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Isla Mujeres 2011--Day 2

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 12/29/2011

Isla Mujeres 2011

Day 2
Saturday February 12

We spent a month in Mexico, most of it on Isla Mujeres. If you’re looking for a weekend destination to explore, I highly recommend Mérida… much to see and such history!

Continuing our adventure in Mérida….

The weather wasn’t gorgeous and sunny but it was perfect for all the walking that we did! We wandered the streets around centro, stopping in to view the pretty courtyard of Universidad de Yucatán…

Since someone is sitting on the balcony at the bar right now, we decide to put off our thirst and take a tour around the main zocalo. This is the Governor’s Palace….

Friendly guards…

There are impressive murals here but we only had time for a quick look….

Mérida is the place to go if you like to take photos of doors!

Detailed woodwork in the ceilings…

Municipal building with clock tower…

Carriages will take you on a tour…..

The Plaza Mayor with the Catedral de San Ildefonso in the distance…

The cathedral was begun in 1561 and finished in 1598. Some of the stones were taken from Mayan temples.

The main doors of the cathedral are massive…

Sculptures inset next to the doors…

Doorknockers….look kind of scary to me!

Inside the cathedral…

And guess what is across the street! Thirst and sore feet overcome us, but we manage to climb the somewhat hidden stairway to the upstairs area. And the balcony is ours!

It was a wonderful spot to sit and people watch on the streets below and to enjoy the beautiful views…..perfecto!

We had some delicious drinks, joined by some friends of Brian and Brenda’s who happened to be in Mérida at the same time. We tell them about the amazing ‘free’ meal that we had at the cantina on the way into centro. Tummies are rumbling so off we go to find some more botanas. We are quickly seated once again but it’s not near as busy as it was earlier. Drinks are ordered and served and then we wait for the treats to arrive….and we wait…and we wait…nada! Apparently botanas are only served in the afternoons! Who knew! Well, we’re hungry and getting too tipsy from all these drinks so we order some nachos for everyone to share. It was a huge serving…very good!

Livin’ and lovin’ life!

Time to move on…the boys get silly. It’s mine, no, it’s mine….

The streets are partially closed off to vehicle traffic in some areas so you can dine right on the sidewalks…

We visit another cathedral…’s close to 10pm on a Saturday night and there is a wedding in progress….

We tiptoe out of there and wander back to the centro area where the clock tower is all lit up…

Hmmmm….Waiting for the boys? Feet hurting? Nah, I think we had a few too many!

The boys are hungry and they smell burgers. Vince, the health inspector takes a good look before deciding…..

Oh what the heck! You only live once! He said it was delicious and he survived!

Brenda and Brian trying out the concrete love seats….

Back home again….Reading Brenda a bedtime story…. ☺

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