Our ride to the ferry dock was certainly interesting! But we made it there without a problem. :) Our driver was wonderful. We had to wait a bit for the ferry. By now it was after 9pm, and our day had started at 8am! We had eaten a quick meal prior to our 1pm flight and were starving. We got onto the ferry and were off! I could already feel the peaceful vibe of Isla taking over.

We arrived on the island and 3 of our friends who had arrived earlier in the day, plus the one who arrived the previous Sunday were at the dock waiting for us! They were all waving and yelling at the 4 of us getting off the ferry. What a wonderful site! The locals riding the ferry home appeared to get a kick out of us. :)

We walked the few blocks to our apartments. They were absolutely WONDERFUL!!! The two of us were on the ground floor and had the only room with air-conditioning!!! LOL We got things into the rooms, changed into shorts and headed out to find FOOD! By now it was coming up on 11pm and many eating places were closing. We ate at Angelos, and the food was incredible. We got a whole grilled fish and there was enough to share with everyone. We walked around just a bit, but at midnight, bed was calling. After such a long day we needed sleep, so we headed back to the apartments and called it a night.

I'll continue on as soon as I get a chance...for those who are still reading this book! LOL

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