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Tom & Dianne December 2010 Part 1

By: ladydi68046 (View Profile)
Date: 1/3/2011

This is my first attempt at writing a trip report so bear with me.

Since I am a lurker at best really only posting when I’m getting close to a trip let me introduce ourselves.

My husband Tom and I met via the internet in 2002 and were married nine months later. True soul mates had been found.


I had originally first visited the island just prior to meeting him and instantly became an Islaholic. I convinced Tom to take a trip there and he instantly became an Islaholic, his very first night on the island meeting Ventura (manager of Chuuk Kay) who became a fast and dear friend of ours. Tom and I have been to La Isla 13 times in 8 years and have met truly wonderful people, tourists and locals alike. I think this is the primary reason we keep returning as it is for so many others – that and getting away from cold Nebraska winters too.


That said, we had gone in February of 2010 and had as usual a wonderful time. In June, I started saving money to buy Tom the 47” flat screen he wanted for his 50th birthday and once I started buckling down and saving, said hey, if I keep this up, we could go again in December for our anniversary. I was able to save enough for both and it helped that we had enough miles with Continental that one of us could fly for free.

We have stayed at a number of different places on the island, primarily Almendros and Los Arcos so this time we wanted a change. I contacted Kathryn of Kathryn’s Travel and she highly recommended the newer section of Posada Del Mar. We had never wanted to stay there prior for the simple reason we like having a fridge in our room for water and libations and now their newer rooms had them. We also booked our transfers through her and in doing so, got a Mapchick Map which is totally awesome. Kathryn is an awesome person to work through, very detail oriented and does absolutely everything she can to make sure you have a wonderful trip. She is very up front and gives you her honest opinion on things you have questions about.

So, flights arranged, hotel and transfers booked now the countdown begins.

Our 7 AM flight on December 5 finally arrived. I am a white knuckle flier and this time promised my husband that I would not hyperventilate nor squeeze his hand so hard. I did pretty good this time around, at least on the flight there. Our flights were smooth and on time.


There was no line in immigration, our bags arrived quickly, a stop at the Duty Free Shop for some whisky (which was cheaper there then it is here), green light at customs, transfers were there and waiting, got to the ferry dock and got right on to the waiting ferry – all in an hour. That was like a world speed record. As usual, sat up top on the ferry, it was a little breezy and chilly but you can not beat getting that first glimpse of the beautiful water and our island.

Arrived at the Posada and got checked in. The road in front of the hotel was torn up but it was just a nuisance, no biggie. We were on the third floor and had a wonderful view of the pool, Romi’s and the ocean. These newer rooms are nice though the bathrooms are kind of funky with being able to see into the shower from the room but it did not bother us. The room we were in had the most comfortable king size bed I have ever slept on in Mexico. There are shelves to lay out your clothes on and an area to hang clothes as well. The pool is nice though we never used it, this is the first time we have ever met Romi and he’s as nice as everyone says he is. There were not a lot of tourists there and that was evident by how many rooms were unoccupied and the lack of a lot of night life at Romi’s, though we had several fun nights there.


I do have to say the weather was probably the chilliest we have ever experienced on the island. I was appreciative that I had brought a jacket and pants to wear at night. We still wore shorts and tank tops during the day but the nights were quite chilly. Still, better than Nebraska.

After checking in, we walk down towards Playa Sol and were greeted by Ziggy. We asked if Rogellio was working and he was not so we decided to go downtown and have some chicken tacos at San Cochos. Lexi was working and she makes a mean margarita.

We left there and decided to hail a cab to go see Ventura at Chuuk Kay to see if that’s where we wanted to celebrate our anniversary dinner the next night. The first two cabs we stopped had never heard of it, thankfully, the third one did. When we arrived, he gave us his card so we could call him to come back out and get us and it turned out it was Plu and he was just as nice as everyone had said he was.

Javier and his band were playing, hugs to him and to Ventura. There were quite a few people out there listening to Javier. I also saw Gail from New York City and got to say hi. We studied the menu and decided we would definitely come back the next night for dinner so we arranged with Ventura to be there for dinner at 6:00 PM.



Plu took us back into town, walked down Hidalgo and ran into Little Sergio at Angelo’s so decided to have supper there. I had spaghetti with sausage which was totally awesome. Tom had ribs, he said they were okay but as usual enjoyed our time talking with Little Sergio and people watching. With the lack of sleep, we were getting tired so decided to head back to the room. I made a whiskey but only had one drink out of it before I fell asleep at 9:00 PM.

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