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Isla Mujeres 2010~~Day 1-2

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 6/19/2010

Isla Mujeres 2010

February 12-13

Days 1-2

Well, it’s taken me a while to get going on our annual trip reports….sorry for the delay! I’ve been having a few health issues and I’ve also struggled with the idea of doing another trip report, for numerous reasons. So many of you have offered such supportive, kind comments over the years, which I truly appreciate, but I don’t want to be a ‘trip report hog’. The other thing that held me back was that I started doing these reports many years ago as a joint project with my dear friend Sandi. With her loss, I just didn’t have the same desire or motivation to continue the tradition. So, it’s taken me a while to get out of my funk and make the decision to give it a try. I think it’s something that Sandi would want me to do.

Friday, February 12~~Day 1

Our journey began very early with a 4am drive to the airport. Luckily the roads were clear and we arrived in time for our 6am departure to Seattle via Horizon Air…gotta love those prop planes for a bumpy ride! A quick routine through Immigration and then we pick up our luggage, drop off our card at Customs and then drop our luggage off on a connecting belt. After a few trains to the terminal we board Alaska Airlines at 9am. Plug into our iPods and try to snooze until we land at 5pm.

We are through Immigration quickly, get the green light and dash outside to find AGI Tours waiting for us. Marco fetches the van and off we go, speeding away just in time to catch the 6:30pm ferry. The new ferries are nice! The price is up from last year though…$70MXP/person/1 way. The air is quite cool and windy so we sit inside instead of our usual spot on the open upper deck. As soon as we dock a maletero (bicycle cart taxi) helps us with our luggage and off we go to our home for the next month, Villa Makax Townhomes.

This little kitty greeted us…/

He was the twin of one of our cats at home. He was just meowing like crazy but I didn’t have anything to give him. We picked up some cat food the next day, but we never saw him again! I guess he was just there to welcome us home!

We quickly unpack and then make the short trek to centro. We decide to make a quick stop at La Luna as they will be showing the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. La Luna is the new La Pena, and what a beautiful job they have done with the renovations. We enjoyed watching the ceremonies and felt very proud to be a Canuck. We would spend lots of time at La Luna over the next few weeks.

Here I am enjoying the large screen tvs….

Suddenly it is 11pm and we haven’t had anything to eat. It’s still breezy and cool out, but we still pick a table on the street at Rolandi’s, our traditional spot for our 1st dinner. They are about to close, but we manage to get a Hawaiian pizza, water and beer for $155MXP. We gobble up as quickly as possible and on our way home we stop to watch some dancers in the square. Carnival is in full swing…

We are exhausted by the time we take the short walk back hom…’s only 22C….cooler than usual, so we have to snuggle under the light covers to keep warm!

Saturday, February 13~~Day 2

Even though I haven’t had much sleep for the past few days, I am up like usual at 6:15am to enjoy my first sunrise. It’s 25C, but still windy.

My eyelids are not quite ready to stay up, so it’s back to bed for a little more snooze time. By 9:30 we are up and getting our little home organized. Time for the beach! On our way along Juarez, we come across some fun Carnival dancers….they were very good!

We make our way to Playa Norte near Buho’s. I’m ready to plant my toes and butt in the sand, but it is just too darn windy. Turning around we walk over to the beach across from the new and improved Posada. It was a great spot as there was no wind here.

There was a DJ booth set up along Rueda Medina and they played music for most of the day, but it was actually kind of fun and we could see the dancers that performed once in a while. The costumes were very fancy…

Don’t you think she’s asking, “Mama, when can I get a costume like that?” ☺

After a great day at the beach, we make our way home again. Only on Isla can you walk a few steps from the beach and bump into……roosters!!! Isn’t he a fine specimen!

We stop in at the little shop where we bought our cell phone last year. It was simple to ‘renew’ it….just needed a new chip with a new cell number for $150MXP. We also purchased a phone card for $200MXP. When you are here for a long time and need to stay in contact with family, this is a great way to do it. I can send and receive texts for free, and also receive calls for free. Local calls are cheap, but it’s expensive to call home to Canada.

Dinner tonight was at Cocina Corilla, the Cuban restaurant across from Angelo’s. Vince had his favourite, grouper chunks with rice and beans and yucca. He wasn’t too fond on the yucca….liked the fried banana or plantains better. I had a half Cuban sandwich with pulled beef, ham and cheese. It came with sweet potato chips and rice. Along with a Bohemia and water, the bills was $200MXP plus tip. A great deal!

For all you Havana Club lovers… can drool over this….

We ate at this restaurant quite a few times, but had a very strange service issue one night….as in, we sat down at a table and were completely ignored for about 20 minutes, even though we politely tried to get the waiter’s attention. We finally got up and left. Very strange. Luckily you can order from this restaurant’s menu when you dine at Angelo’s as they are owned by the same person.

A stop at La Luna to get Olympic updates…..Negra Modelo and a water…$45MXP. We were starting to shiver, so what better way to warm up than to Salsa! An amazing fun salsa band performed every Saturday night in the open air courtyard. We joined the many others on the dance floor and faked our way through the salsa moves. It was fun though! La Luna now offers salsa lessons so we’ll definitely take advantage of that next year.

We walk briskly home around midnight….a very cool wind blowing. It’s only 20C…..I slept with socks on! Can someone turn off the wind machine please!!!

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