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Ann and Sue's Isla adventure 2008 - Part 5

By: MNAnn (View Profile)
Date: 3/28/2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

As usual, I was up early. I’m used to getting up at 5 am, so even on vacation it’s really hard for me to ‘sleep in’ much past 7! It was another beautiful morning, so I just went out on the patio and read for a while until Sue got up.

Since Zama’s beach club was closed for renovations, Villa Vera was offering free admission to the dolphinarium. I’m not a fan of captive dolphin swims; but Sue has a fascination with dolphins and had never seen the creatures up close, and since the admission was ‘free’ we thought it might be fun to check it out. As Villa Vera was offering it as a substitute for Zama’s, we thought it might be more like a beach club where we could relax in loungers for a few hours, etc.

About 10 am, we walked out to the street and caught a cab. When we arrived at the dolphinarium, there were already a number of people receiving their ‘briefing’ for their various encounters. Of course, they tried to sell us on the various packages, but we just said No Thanks. There are walkways around the enclosure that are open to the public and several of the dolphins came quite close by, so we could get a good look at them and snap a few photos. There was also a Shark tank, and an enclosure where there were a number of stingrays. They have an aviary with several beautiful macaws, and some parrots and toucans.

We went to see about getting some food and beverages, but were told that the buffet wouldn’t be open for over an hour and that you have to buy an all-inclusive package for $25 per person for the food and drinks. Again, No Thanks!! We had brought along some bottle water, so we found a palapa table and sat down to read and people watch a bit. But then we noticed the bees that were buzzing around the area and promptly moved. Sue is allergic to bee stings, and I’ve never used an Epi-Pen before!!! I didn’t think I wanted to learn that day!

When the groups started heading out for their swim with dolphins experience, we went out on the boardwalk and found a place to sit where we were out of the way, but had a good view of the goings-on. It was interesting to watch and I do have to give credit to the staff that assisted a woman who was in a wheelchair. They helped her into the water (with a lifevest on) and at least one staffer stayed right at her side the entire time so that she could participate. The smile on her face was priceless!!

After the groups were done with their ‘encounters,’ we decided that there really wasn’t much else that we were interested in there and took a cab back to Centro. We had a nice light lunch at Alexi and Giovanis, and then made a stop at the Super Express to get some fruit and bakery items to take back to the hotel. Sue had finished the book she had brought and needed a replacement. A couple days earlier, we had passed by Manana and noticed that they sold used books. It was about 3 pm when we found Manana and when we walked in, were greeted by a very crabby man who basically told us to leave! He told us they were closed, and when I asked if my friend could just quickly grab a book, he very rudely said “Manana, 7:30 am!” and slammed the gate down behind us!! Hmm....not sure what was up with that. I am happy to say that that was the only truly rude person we encountered during the week.

Back at the hotel, we visited with Newt and Carna by the pool for a while and then went to our room to rest for a bit before our evening out. I called Coral Divers to arrange my dive for the next day and was disappointed when I was told that they didn’t have any deep dives available, only shallow reef dives. Bummer! I had really been looking forward to trying one of the wreck dives. And I didn’t want to dive on Friday, since we were flying home on Saturday…sigh.

We all dressed up a little for our special dinner, and Newt seemed pretty pleased to be escorting the three of us ladies! Our table was waiting for us at Miguels and we enjoyed a nice dinner and a few cocktails there. While we were waiting for our dinners, Sue went across the street and found a beautiful necklace and earrings in silver and fire opal. She had been looking for ‘the one’ and was very happy to have found just the right thing!

The hospitality at Miguel’s was great as always, and all of us thought that the food was quite good, but Carna and I wished ours had been hotter. And unfortunately, they didn’t have a microwave to warm it any. After dinner, we decided to walk a bit down Hidalgo and ended up at a place just a few doors from Medina tacos. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the establishment, but the 2 x 1 cocktails were very good and Adrian, the waiter was great!

Aqua Adventures was still open, so I stopped in and was happy to be able to book tomorrow’s diving with them! They had room for me on the C58 dive AND they would pick me up at Villa Vera’s dock – Bonus!! We decided to not make it a real late night, especially since I’ll be diving in the morning after all. Carna had developed a bit of a headache, so they headed back to the hotel. After a quick stop at an internet cafe to call home, Sue and I followed suit. In the cab, I realize that we only have two days left here…where has the time gone?

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