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Part 2 to our annual Christmas/New Years trip in Paradise

By: Buns (View Profile)
Date: 3/4/2008 is now New Years Eve...our friends are gone home and now Paul and I plan a romantic night to celebrate..our friends bought us massages for two at the Avalon where we were staying...(my husband hates the idea..he doesn't like anyone touching him(well execept for me..LOL!)This is his first massage..we are side by side outside under the palapa..we are waiting there...he is reading his book and says to me..If I don't like it can I go...I said sure...but you will love it I say...but the massage girls are late...he is getting impatient and there are dark clouds a rollin in...finally they arrive...we each are on our tables ready to relax(at least for me)..then the massages start...and so does the wind..and a bit of rain...I can hear my Husband saying..ouch..ouch..too hard..and I am trying not to laugh...and then the rain a pours...the massage therapists are saying everything ok..I say yes, problemo..I look over at my Husband and he has this terrible look of agony on his face..I then bury my face and laughed again quietly of course..then it's over..we are both soaked from the rain..and I've never seen my husband move so fast off of the massage table..he left almost running back to the room...I tipped the ladies nicely..I thought it was great!!LOL! OK finally we are back at our studio at getting ready for a romatic evening...I purchased a bottle of champagne from the I thought so...we got ready and took 2 glasses and the bottle and now the sun was we sat on the balcony of the restaurant of Avalon to watch the sun set...we open the bottle of "champagne"...oh YUCK! It was sweet, sweet, yuckky flavour...we both took a sip and looked at eachother and spit it out over the balcony at the same time..LOL! LOL! We also planned to dance(waltz) as the sun set...we both said let's get the hell otta here and go to Jax!!! So we bolted outta there and I carried my shoes and walked bare foot to Jax...we sat down on our chairs we always sit in and ordered my white wine(awesome)...Henry was there again(waiter) and poure me a glass before I sat down...awe...finally...and my hubby had his usual a bucket of ice cold we could finally have a proper toast with our fav beverages..then a couple walked in...and sat beside us..we immediately started talking and laughing and more drinks aflowing..they just arrived from New Hampshire and it was their first time on they had so many questions....and we were happy to help them...ultimately, we went out to dinner together to celebrate the New Year...we went to the restaurant L'Argentine...excellent...they give you such a nice selection of meat...and the service was great as usual! We enjoyed each other's company so much that we made plans for the next day..we would rent the golf cart and pick them up in the morning for a tour of the island...they were staying at Villa Vera(they had timeshare that they exchanged)We waited for 1/2 hr...Paul was saying..they forgot about us..I's just wait...and then they showed up...took them around the island and had lunch at Playa rocked as was wonderful..then they insisted that they take us out for Casa Rolandi's...we had taken them there earlier for a tour and they saw the menu...and insisted we go...I said under one condition...we split the bill...they said fine...needless to say...they never let us split the bill...they didn't even let us pay for a tip...they were too generous!! Can you beleive I didn't even have a chance or remember to take any pictures of us together..big mistake...however, we have been e-mailing eachother and they do promise to visit us at our place on lake Erie for some boating and good times this eventually I will have pictures of us together! What an amazing couple(newley engaged by the way)...they were only around for 3 days...but it was fabulous! The next day...Paul and I just relaxed...did our morning power walk(but I stopped to take a few more pics of the island) and enjoyed the for part 3..there is so much more good juice and pics to come!

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