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One Old Fat Guy Returns.... Day 5

By: Homebrew55 (View Profile)
Date: 12/21/2006

Day 5 Tuesday, October 31

Our last day!

What a great trip this has been so far!

We were thinking about spending today at Zama or Garrfon, but just opted to head back to Caribbean Queen.
We really only had a few hours of beach time,
then some last minute shopping and the dreaded packing!!

But first, it was time for some breakfast and to try these wonderful creations I had heard so much about…. The Cazuelas at M&J.

We all were moving a little slow… the birthday party the night before took the wind out of our sails, but my middle daughter seemed to be feeling it the most…

I ordered a Ranchero cazuela… not sure I have this exactly right, but I think it
had a tortilla on the bottom, then a layer of ham and refried beans, then two eggs, ranchero sauce and cheese. It’s baked or broiled and comes out in this little skillet.
It was delicious!!!!

Done with breakfast, time to head for the beach and see my amigo Jose!
Cuatro chairs, dos umbrellas, cuarto Sol and cuatro aqua! It’s another beautiful
day in paradise…..

After a few rounds of Sol and a couple of hours in the sun, it was time for lunch.
Still so many places I wanted the girls to try, but we’re running out of time…
Holy Crustaceans Batman, what about the shrimp cerviche at Picus! Off we go…

What a great place…. Feet in the sand, water just a few feet away, and you
gotta love the two old guys playing the thing-a-ma-gig in the corner….
This is MEXICO!

That’s $7 worth of shrimp cerviche! You can’t even get a fricking shrimp
cocktail with 4-6 shrimp in it for that at home! Did I ever say just how much
I LOVE this country!!

After lunch we headed back to “the Queen” and hung out for a little while
longer before packing up and heading back to the room. I hugged Jose and
told him I’d be back in February and to save me and the other old fat guy
two chairs and an umbrella!

Now it’s time for the worst part of any trip… packing to go home! I always
leave the maid a $20MP bill in an envelop each day for a propina, along with a
small gift like some lotion, candle, stationary, etc. Then the last day I make a
smiley face out of all my loose peso change and leave that with the nicest gift
that I brought….

After packing and having a few Sol’s out on the balcony we headed for Miquel’s.
It was Halloween and some of the local kids were walking up and down Hildago
dressed up begging for pesos. We had Halloween Coloring Book and crayons,
some Halloween bubbles, and I think a few beach balls and squirt guns left.
So we passed all that stuff out.

For some reason I totally zoned out and didn’t take a single picture of any of
the kids dressed up! DUH!

Must have been the whole “last night syndrome”

Oh well, we did manage to get a group shot of all of us with Miquel and Chihuahua…..

We said our goodbyes and everyone hugged. We went back to Bucaneros and sat out on the balcony…. Taking in the sounds, sights and smells of Isla one last time. And finishing off the cervezas that were left in the fridges! Time for bed… have to get up early and catch the ferry!

We were supposed to be on the 9:30AM ferry and Cancun Valet was picking us up at 10AM. But we got to the ferry right at 9AM and it hadn’t left yet, so we took that one.

My camera was all fogged up from coming out of the cold A/C into the heat and humidity, but I had to snap one last “goodbye” shot on the ferry….

Of course, when we got to the other side, no Cancun Valet, cause we were early. I called Vic and told him we were there, just in case the driver was running early. He said, “Let me see what I can do” and in about 2 minutes a Cancun Valet van shows up and off we go to the airport! They are so great to work with… well worth the money!

So we checked in at the airport, had a very expensive lunch at Fridays, and we were off! Unlike the trip down, everything went fine and we arrived home safe and on time!

This was truly a trip of a lifetime for me, and I think it was for my daughters as well. For the four of us to all be together on Isla was like a dream come true. We made a lifetime of memories in 5 short days and someday, when I’m dead and buried, hopefully the girls will be sitting around the table some Thanksgiving or Christmas, and one of them will say “Hey, remember that time Dad took us all to Isla”. And another will add “and we got to swim with the dolphins!”

Somewhere….. an old fat guy will be smiling! :D

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