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Isla Mujeres 2010~~Day 3-4

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 6/20/2010

Isla Mujeres 2010

Day 3-4

February 14 – 15

Happy Valentine’s Day! And Clouds, clouds, Go Away!!

Up with the sun and it’s looking good so far. Maybe the weather is going to warm us up today.

Out the door early and off to get some groceries and freshly squeezed orange juice from the nice lady inside the market at the end of Guerrero. We also picked up some fresh flowers from the flower shop across from Covi. Not the smartest day to do that….lots of local hubbies were there to pick up roses to celebrate the day! This beautiful bouquet lasted over a week and was only $50MXP….

Time to hit the beach, and we decide on the southern end of Playa Sol again, across from the Posada. It was a good spot to watch parades and see the dancers. It’s a nice day but not so hot that we actually needed to get wet. In the later afternoon, the clouds starting rolling in….

Leaving the beach, we stopped at Mogagua for a cold one and to check emails via our iTouch. Internet connections are hit and miss in centro, but there are several restaurants that allow you to sign on if you eat or drink there. I could never get a connection in the square no matter where I tried.

And then it was time to get ready for a Valentine’s Day tradition….dinner at Lolo Lorena’s. We’ve been looking forward to it since last year!

We grab a taxi to her home mid-island and join the other 14 guests. Funny enough, most of them are Canadians too. Lolo is a wonderful host as always, and luckily, we didn’t get rained on in the open courtyard. Let the feast begin!

Stuffed mushroom cap and scallops….

Hummus with roasted peppers on toast….

Lobster salad…..sweet and delicious….

Entrée was a choice of seafood cassolet or salmon in banana leaves. Vince had the seafood and I had the salmon. Coming from the west coast of Canada, I wondered if the salmon could compete, but I was very impressed! I think Lolo’s preparation was the key….absolutely delicious and I hope she serves it again next year!...

Seafood cassolet….

Salmon filet in banana leaves with maple syrup and cumin, and rice and veggies….

Dessert was Belgian chocolate mousse, raspberry and ginger sorbet, an orange cookie with a dollop of whip cream and fruit followed by champagne with fruit…

We enjoyed a wonderful, relaxed evening with strangers that quickly became friends over a truly delicious dining experience. We highly recommend Lolo on your next visit!

Pleasantly full, we grabbed a taxi and arrived home just around midnight…..another great day in Isladise!

February 15 Day 4

Still stuffed from last night’s gourmet extravaganza, I waddled out to the balcony. I don’t stay long though as there is not a drop of sunshine in the sky….phooey! What’s up with that!!?? Might as well go back to bed or a little more shuteye. I get up around 8:30 and it’s looking a little better….

We’re moving pretty slowly this morning and just before heading for the beach, Vince is out on the balcony enjoying the view. “Hey” he says, “I think there’s someone here that knows you”. Sure enough, new found friends, Deene and Lloyd. She had contacted me a while ago via the message boards and we knew we’d bump into each other at some time. We invite them up to our townhouse and have a nice chat with plans made for drinks this evening. It’s always great to meet up with other boardies…we’ve been so lucky to meet so many wonderful people!

It’s very humid even if it isn’t scorching sun, so we head off for the beach. When the sun comes out it’s toasty, but once again, those darn clouds show up to spoil the roasting…

I think these posts in the water are an Isla landmark by now….

Once the clouds take over, we make our way back home…quite eagerly, as we have Lolo’s tzatziki dip waiting for us…’s that for an afternoon snack….yummo!!

While we sit on the balcony the clouds continue to take over the sky… never does rain, but it sure looked threatening….

We meet up with Deene and Lloyd at Miguel’s for 2 for 1 margs….refreshing! We have a great time and decide that we should probably eat a little bit before more drinks! Off to CoMono’s where Lee fills our table with those decadent deep fried cheese balls, labaneh dip with bread, and a greek salad with chicken. Delish!

We shared everything and still found room for a dessert of apples tempura….

Off to watch the dancers in the square once again and after a great evening, we meander home just around midnight. Thanks for a nice evening Deene and Lloyd…..

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