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Day Seven of Catz Trippin Again 2005

By: catz (View Profile)
Date: 6/16/2005

Day Seven of Catz Trippin’ Again 2005

I Second that EMOTION…

Thursday June 16

Slept like a pig in a newly dug mud pit – happy to wallow in my twisted sheets.
I must have been swimming in my sleep. My dreams of tortilla boats and the sea of strawberry ice cream (don’t remember much else) made the night pass quickly. Only one more sleep in this bed of steel here at Posada. Can’t wait to leave it. We venture forth to Casa Virginia tomorrow – no telling what the bed will be like there. I only pray that it is soft and devoid of a noisy AC unit.

Rising with the sun, we find our boys knocking on our door, ready for the pool. Guess they want to acquire as much pool time as possible this morning – there’s no pool at Casa Virginia. “Fine by me – become a prune and eat a decent breakfast!! Oh yeah, you both are teaching at La Gloria English School today!” Demanding day for Aelias and Mason, huh! They seem to like being without guardians this vacation. We feel safe here on Isla. The boys know their way around and I have “spies” keeping a safe watch over them. Mainly Ken and Kandy when Bob and I are gone. {I love you both and thank you “muchly” for watching your vacation grandsons.}

The day holds plenty of treasures for me today. Teaching again at La Gloria (I hope my four year old Hector is there again), a social gathering at Barb’s later today. That should be a blast. She’s invited her dive master and a few others for an “evening of drinks and debauchery”. Peaked your interest there didn’t I? Gotta pick up my custom jewelry from the Bead Ladies and it is Squid Day…meaning we’re dining at La Lomita for lunch. I can hardly wait. Give me a second to wipe the drool from my lips…………it’s just that good. Their Lime Battered Squid was the best meal I had on the island last year. I know it will be just as tasty as my tastebuds remember.

But first, I gotta get a move on. Must say my good-byes to Lisa and Chris, they are catching the 9AM ferry back to the states. Camera in hand I begin taking photos of Posada. Click, click, click. It really is a lovely place, just not my cup of tea. Here’s our habitat for a few more hours. The lower and upper rooms. Don’t ask me who’s white cooler that is parked next to our green chairs. Let’s just say that every time it was parked there, I helped myself to the beers and the sodas.



[img][/img] Ken and Kandy are in this building somewhere.

No wait, there they are –
[img][/img]I needed to make sure Ken would still be able to take us to our new place tomorrow. Cheaper than a taxi and he offered to take us there when Kandy and I went shopping at Hortencia’s yesterday. Love ya Ken! You too Kandy. They were off for a late breakfast so we set a time around 10:30 to depart this adventurous haven.

This is Posada’s bar area – a bit quiet at the moment. It is 8AM. The crowd doesn’t descend on the pool area until 10 or so.

The Swing Bar and that infernal jukebox!

The area that we had hoped to have as our oasis – not to be.

Here’s that jukebox, coming to taunt me like a creature from the Twilight Zone. Zoom in and see if you recognize anyone in this great wall of photos. Probably can’t, I have a picture of these pictures somewhere in cyberspace. I’ll share it when I locate it.

I run into Lisa’s Mom who tells me that last night was bittersweet for Lisa. She lost her husband a few months back to cancer. She returned to Isla to cast his ashes upon the waters of his beloved island. Tears escaped me, Lisa’s mom and I were hugging before we knew it. If I had only known. It wasn’t for me to know. If I had, would I have treated Lisa any differently? Lisa was all smiles, bubbly and definitely worth knowing. I just wish I could have spent more time with her just one Islaholic to another. The next trip I shall.

Caught Lisa just getting out of the shower. Their room was what I thought ours was going to be – roomy, flowers on the dresser and no noisy AC!

Lisa’s best friend since “forever” Chris.

Don’t ask me what Chris did to her toe!!

Time to kiss the boys, give instructions for them to be out of the water by Noon and we’re off.

Coffee from The Coffee Shop to get the innards percolating. Hmmmm, new girl working the counter today. She took her sweet time making our American Coffee. Seems she had to figure out how to use the coffee machine. I signed my name “Catz” to their guest board that’s located to the left of the pastry counter. The last entry was Jules and Amanda dated June 12th.

Not quite ready to download photos yet so Bob and I go wandering around town. I need to purchase some candy for the kids at La Gloria. So many Mini Supers to choose from and the main market doesn’t have what I am looking for. We try Mirtita’s down the side street from Gomar’s and I’m in luck. Next to the water cooler, there’s one cabinet with four shelves. Let the hunt begin. First to catch my eye - toys in a bag – whistles, plastic rings, balloons, etc. Grab a bag. Then there’s the Yucatan version of Ring Pops. Fruit flavored and brightly colored. Grabbed a bag of that. Hey, here’s Watermelon Candy…with pepper. Curiosity made be grab two bags of those – one to take home, the other to share with the class. (Side note – the Watermelon candy was interesting –sweet at first, then a powerful gritty kick… giving those out to kids this Halloween…diabolical laughter!) Something with chocolate that I wouldn’t eat - let alone recognize - so I pass that up. Tiny Life Saver looking something’s – choking hazards, no can do. Checked out a few more bags of candies, marshmallow icky things – had ants in them, “halerpeeno” candy (as we say it down here) – no thanks. Spotted some funny looking gummy bears… EEWWW – looks like they’ve been on the shelf for ages. The pickin’s were slim so I opt to buy MORE RING POPS!! $10.40 later we exit, two bags of goodies in tow. The kids will be happy to see me, or at least the candy bags.

Have we really been gone for a few hours? Where was the morning rushing off to? Oh well, La Lomita here we come! Two blocks from Mirtita’s. There it is with new blue Pepsi umbrellas on the front landing. They weren’t there last year. But this guy was! It’s the Sumo Waiter only his hair is in a loose ponytail under a white cap instead of his hairdo of a Polynesian Knot. He is once again infatuated by the Soap Operas. Hands gathered loosely on his Mickey Mouse T-shirt covered belly, he is shaking his head in disgust at the lady on the tube – and hollers a comment to the cooks in the kitchen. All this within the sixty seconds of entering the place. I notice that there are two chairs stacked together at all the dining tables. Are the plastic chairs suffering from overweight tourists, too much wear and tear or from a buildup of salty air? The interior is still painted in vivid shades of blue. Red and white chairs among the tablecloths of blue and yellow. Same icebox, same soda keeper, same TV, same cooks and what would the place be without the same waiter? We sit near the entrance to catch what breeze there is and people watch. Hey, it’s the same spot where we met the Toby Keith look alike and his wife Nickie. The waiter comes over to us and gives a slight turn of his head as if thinking. I ask Bob to translate this for me: “Hola, I’m Catz, we were here last year and I remember you quite well.” Bob did so and our waiter said his name was Beto and he remembered us too. He asked where were our Miho’s (boys)? He did remember us. He even told me what I ordered. The Lime Squid. Not many people order it but those who do always come back for it. OF course that’s what I came back for. Bob for the Chicken and Lime Soup. And it’s a given that I take a photo.
[img][/img] One of these days, I’m going to get in a photo!!

As our meal is being prepared, Beto is again engrossed in the soap opera making more taunting remarks to the screen. Cracks me up. But wait, it gets better. A game show comes on and Beto is actually getting mad at the contestants for not knowing the correct answers. He rolls his eyes, shimmies his way to the kitchen to tell the cooks the correct answers to the questions and checks on us on his way back to his TV chair which by the way is three plastic chairs! I can hear the squid sizzling in the frying pan, only moments away from my waiting palate. Ahhhhh – here we go.

Bob’s Chicken and Lime Soup


My Lime Battered Squid.

Can you say HEAVEN ON A PLATTER? Well, this is it for me. My eyes roll to the back of my head with the first bite. I must have looked like a shark on the attack. Ecstasy. Pure and simple. My tastebuds want to applaud but don’t want to waste time with such foolishness. I am blissful in my dining. My tastebuds rebel at the thought of swigging a Pepsi so I ask for water to refresh the palate with every other bite. Bob is knocking out his Chicken & Lime Soup - he shares one bite with me – can’t blame him, it was pretty darn tasty. Through this entertaining dining experience that I have been looking forward to for twelve months, I know that we listened to Beto’s commentary through half a soap opera and two game shows. So, doing the math, we spend an hour and a half at La Lomita. Worth every second and every penny - $11.00 plus $3.00 tip. And a giant hug from Beto
and another photo of the owner Ophelia.

I do hate to leave. I shall always return to this place in my visits to Isla. This is the beginning of a new tradition for me like some Islaholics visit Sergios or Ball Park Tacos or the same hotel. Until we meet again….

Time is just zipping by today. May not have enough time to get my jewelry from the bead ladies today. Slow your roll, Isla – slow your roll. Speaking of roll, I starting taking shots of whatever caught my camera’s eye…

[img][/img] a parting shot of La Lomita shimmering in the midday sun

[img][/img] hey, I can see Gomar’s from here – it’s got the white border with sea green paint. Never noticed the haphazard array of wires above our heads until I printed the shot.

[img][/img] the sign pointing to the right on a wall a block from La Lomita,

[img][/img] the weird looking telephone cemented to the wall of a nearby wall.

It’s waaaay past one PM, the boys are probably wondering where we are. As if. Bob and I decide that I will get a head start to the school since I want to teach two classes and he will come with the boys in an hour for the teenage class. We head to the bus stop where the bus we had taken on Tuesday (so we thought) would drop me off in front of La Gloria. Bob takes a photo of me on the bus. YOU GO BOB!! Unfortunately it’s on his camera, which he hasn’t attempted to download yet.

I head off to school with a full tummy, a mind of memories and two bags of candy. Seated behind the bus driver this trip was a young man of twenty-something who was (mildly) mentally challenged. He was writing in a book for a few minutes, then pulled out another one with drawings in it. He seemed to be following a hand made map of the bus route so he would know when to exit. Smart idea. Seems the people getting on the bus knew this man the way they greeted him. We made eye contact, his longer than mine, had me blushing for a moment. He would look at me every now and then. I wonder what he was thinking about me. Was I that interesting to look at, in all my suntanned glory? Was it because I would smile back to him? I should have him sign my hat – since he kept looking at my head, cocking his head this way and that as if trying to read the print. Oh well. All was going well until the bus turned left up the coast road. Hmmm, guess this is Route Two instead of Route One. No matter, I know this island and I’ll know when to get off. How can you get lost on a five-mile island unless you’re a Newbie? The breeze was fantastic coming through the bus windows. Seeing the coast for me is a treat. I’m always either driving the golf cart or too engrossed in conversation with cabbies to really see the view. Isla is dynamic from the bus. Who knew that being a few feet higher on the bus would make a difference in the scenery? Is the water really that blue? Was that a Pelican-o swooping for dinner? Was that Big Jim who just went past? I’m listening to the locals in conversation, watching the children pick where to sit, smiling to women with groceries from the main market and nodding to the men with brown paper bags. What’s in those bags? They probably were wondering what was in my bags too!

That wonderful, wonderful view. Do we have to turn right at the next corner? I want more ocean view-age!! Through the colonia’s – hey, I’ve eaten there…I’ve walked through here…I bought a Coke in there…. there’s the Bead Ladies – see you a bit later ladies. Bus driver is dodging dogs sleeping in the street. Children wave to the bus as it passes. One block from my destination, here I go with my tipsy walk to the front of the moving bus. I make my way off the bus (after giving the friendly bus driver a dollar tip)into the stifling heat. Cross the street and I enter La Gloria English School. They normally run the AC for an hour a day but today, the jungle heat requires all day cooling! The blinds are drawn, the front door remains closed and the dark, coolness is very, very refreshing. Even the painted walls breathe a sigh of relief. Two days ago, the gummy stuff (tacky tape) used to hold the foam letters to the wall would come undone, not today. You’d have to pry the sticky stuff off the wall and it would be fighting you all the way. Who knew AC was so precious?

Linda was there, along with two other teachers. They were conversing in Espanol about daily events. It’s their way of keeping their second language up to speed. I could pick up a word or two. Not that I was eavesdropping, just trying to learn a thing or two. Linda nodded my way as I made my self at home, after a tall drink of Cristal water. I set up the tables for the Kindergarten class that was to arrive in 20 minutes, ripped up paper for their pasting lesson then browsed through the lessons for the Teen class and stashed the goodies I had brought out of sight. The kids would lose their focus if they spotted candy before lessons.

After the ladies broke up from their chit-chat, I showed Linda the goodies – she was delighted and requested that I give the candy out personally after lessons. JOY!! I only wish I could have found more goodies to hand out. Sooner than I could blink an eye, the little ones began to arrive. They knew the drill, work on puzzles or get a book to read. I’m not going to brag and say that the kids recognized me. Yes I am. They all recognized me. I even got a few hugs and loads of smiles. Hector pointed at me, grinned and melted my heart again. He motioned for me to sit by him and work on a puzzle. That got the group all wanted to sit by me. Seems I was playing musical chairs trying to sit next to them in turn. I managed it but boy were my knees creaking from the up and down motion of removing these grande hips from chairs located two inches from the floor!

Class started with the familiar tunes: “Hello” and “How Are You” – then swiftly moved to the Puppet Game of Colors and Animals. The ritual Trip to the Bano was next. It still amazes me that people in this day and age still do not have indoor toilets. Then it came time to paste the ripped pieces of paper on their copies of a sheep. The girls of course were meticulous, the boys pasted wherever there was a hole. My boyfriend Hector didn’t need much help but beckoned me to join him. How could I refuse those brown eyes? As we were all busy pasting paper more to the table than to the sheep, here comes my crew. Bob leading the way, Aelias raises his eyebrows on the way in. Mason was looking anxious to speak Spanish, having taken a year at school. They all had that relieved look on their faces when the AC hit their sweaty skin.

I am about to cry. Class is just about over and the thought that I may not see these children for another year breaks me. Brian, the Biter, sees me in a bit of distress and comes over to hug my neck. That gets them all in line for hugs. I don’t turn a single one of them away. But before they leave I motion for them to sit and wait for something I wanted to give them. I found a plate and emptied one bag of Ring Pops onto it. I returned to the class and heard “CANDY” as plain as day in English. I allowed the girls to go first, surveying the plate for their favorite color or flavor. The boys just grabbed what was nearest to them. I had them all say, “Please” when they were getting a piece of candy and “Thank You” before they ripped the paper off. Manners taught without them knowing they were learning. What the heck, I opened the second bag - sugar rush eminate in ten minutes! Aelias and Mason were just checking out the place, oblivious to what was happening a few feet from them. All too soon, the little ones that I shared a few hours with were gone…out of my field of vision but planted within my spirit. I am hoping to see at least one of them while we are still on Isla.

Aelias grabs a green Ring Pop while Mason grabs an orange one. Head nods of approval from them both as they discovered the flavors actually tasted like real fruit – Green Apple and Mango. I tried a yellow one, Pineapple….squirble..bleep..zork……dead air……………………………..


We return you to the continuing saga of Catz Trippin (and missing some parts) Report 2005……kroz…peelb…elbriuqs

Oh my gawd – where did that come from? My mind drew a blank and it hurt! Memories locked and loaded, plus I had to relocate the photos on the computer to refresh my memory.

Where was I….oh yes….just so you know
– Aelias is the one with the black hat. Mason has on the orange one.

All the teachers and volunteer helpers were in place, ready for a fun hour of learning. One of the older students, Jonathan, enters the building, eyes adjusting to the dark classroom and thankful for the cool A/C blowing his sweat into a memory. Right behind him comes the brother and sister with identical smiles (pondered the thought that they might be twins). The beauty of the class comes in last wearing a white shirt and a tiny smile. She gave Aelias a shy smile but her eyes lit up when she saw Mason. She and Mason exchanged pleasantries in Spanish much to her delight. Mason saw her excitement and sat next to her. [img][/img]
I thought I’d have to pull out the smelling salts for her – a teenage Gringo that spoke her language! I did notice that she pointed to Mason’s teeth, the braces where something of a novelty to her. She wanted to know if the metal hurt. That’s about all I could understand from their conversation – again, just listening…yeah, right! One by one the remaining students arrived. We all recognized each other, had a round of handshakes and the class began with reciting the ABC - - but not in order. Tricky Linda started with A, B, C’s, then used her pointer (big stick) jumping to letters T, M, L, X, D and so on. Her way of making sure yet again that they didn’t just memorize the ABC Song. Same with counting to 100 by tens, then twenties. Their precious folders containing their homework assignments were looked over, corrected, and prizes of stickers were added to their folder fronts. All of them had a myriad of stickers ranging from Sponge Bob Square Pants to sparkle stars.

B-I-N-G-O! Applause, applause and giant smiles. This is a very popular game with this age group. Why? There are prizes involved. Bracelets and trinkets, bells and whistles, little yo-yos and puzzles.
[img][/img] The brother and sister that I think are twins but never got around to asking if they were.

This is how they re-enforced their teachings of the week – certain colors and math skills had been introduced. These kids were sponges when it came to learning English. It showed by how many trinkets they ended up with. Bob made the mistake of letting a few of the girls choose from the goody bag what they wanted – after looking over what seemed every item in the bag, decisions were made. To show Bob how it worked without embarrassment, Linda just pulled something from the bag and tossed it to the winners. Bob got the hint and did an excellent job of tossing treats. Even Aelias and Mason won some treats, but they had to speak in Spanish.

Again, time snuck up on us and class was coming to an end. We state-siders hated to end the lessons and I promised to come teach tomorrow. Aelias and Mason truly wanted to return. Sadly, there wasn’t a class tomorrow, Friday. Made our parting bittersweet. But I had another bag of candy up my sleeve, which made for a happier departure. The Watermelon Candy with Pepper was a hit with the kids – not a flavor I would call a favorite. Mason’s new girlfriend stole a quick hug from him while Aelias and Jonathan huddled in a corner talking teen talk. I said goodbye to my friend with the giant smile, hugged her deeply,
[img][/img] kissed her on top of her head. “Goodbye, Miss Teacher,” is what she said to me as she left for the day. Tears again – I feel like a weeping willow. Once all the kids were gone, the young adult students were coming in, and I seriously considered staying for this class. But I had a prearranged date in thirty minutes that I couldn’t break. Hugs to Linda and we left with a sense of accomplishment. We all learned something today – language has no barriers.

Bob and I took a cab towards the coast road and Casa Luna Turquesa where my evening would continue, Mason and Aelias opted for the bus, mainly to escape “the old folks”. An adventure awaited us all. The boys to the North, myself to the east and Bob, oh well, he headed back to Posada.

Barafish (Barbara) and her fellow travelers were having a house party at their house at 5. I told them I would come early to chat a while before their other guests arrived. As the cab stopped in front of their house, Louisiana Pat was already upstairs on the balcony overlooking the street , already having an early cocktail. Bob was invited to come but wanted (that’s his story and he’s sticking to it!) to know if there were going to be other guys there – yes, but later that evening. He opted out saying he wanted to wait for the boys (yeah, right), then would return later. Smooches to Bob and I’m out of the cab, giving it a whack on the trunk like a cowboy sending off a horse. Pat and I headed to poolside where the shade was a welcome treat. Two minutes later the first Margarita of the day cools my palms. Barbara was in town getting party fixings, mostly tequila and would lead her guests back to the house. Pat and I return to the second floor balcony which faced the main road (airport strip road that is) to chat while hollering at passing cars, cabs, good looking dudes on motor bikes and greetings of “Hola” to tourists in golf carts. Refill please. Complied. We got the giggles for some reason – couldn’t stop laughing. Could it have been the family of six on a moped? The father was driving with a 20 inch TV propped in his lap, there were two kids straddling the father’s hips, their arms around his neck and shoulders holding on for dear life and the mom was holding toddlers in both arms. I couldn’t get my camera up quick enough. Though they were moving at a snail’s pace, I could have gotten the shot but the Tears of Hilarity were engulfing my eyes. Pleas of Insanity would have been the caption. Finally catching our breath, Pat went downstairs to finish putting her face on. I followed suit…to take photos of the place.

This is the ocean view from the roof looking South

And the same view but more towards the street below:

I have got to get this house for us the next time we come to Isla. Casa Luna Turquesa. A gem in the heart of the island. Let these few photos tell you how lovely it is.






Three floors – the main house with two bedrooms and full baths, a kitchen, dining area and seating area, with a five foot deep pool outside the back wall of sliding glass. There’s a BBQ grill and large table on the side of the house. The second floor had two studios with balconies facing the ocean, while the front faced the street (where Pat and I shared some hilarious moments) two twin beds and a kitchen. The third floor was the rooftop balcony – the owners were adding a palapa and furniture next year. I can see Punta Piedra to the left and there’s some construction going on two lots over. Casa Ixatal or something like that.

Too bad I didn’t take any photos of the home’s interior. By the time we made it inside at dark thirty, my eyes were outta focus as it was! TEQUILA!!

From the third floor balcony I was to witness the beginnings of a deep orange sunset. Let me tease you with one shot.

Okay, here’s a few more right before the sun sets:



Amazing that I have been on Isla seven days and have made it to North Beach once to view a sunset…and that was our first night in town. It too was a beautiful shade of orange.

Boats of all sizes were coming into port, the Cancun Catamaran day-trippers were heading back for what I can only assume was a drink-fest across the bay. Islanos were heading home for the day, Isla’s guests heading towards town (the one’s in golf carts had to be tourists by the looks of the shades, vibrant sarongs and shirts and the infamous tell-tale shoulder marks of too much sun).

The clouds looked heavy with rain, the air still warm with the familiar twinge of sea salt, the rumble of motor vehicles below and to the front of the house & across the street, a lively game of basketball was taking place. I aimed my camera and took a few shots (pun intended!)
They noticed me with my super zoom lens and thus began the “Peacocks of the Ball Court Strut”. The ten or so boys and teens below were trying to get my attention as they made free-throws from half court and a few three pointers were sunk. Hope the photos turn out. Wish I could get them a copy.

Here comes a golf cart - it’s Barafish Barbara, Angela and her mother, Belinda. Did they try to buy out the grocery store? Snacks for days, Tequila for a small army and all smiles. Two more guests arrive, newlyweds who were also their dive mates this week. Barbara told me that their dive instructors were coming after they got off work, Arturo (yum) and Miguel (was that his name? Started with an M anyway.) At the mention of Arturo, Angela gave a sly smile and whisked away to freshen up. Can’t wait to see this guy who makes her go all ‘googly eyed’ at the mention of HIS name.
{I took these photos the day after the party but wanted you to know who the characters are in this part of the story} [img][/img]
Barbara [img][/img]

Pat [img][/img]

Angela [img][/img]

Belinda [img][/img]

We’re all around the bar area getting acquainted when the newlywed guy, hops back to his vehicle for more liquor. Can’t remember his name for the life of me. Although I do recall he and his wife, Mrs. “I can’t remember his name for the life of me” have been married for under a year, were from Merida, were going to touch the Fertility Stone on the island, loved to snorkel and taught us how to say dirty words in Mayan and Spanish. He also taught us the correct way to make and drink Slammers. And Cosmos. And a twist on the stateside version of a Salty Dog (tequila & lime soda) which I dubbed The Salty Chihuahua (one of my favorite drinks now). Cranberry Crockers (vodka & cranberry soda) and straight tequila shots.
The newlyweds – he’s holding the camera for Pat, his wife is in the foreground smiling.
We all went outside and claimed a spot either in the pool, in hammocks, lounge chairs and my personal spot, a chair I placed in the shallow end of the pool and propped my feet on the ledge. The lies were flying, the jokes had us choking in our drinks and this guy with a dazzlin’ smile, laughing eyes and a soulful strut came through the doors. By the way Angela began to blush, while her mother rolled her eyes upon his entrance, it was Arturo. Did I say “yum” already? Handsome man of 5’6”, swimmers build and …..YUM. They don’t make ‘em like that where I swim in the kiddy pool in Texas! Intros all around. Arturo said Miguel would be taking a group on a night dive and would try to make it later tonight. Who cares about Miguel, where’s my camera? I headed upstairs for a smoke – only smoker in the place and a considerate one at that. Took my camera with me for some shots of the party going on down below. (uh-huh!)


I showed Arturo some of the shots I took and asked him to strike a casual pose for me on the rocks behind the pool. Got some great shots, this is one of my favorites:
I asked Arturo if he would be interested in doing some modeling for me tomorrow – ok kids – I do have a photo assignment due two weeks after vacation. And I am a freelance photographer. (I’ll take a free picture of Lance, anytime – joke between female classmates!) Honest! I told him to let me know before the evening was out and if he was interested, meet me back here at 5 tomorrow.

In the house to snack – outside to drink – on the roof to smoke – in the pool to cool off - having a blast! No track of time – oh jeez! SUNSET!! I head to the roof again to get a peek at the sunset. Just as I thought. Lovely. Wonder if Bob and my boys are on North Beach gazing at the same sight. Naw, maybe Bob, my bet is the boys are swimming at Posada.

And where is my Bob? Loner tonight I guess. Long sigh…..Oh well. More tequila for the rest of us. Party on Wayne….Party on Garth! Or shall I say Party on Angela, Party on Arturo!!

PIZZA MAN! Who ordered pizza? Barbara called Pizza Rock who delivered some mighty tasty slices. Ham & Pineapple, Pepperoni and a mixed meat variety. We all wanted to chip in, she wasn’t having it so we pooled our money for more liquor. Arturo went into town for tequila, (Angela, 27 by the way) wanted to go but the look her mother gave her made ME put my tail between my legs! Angela winked at him nonetheless.

Arturo must have crossed his arms and nodded his head like Barbara Eden of “I Dream of Jeanie” cuz he was back in a flash, with blue label tequila – that stuff was killer. After more drinks, which the pizza absorbed nicely, we turned on the pool lights and listened to music, told more stories and began daring each other to do slammers. I was a bit too toggle eyed to do slammers and have been “sippin” my multiple drinks since 4:30PM (no Bob to lead me home – had to keep a semblance of wits about me).
The Slammer King and Queen of this Party



Arturo had six, Angela had seven, Pat had two – Barb was chicken, Angela’s mom opted out, the Newlyweds were leaving soon, Miguel never showed up and I prefer to be behind the camera. (One of these vacations, ya’ll will see me in action!) We continued this way until 1:00AM. Or so I was told.

Arturo and Angela seemed to want some private time by the pool (did Angela turned off the pool lights – you sly fox!) so the rest of us heading inside to chat, eat, you know, the usual stuff. The stone waterfall at the end of the pool was a particular spot the lovebirds loved to haunt, if you catch my drift!
Angela’s mother was fuming! I could feel the heat coming off her body. She kept glancing towards the pool (pitch black and very, very quiet!). Within the hour she stated that if one of us didn’t go break up “whatever is going on in THAT pool with THAT man, I am!” Well go ahead sister! Is what I wanted to say, bit my lip, looked at Pat and we got the giggles again. Barb slowly turned up the pool lights and said casually, “If you guys want to come in a chat with us a while, it’s ok” – all the time trying to convey to Angela that her mom was ROYALLY pee-owed! Taking the hint, Angela and Arturo shuffled inside with guilty looks on their face. WAY TO GO KIDS! Angela’s mom gruffly said goodnight and retired to her room. Can you slam the door any harder? Yow! My, my look at the time (as I look at my arm with NO watch on it). I didn’t want to leave but thought it best for two reasons, one, a fight was brewing and I didn’t want it to kill my buzz and two, Bob was probably worried about me. Number one was my ultimate reason to end such a fantastic party. Bob was probably asleep.

I gathered my camera gear, fanny pack, shoes and memories. Arturo came up to me, kissed me on my cheek (dare I faint?), thanked me for the modeling offer and would meet me tomorrow right here. Ok – let’s really faint. I looked at Angela and told her she was more than welcome to be a part of the shoot either as a model or guard. She giggled hard and said, “I trust you”. I’m honored that you trust me. “I’m honored that you’re honored that I trust you.” We went on like that until we got tongue-tied. Arturo offered to take me back to town on his white motorcycle, I graciously declined to Angela’s delight. Now I wouldn’t have done anything to the man, mind you. (Hehehehehe)

Barb and Pat waited outside with me as I hailed a cab back to Posada. I thanked them both for the evening, hoped to see them tomorrow or the next, plopped into the cab, yelled “Asta lou way go” and grinned all the way back to the hotel, my mind racing faster than this cab was moving. Thank God my head, the cab and the world wasn’t spinning. Don’t you hate that? I asked the driver if I could roll the window down – he understood English. He asked me “Buena Fiesta? In my Texas drawl mingled with my semi saturated stupor I said, “Mucho goosto fiesta e senoritas, senoras, senors and muy tequilas! Ey-o-me-o, tomorrow I will feel – o!”. With that, the driver laughed and turned on some funky good beat, finger snapping salsa for my early morning cruise home. What a wonderful way to end the night. Good memories, not too drunk (no other way to say it), good music and excellent ocean breeze. When I finally get out of the cab, (the driver was ever so polite to open the door for me) my walk has a bit of pep in it. The driver, whom I tip grandly, said he would watch me enter the hotel grounds before he left. How nice. It was rather late and he did seem sincere. I never turned around to see if he was watching. If I had turned around I would have asked him to drive me around the coast a while. I really didn’t want this night to end. But the “travel in a foreign country syndrome”, though Isla is not foreign to me, convinced me to play it safe and walk as straight as I could to my room.

The lights were off in the boys’ room and our room. Slumber must have struck my family. I pop into our room to find Bob making me yet another log cabin. I can’t bear the thought of another night in this bed of rock. Tomorrow we move to the colonias – our new respite called Casa Virginia – not soon enough for me. I stow my camera gear. I’ll chimp pictures tomorrow. I check my appearance in the mirror – gee that moon is bright, oh, it’s the overhead light! Why is there never anyone around to take my photo when I am in my element? Guess I’m just an emotional gal, storing photos of myself in my mind. Yikes - eyes a bit bloodshot, but still looking festive. I leave my shoes in the room, grab my blue sarong, my smokes and the keys. I head to my hammock by the Posada wall, which faces the street and the ocean. Posada’s bar was being shut down by Romy. He asked if I would like a drink – oh no, I’ve made my quota for the evening. Hallelujah and amen - that blasted jukebox was mercifully turned off for the night. There was a couple lounging in the pool and the sand fleas have retired much to the delight of my ankles. Isla Mujeres has put on her nightclothes, tucked most of her inhabitants in for the night.

The ocean breeze blowing from across the street caresses my skin, making me proud I have full use of my God given senses. The stars seemed to be twinkling just for me. The palms rustle a familiar tune - I find myself swaying in the hammock, singing to myself, enjoying the moment with Lady Isla. A lonely dog howls in the distance. Four more days to go. Can it get any better than this moment? With that thought I close my eyes as I continue humming. I drift off to sleep.

Minutes, hours, I know it hasn’t been days, drops of warm rain awaken me. All I can hear are the raindrops falling on the palm leaves - the whisper of the ocean.

I am overcome with an emotion I have never felt in my spirit.

Isla has physically kissed me goodnight.

Tears well in my eyes.

I let them fall.

Safe behind the walls of Posada del Mar, my clan less than a hundred yards from me, I spend a few more hours in Isla’s embrace.

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