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Scott and Michelle's Isla Mujeres Trip Report DAY 2

By: shell122898 (View Profile)
Date: 10/7/2005

Day 2: September 16, 2005

P.S.: I know everyone always wants to know about where people eat and all, but Scott and I really did not eat that much during the trip. I think we only ate dinner 3 nights and breakfast 1 morning. The rest of the time we snacked on granola bars we had and slim jims, lol.......and drank. But I will talk about what few meals we did have. remember..........our first day we went out and were at the club until 7 a.m. of our second day on our trip. We went back to the room and I guess went to sleep around 8 a.m. and we slept until about 11a.m. (recap.....since Tuesday the 13th, I have had oh about 5 hours sleep)..........we wake up and go look for something to eat and we walked around some more. We went Playa Norte and hung out at the beach and we hung out at the pool at Posada Del Mar. That evening we ate at Bamboo's. We both ordered the hamburger and fries, we were not sure what else would be good. Once we left there we went to the bar at Nablam for a few drinks and then walked around Hildago and the surrounding streets some more. We met a guy named Roberto that was actually a "shark" for the Avalon. He was really cool, and we hung out. He was actually trying to hit on me and not even trying the timeshare thing. While we were out he of course told us about it and it would be cool if we would do it because he made commission off of it and we would get stuff as well, so we said we would think about it and maybe show up. Once we left being out with him we retired back to the room to try to sleep. Wow, this day looks like it was boring, but it was actually very nice......we both just enjoyed so much walking around and seeing how everyone lived there. By now people are already waving to us and calling us by name, that was awesome. I already felt like we belonged there. Day three to follow............

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