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Mar. 10-17...Day two

By: Char (View Profile)
Date: 3/31/2008

March 11, Tuesday

Awake at 6:30am. And coffee pot. ugh!! Can't believe I'm awake this early, and my girl is a late sleeper. Our room is about the size of a dorm room, so I move outside to the courtyard to read a bit. It is just beautiful out there.
Our apartment
I read for about an hour enjoying the little lizzards playing, then realize I must find some coffee! Headed to the little coffee shop around the corner. Took some heavy communicating to describe I didn't want foam! lol It was fun to just people-watch and enjoy the people talking. I could only catch a word or two, but it was still fun!

Walked back to the apartment as my girl was waking up. Pia arrived with the coffee pot, so I made a little more to enjoy. The courtyard at the apartments is just wonderful...beautiful and peaceful in the mornings. We headed to M&J's for breakfast. I just love their cazuelas! I got the one with mushrooms, tomatoes, ham and cheese. BJ got the same minus the ham. Their fresh juice is to die for! Nectar of the gods! lol We left there and stopped by the Super Xpress for water, juice, etc. then headed back to the apartment to change into suits and get to the beach.

We stopped by Hortensia's to get BJ a dress made. She is such a sweet woman and can make anything out of sarongs!!!
I just love her! In the photo, I'm wearing a dress she made for me on my previous visit here. We headed towards the beach. My favorite spot is in front of Buho's, but we were tentatively meeting some people in front of Sergio's, so we headed that way instead. We were hot and getting tired of walking on the beach! lol We wanted in the water! Finally ended up over near Sunset Grill. Never did make it to Sergio's! We got our chairs, then made it into the heavenly water. It felt sooo good! There's just nothing like it. Just had a lazy beach day, enjoying the sites and smells of Isla. I finally got hungry and ventured up to Sunset Grill. I think the little sleep and hot day weren't mixing well with me. I had some type of veggie sandwich. It was good, but didn't set too well with me for some reason. Was also a little pricey, I thought. Not trying to start an uproar with Sunset Grill fans tho!!! lol

We headed back to the apartments for a siesta. Guess we were both really tired because we slept from 3-8pm!!! Got up and showered, then headed out to Bally Hoo's. By the time we found it, they were closing the kitchen. We walked down the road, headed to Picus. The man at La Tigrena stepped out as we were looking at the menu outside. He was such a great host and very persuasive! "If you don't like what you see...I make something else!" We decided to give it a try! Chose a table down by the water. The twinkling lights of Cancun were beautiful! Tho that's as close to Cancun as I cared to be! hehe The waiter lit the candle at our table for us. Very sweet young man.

The food was amazing! I had fish in a white wine sauce. BJ had fish that was stuffed with steamed veggies and covered in a delicate cheese sauce. mmmmmmm mercy it was sooo good!!! I think I actually preferred her choice! The fish was so light and moist in both dishes. The wine taste was a little strong in mine...not sure the alcohol cooked off! lol I wasn't familiar with this restaurant, but it's definitely a keeper!!!

It was fairly late at this point, so we headed back to the apartment to have some coffee and enjoy each others company for awhile before sleep called. ;)

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