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MX 2005 - Isla Mujeres - Day 6

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/2/2005

Mexico 2005

March 1 Day 6

“It’s Sunny Honey, Please Don’t Cry!”

Up again early…too early in fact as the sun is not even near the horizon yet. I wait a little while and the show begins…

Not wanting to miss anything I sit and wait some more, looking forward to the display that finally comes…

With my throat feeling raspy and my sinuses hurting I go back to bed, hoping that I’ll feel better. In 10 holidays I’ve never been sick in paradise before…guess there had to be a first time!

By 9, we’re up and on our way to M & J Cazuela’s for breakfast. Pedro is running in circles as usual…don’t know how he does it all! I have toast, jam and OJ, while Vince has M & J Cazuela with ham and some mixed Chaya. I don’t know about that Chaya…looks pretty scary to me, but Vince says it will help keep me smiling! ;)

Enjoying our brekkies, we say good morning to Faith, John and their son and daughter-in-law who are visiting for a few days.

Feeling very full, we are off to the beach by 10:30. I’m hoping for some serious sun today as we really haven’t had a beach day filled with non-stop sun yet. I get comfy by my tree and enjoy the 31C weather…

The popcorn man comes around during the afternoon and we buy a couple of bags from him…$10MXP each…yummy! When the popsicle fellow comes along, we have to get a lime popsicle too. We can hardly eat it before it melts! Happily stuffed once again we can only smile at another perfect day….

As the afternoon progresses, I am engrossed in my book. My eye keeps ‘weeping’ but I just think it’s from reading in the sunshine. Having a closer look I see that my eye is completely bloodshot and the weepy stuff is not pretty…uhoh, now what have I got! I don’t have time for this! Luckily I have a stash of qtips along but my contact lenses really aren’t enjoying this.

Off to the sunset at Sergio’s where we bump into Jan and Bruce. Drinks are fetched during happy hour and we sit back to enjoy the view…

The sun doesn’t disappoint us at it leaves…sinking slowly into the sea as the boats race by…

The end to another great day…

By the time the sun has set I’m anxious to return to our room and do something with my eye…not sure what exactly, but something! We bump into Stacy and Colin on our way home. Stacy is my doctor’s receptionist and with one look at my eye, she says a visit to the Farmacia is in order. Off we go in search of drugs! I show the 'pharmacist’ my eye and he gives me some pills…probably something like Sinutab, but really pricey at $220MXP…ouch! Sure hope they work.

Back to the room where I crash on the bed with a hot compress on my eye after I take out my contacts. It looks really bad so we decide on take-out for dinner. Vince dashes off to Pizza Rolandi and brings back 2 pizzas for $160MXP. He said they were really quick getting the take out ready…he could barely finish his beer in time. He asks me how much tip he should have left. I’m not too sure what the rule is with take out so I say, maybe $10MXP? Oops, he says….”I got a little confused with the coins and I think I only left $2MXP”. Okay….now you know why I always look after the money! As I drift off to sleep I begin to wonder if we’ll be able to show our face at Rolandi’s again!….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz by 10:15………Please let my weepy eye be better tomorrow!

**Report Card
~~M & J’s—Our breakfast was $130MXP including tip—great service from Pedro as always—good food—Vince always asks for his eggs well done.
~~Popcorn man—older fellow with a limp—we had this snack almost every day and always looked forward to seeing him!
~~Popsicle man—love the lime popsicles, but please stop dinging your bell when I'm having a siesta!
~~Nut man—this fellow was new and had a fancy container, gave out samples and bags of nuts..smallest was $30MXP I think. The pistachios were impossible to open. He was fine the first few times but over the next week he became very persistent and always put his tray on my chair or towel and practically forced me to try some, even when I tried saying no gracias. We always bought nuts from Maria instead.

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