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Boat trip to Toronto Ontario

By: BertaB (View Profile)
Date: 7/21/2007

Our journey has begun !

On July 14th our friends from the marina threw us a going away party/barbecue.

My hubby Steve and me.

It was a really windy day and forcasts called for rain. We lucked out and it turned out to be a nice evening except for my hair blowing in my face.

Some of our friends

They made us hamburgers and smoked ribs and other goodies were brought as well. I made them one last chocolate cake.
As gifts, they gave us a St. Christopher medal to hang on our ships bell. We also got a float bag with goodies in case of emergency.

The next morning we got ready to pull out and they all came to say goodbye and to help with throwing the lines. I gave everyone a
goodbye hug and was in tears. I said I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Soon enough we were on our way. We had calm seas, a first for
the western basin of Lake Erie. We were barely an hour out of the marina and our phone rang. It was our friends calling. I told them to
look out and they could still see us. LOL

Soon they faded out of view and we made it to Vermilion OH for our first stop. Cute little town.

This was the view from our slip in Vermilion.
Steve and I took a walk to watch the sunset while Leo took a shower and called it a night.

As you can see, the water is very calm. This is what it looked like the whole trip!

Our next stop was Geneva on the Lake OH. Nice marina at the State Park there.
We were lucky as it had started raining after we went to sleep.

This is a carving from an old tree of Neptune. It has seen better days I think. Looks like it has been vandalized. What a shame. Still I thought it was interesting. Sorry its sideways!

The next stop was Erie PA. I didn't get many pictures here. It was fairly late when we got there and I was just too tired to take many pictures. We did go into town to get something to eat, but that was about it. We ate and went to sleep early as we had another long day the next day.

The next day we were off to Port Colburn Ontario. Nice weather for the trip across Lake Erie.

We pulled into Port Colburn and had to clear customs. Luckily there was another boat that had just come in, so they didn't have to come back for us.
We got the clearance and were able to fly the Canadian Courtesy Flag.

The next day was the big day, we head into the Welland canal for the trip to Lake Ontario.
We hired a guy to help us with the ropes. Dino was a great help and at the end of the trip went with us to
our next marina for the night, which he arranged for us.

Here are a few pics of us heading into the Welland Canal, most of the good stuff is on the video camera. (yes, we will put them online eventually)

Going thru the canal was easier than I thought it would be. But we are told that it is much easier going down than locking up. Oh boy, I can hardly wait to
lock up when we get to Otswego NY. NOT!

As I said, once we got thru the canal, Dino got us reservations into Port Dalhousie for the night. Safely in our marina in Dalhousie, Dino hung around and had a few beers and also booked us a marina in Toronto. What a nice guy. But that night I also wondered if we could have been steered a bad deal.

Sunset from Port Dalhousie Ontario

We didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn for the trip to Toronto as it was only a 3 hour trip and we could see it from Port Dalhousie with our naked eyes.
The north winds did give us some 3 foot waves, but it was nothing we couldn't handle or haven't had before. We got closer to Toronto and double checked our
reservations Dino made. We pulled in and got help tying up for the night. OMG! What a great spot!!! Thanks Dino! We are literally in the middle of downtown Toronto's coastline.

No, I am not standing on the sidewalk somewhere, I took this from the top of our boat!
Here is a pic of our boat showing you a more general idea of the marina.

That first boat along the wall is ours. Cool spot eh?

Our view at night

Last night (7-20-07) Steve and I took off on our bicycles to discover the town. We stumbled onto a music festival along with rows upon rows of food vendors. Low and behold, there was a churros stand! YUM! Not quite as good as the ones on Isla, but I am a long way from there right now, I'll take what I can get!

We called it a night around 10 pm. We had a long day and it caught up with us. Tonight however is another night!

And one last shot of the view from our boat we took this morning.

More to come in the following days I am sure!

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