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Jeff & Stacy Day 5, June 5

By: JLM (View Profile)
Date: 6/17/2005

This morning we awoke to a cloudy and windy morning, with the temperature being considerably less as a result. It's our last day, but our flight doesn't leave til 5:39 p.m., so we still have time to enjoy the Island a bit. Stacy heads to M&J Cazuela for her breakfast with the fresh squeezed pineapple juice and to purchase some more of the anklettes they have at a very reasonable price. I head back to Donna's @ Chili Locos for her delicious coffee, food, and the pineapple-papaya-banana marmalade-YumYum! After eating, Stacy meets me and we head to the beach by Sunset Grill (which is our favorite) for some more sunning, swimming and relaxing. We hang out for about 3 hours and it's now time to head back to the room to pack and check out. We stop by the cemetary on our way for some pics and to find Pirate Mudaca's grave, complete with skull & crossbones. If you get the mapchicks map it details how to find his grave "pirate style" by going this many paces one way, and so many paces the next. We're now headed back to the room alongside the cemetary, look up, and there is a HUGE Iguana that scares us to death. They never seem to move that much when you come upon them, sometimes they scurry off, but the way they look I never know what they're gonna do. Back at the room we shower and pack, then take our bags to the lobby where they've told us we could leave them for a while. It's soooo sad being out of our lovely room. We head down to the ferry to check the schedule and purchase our tickets so we don't have to hassle with this later, and it's off to stroll the town and purchase any remaining souvenirs we desire. The sun has now come out and it is getting quite hot, so we head back to the Posada to relax since we have an hour and a half til we need to catch the ferry. With a slight hunger kicking we order up some beef nachos and one last pina colada, so delicious! It's now 2:10 and we head off to catch the 2:30 ferry which is right on time. Off we go, watching Paradise fade away in the distance, sad in the way we are leaving her behind, but happy in the wonderful memories we have and the fact we will be returning! Upon arriving at puerto juarez we get a taxi to the airport for 200pesos and away we go. Isla Mujeres is a very enchanting island, perhaps the most unique carribbean vacation I have ever taken, and I recomend it to anyone who enjoys traveling to exotic locations. Our wonderful trip is now over, but only til next time!!

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