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Part 12 Normans Cay

By: BertaB (View Profile)
Date: 5/31/2007

After several hours cruising, we arrive at Normans Cay. We anchor out aways as we came in on low tide. We don't want to risk getting any closer to shore than we have to.

We lower the dink and head to MacDuffs for lunch/dinner. Scott drops us all off on the beach and then does his thing to secure the dink so it doesn't float away on us.

We get to MacDuffs, order up some Kaliks and all 5 of us want a cheeseburger. Oh my, when those burgers came we all drooled. They were HUGE!!! The next thing I know I feel something rubbing against my ankle.
I look down and its a chihuahua begging for scraps. I ignore it as I do not feed dogs people food, but I do give it a pat on the head. Don't feel sorry for it, there were 4 other people at our table. Frankly it wouldn't have missed my not giving it handout, it was not starving if you get my drift.

I needed to use the ladies room and was directed to one of the cottages that was vacant. Oh, and just so you know should any of you decide to take the plunge and visit some of the outer islands of the Bahama's.....the same rules apply to TP as they do on Isla Mujeres. Now back to the story.......

I snapped a few pics of interior of the cottage. Very cute place.

Opposite side of room

And the view from the room

We all decide to go for a walk after dinner and walk to the airstrip behind MacDuffs. We do have to listen for planes should they come in, but chances are slim. We get to the end of the runway and Shawn and Scott want me to get a picture of them.

We walk back to the restaurant and before we turn in, the guys offer to take my pic to prove I was really here. LOL

We take Leo and Chris back to LaChelle and we come back to the island only we head around the point near the end of the runway and come onto the other side of the island. We find a great place for bonefishing and the guys go for a stroll. I enjoyed just cooling off in the water.

Back in the dink we cruise around the bay. Shawn claims this as his own island.

We said we would be back in time for sunset and we were. No time for pictures of it, we had to hoist the dink for tomorrows cruise. I go to bed eventually and keep thinking to myself that in 6 months I will be back here with my hubby. I also think that in exactly one week, I will be walking in my front door to my house. I don't exactly want to go home just yet either.

I started bawling my eyes out. I was homesick and missed Steve and our son Joe. This was the longest Steve and I have ever been apart in 26 years. Emotions took over and I had to smack myself back to reality and get on with it. I would be home soon.

Time for sleep, tomorrow is going to be a long day.
Thursday 5/17/07

We haul anchor at 8 am and head to Nassau. After a long day of cruising we pull into Nassau harbor. We radio in for a slip at a marina and the only thing they had was a T dock. This means we would be on the end and would get the wake from every boat that went by us. Oh well, it had electricity and water.

Leo wasn't sure if he liked that idea or would find an anchorage. He decided to drive by it to check it out. At the last second he decided to take it and nobody had any dock lines out. Bad captain, bad captain. But the three of us were pretty nimble and quick and made do enough to secure us. We (meaning Leo) could fiddle with changing the lines to his liking later. We bumped and scraped, but the boat was ok, it sounded and looked worse than it really was.

Now that we are secure, I realize that for the first time in weeks, I am in civilization!!! It was a shock to see cars, neon lights and my choice of restaurants and shopping. Honestly, I didn't like it. Not one bit.

The guys got the job of washing the boat and Chris and Leo did their thing and I had the enviable job of calling home to check in and find an internet cafe and a place to have dinner at that night.

Finding the phone and called home was the easiest part. Internet, not so easy. I checked the Poopdeck Lounge and Grill at the marina, but when I saw $20 for a salad, I decided that we needed to eat somewhere less expensive.

I found a place across the street that was more reasonable and as luck would have it, happy hour started just about the time the guys would be finished washing the boat.

Dinner was great and as usual, Leo and Chris retired early. The guys and myself went back to the restaurant we had dinner at as there was a jazz band setting up at the outdoor bar. This worked for us as we didn't feel like hopping in a cab in the big city. LOL We came back to the boat about midnight.

More to come!

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