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Day 1 of 5: April 27, 2011

By: Kasha68 (View Profile)
Date: 5/8/2011

This was our 3rd trip down (and our second one this year--I needed another break from our VERY long winter!) This was a short trip, but hey, it was better than not having that second one at all...

We looked at the weather forecast (Why do we do this?!) and it showed rain for most of our days we were to be there. We decided we cant control the weather, so we would take whatever it was--and 90 degree rain was better than 38 degree rain, which is what we had just left!

Day 1-Off to the airport for our non-stop flight. Arrived Cancun at 1:30pm. Either the lines were longer than I remember, or I wasnt in the mood to stand too long because it seemed to take FOREVER to process through. We only had carry-ons so didnt need to wait for our luggage.

Of course, we always picked the line that seemed short at first, then went increasingly s-l-o-w. hahah. After me getting the red light (and losing the bet), we were on our way to Best Day transfers. We only had to wait about ten minutes, so we whipped out the camera and took some shots of the airport.

Off we go to the ferry...I am always amused that the drivers seem to go different routes each time we are here--great to see new sites, but not sure why the drivers take us down different paths. Anyway, we were able to get to the ferry, buy our ticket and jump right on board--perfect timing!

As soon as I get on the ferry, I breathe in the salty air and a sense of peace and contentment fills me up. We enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the ferry trip. its about 85 degrees and sunny! :)

Once we land at IM, we head over to Chi-Chi and Charlies to see if we can get a room for the time we are there--we came over without a hotel room and figured we wanted to have an adventure. We talked to Benito, the manager, who was very friendly and greeted us with a smile. He showed us the room that was available, and while it was nothing fancy (pretty spartan), it was clean. We didnt bother haggling (I am not a big fan of it) for the price, and we paid for one night; as the room I REALLY wanted to rent was being rented for one night, so we would be moving the next day. We moved into room 6, which is the top floor behind the office. Partial view of the ocean, and as I said, it was clean. We paid 70 for the room (interesting note, we met a man fishing and he needed a room, so we told him to check out where we were staying and he ended up in room 6 also, for 60 dollars--no haggling either)

We put our stuff in the room, got our of our traveling clothes and put on the island clothes. We were pretty parched by this time, so we went down to the beach bar, where I met Tomas, who we looked forward to seeing each day. We ordered our beers and away we went to look for a place to eat. We decided that our next stop should be to see Miguel and sip one of his pom margaritas. I had those drinks and my partner had a brandy (el presendente) and water. The drinks were great--so we had a couple more, then decided we were hungry.

We walked up and down Hildago for a while but we really wanted to venture off Hildago this trip to eat at other places along the island. Based on some recent reviews on the isla board, we decided to dine at Velazquez--with toes in the sand. We had a couple beers, watching the sunset. I had the garlic fish fillet and my partner had the fish of the day. Both meals were very good and the waiter was attentive. We were given a complimentary shot of something in a shot glass--hey, we wouldnt want to insult anyone! It had tequila in it, but it was tasty. On our way out, we talked with Jorge, who is one of the folks that entice people walking by to dine there. He asked about our meals, then asked if we were interested in fishing/snorkeling, etc etc. I had told my partner that I would love to go fishing again this trip, but wanted to catch fish that we could eat (last time we went barracuda fishing and we were told by friends they werent good to eat, so we let the captain have them). Jorge said he had another gentleman that was interested in fishing and would we be okay with another guest--and our philosophy is, the more the better! So we Jorge says he will be in touch.

We strolled down Hildago, just taking in the sites and looking at what was newly opened and what had closed since we last were there in Feb/March. We were both relatively tired from our trip, so we decide to call it an early night.

I will put the link to the photos on my last trip report.

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