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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 14

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 7/31/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 14

Monday March 5

“Some Sunshine, Some Clouds, Lots of Fun!”

Up for the sunrise, but it’s disappointing…..hmmmm…who ordered the clouds?

Back to bed for a few more zzzz’s and when I get up again at 7:45, there’s a little more sunshine…whew!

We need a few groceries so Vince goes to the Supermarket to get some croissants and I go to the bank for more pesos. I was a little early and the outside teller wasn’t open yet, but there was already a line-up. It’s a fun place to stand and watch the early morning arrivals from the ferry.

Money in hand it’s off to check the emails before hitting the sand….a note from Jordan, our oldest son. When it starts with ‘Dear Mom and Dad’, you know you’re in for some news of some kind…..”everything’s good here….working hard…wasn’t going to tell you until you got home….moved in with my girlfriend…it’s a really cute place…” What!!! Well, we’re too far from home to do much about it and hey, he’s 20 years old. She’s a very nice girl and they are still doing great together…just got a new little kitty today called Chico.

OK, pushing that out of our minds for a while, we grab the bag and hop on the moped to Sergio’s. It’s way too windy there though, so we go a little further south to where Roger and Juan are working at the beach bar right across from the Posada. The water is nice and calm here. We get an umbrella for $50MXP and just lay on our pareos. 2 chairs were $100MXP. Cervezas are 2 for 1 for $35MXP and cokes are $20MXP. We get comfy and spend the next little while just reading and relaxing.

The sun comes in and out between the clouds once in a while. Vince takes in the scenery….

…while I go for a walk up to Sergio’s in search of amigos. Sure enough, I find Jean, Rich and Jan and stop to chat for a while. They come down the beach to join me in some fun…our annual beach back pic is turning into a weekly beach back pic!

We head out in the water to cool off as the sun is sizzlin’ when it does come out! Must be the weather making us chicas goofy!

Tummies are growling after all that work, so we gather up our things and go to Sergio’s for some late lunch. Vince can just taste that parmesan grilled fish fillet. We sit in under the palapa because the wind is just whipping and it almost feels cold out! After lunch we lay in some loungers and cover ourselves with our pareos to keep warm while reading. Then it’s time for our daily moped ride. Down the east side we go and then back up the west side, just in time to catch a few rays of the sun as it disappears for the day…

Back to Roca Mar to shower and change and then we meet the gang at Rolandi’s for dinner. It’s not my favourite restaurant, but tonight it was good.

Jean and Rich

Vince had a salad and fettuccine, which looked delicious and rich, while I had a Hawaiian pizza and a strawberry margarita…total of $306MXP plus tip.

Jean has been raving about the crepe place just past Bamboo’s so we all wander that way and order several different flavours to share…banana nutella, apple cinnamon and peach. Each one came on a plate with a small scoop of ice cream…$40MXP each. The banana nutella is definitely my favourite!...

To burn off a few calories, and to keep warm…we walk to the end of Hidalgo, over to Guerrero, checking out a new apartment building under construction. Goodnight to Jan, Jean and Rich, and then Ingrid, Rick, Vince and I walk over to Faynes to listen to Projecto Indico for a while…excellent music.

We snuggle under the covers tonight as it’s only 24C….I’m cozy in my princess bed once again. Sweet dreams!

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