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My Mojo & My Heart

By: anet (View Profile)
Date: 4/18/2011

I left them both on Isla, at least major portions. Following our 3rd visit, Apr. 2-12, I decided it was time to try a trip report of sorts. Flights using WestJet out of Vancouver BC were great, in large part due to having an empty seat in our row both ways. We used Best Day back & forth to the ferry. They werent having their best day on our arrival but more than made up for it with an excellent return trip. I truly think it was just one of those things on our arrival leg & will use them again.
The first week of our stay was at Ixchel and the last three nights at Casa Roca Caribe. Ive already posted about CRC but want to say again that part of the stay was a highlight and added a new dimension to our love for Isla. We enjoyed Ixchel for the closeness to the beach. Our experience there has always been good and was again. The staff was great.
New places we enjoyed this trip were Chuuk Kay, Monchis,Barlitos & El Verderado. Great food at each of them. Spent part of a day at Garrafon dCastilla and loved it.
Old favorites that we love & revisited Bally Hoo, Mininos and marquesita stands.
Wanted to try Bastos, Quabano and bimbo dogs but somehow didnt happen. Next time!
We enjoyed other visitors and even made some new friends but once again the "locals" were the stars. Hard working, friendly people - the housekeeper at Ixchel, the staff at Chuuk Kay being willing to tune the tv to the Masters for my husband, the beautiful couple we watched salsa at La Luna & they served our dinner at El Veradero the next night & greeted us like old friends the next night on Hidalgo, Jimbos neighbors who we watched transform their house from boring tan to vibrant pink in an afternoon....only a few of the many who made our time magic.
A last thought - Isla somehow kept my arthritis and my husbands polymalagia at bay, more magic.
Im not much of a photographer but heres some pics

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