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Dale and Ang's Trip, Sept 2005, Day One

By: Angndale (View Profile)
Date: 10/3/2005

Dale and Angela’s Trip Report
Isla Mujeres September 2005

Day One, Sunday
We arrived at the Cancun Airport and flew thru customs at a record pace We were the first people out of the airport. Really caught all the salesmen and taxi drivers by surprise. We used Cancun Valet this time, and it was a nice ride in an airconditioned van. We arrived at the Ultramar Ferry dock and waited only a few minutes for the ferry to arrive, but I spent my time buying sunglasses and taking pictures. When we boarded the ferry, we sat up on the top so that we could look at the beautiful water and see our little island on the way. We barely cleared the dock when a huge rainstorm hit Everyone made a mad dash down the stairs, and since many were children, we were the last people down the steps. We were soaked
When we got down to the lower part of the ferry, it was airconditioned and they had televisions. It was really nice. Just so happened that we were sitting across the aisle from a man we had seen on the dock who could have been my best buddy Jana’s (moongrl) husband Only big difference was this guy was absolutely Gay (ok, not gay bashing here, some of my best friends are Gay and they know I love them). I decided I HAD to have a pic of this guy, so I leaned out over Dale and took the man’s picture while he was sleeping Hope it turns out.
We got to the dock in Isla Mujeres and the sun was shining bright. (Of course ). We dragged our little wet butts off the ferry and headed to the Posada Del Mar which is just down the street, so no need for a taxi.
At Posada Del Mar, we were given the penthouse Wow We’ve never had the penthouse of anything before Turns out it’s the 4th floor of a 3 story building. It’s just a little apartment up on the roof of the hotel. Lots of stairs, but with all the eating I was planning to do, I figured that was a good idea. What a great view And if all of our friends had been there, we could have had one hell of a party on the roof top Oh well. Lots of privacy for sure.
We got into dry clothes and sunscreened up, and we headed to Picus for lunch. We shared a small shrimp ceviche and it was fabulous I had 2 pina coladas too. The little local girls came around selling bracelets and I bought some to blend in with all the other tourists. (Ha ha ). We sat there and watched another storm hit Cancun.
We then headed off to Playa Sol and it started sprinkling a little so we dropped by the Sunset Grill and had some more Pina Coladas and talked to our waiter “Ray” about where the beach had gone The same time last year there was at least 50 more feet of beach out there, and now the waves were lapping at the steps of the Sunset Grill. Ray said about 6 months ago it just all started washing away.
We then grabbed our snorkeling gear and headed back to the beach for some swimming and exploring. We did this until it got too dark to see and I started worrying that a shark was going to get me or something, and we went back to our room, which we were now referring to as “the castle”.
After showers, it was off to Hidalgo for dinner at Fayne’s. There was our favorite waiter and island staple “Sergio” Ok, we knew from last year that wasn’t his real name, it’s really “Hector”, but today he was “Mike”. He’s got some identity issues for sure, but we love him He never ages a day. Looks like he’s 15 still. (He’s 22). Reminds me of Ralph Macchio who was the Karate Kid because he NEVER looks his age Anyway, we ordered the Coconut Shrimp and Mango Sauce for me, and Dale had the Pesadora Islena which is basically Tic and Xic, but it was fantastic I kept eating his food for him.
After dinner we did a little dancing on the dance floor there. We were the only ones, but we didnt care. We were having fun.
Before we headed in for the night, we went down to the hotel swimming pool at Posada. We walked by the bar and saw a trail of clothes leading to the pool. I followed them to the pool edge and said to Dale that I wondered why there were clothes there? Then I looked into the pool and saw a naked man staring up at me Wow That never happens. There was a girl in the pool too. We left them alone and went upstairs to get ready for tomorrow...
Tomorrow’s trip report tomorrow

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