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Chapter Four-Our Isla Routine

By: Kathryne (View Profile)
Date: 3/19/2007

We are officially into our routine-up for sunrise and coffee, Doug goes exploring while I make breakfast and pack for the day. Before we venture out we have yoghurt and fresh OJ as we take the sun on our Caribe patio. Then we catch the bus to our day’s destination, come home in time for showers and cocktails as we watch the sunset and then venture out again for dinner. Lights out by 10 pm for a full eight hours before we do it all over again-ahhh the sameness.

This morning is already a bonus as the prediction was for a couple of cool days with rain. We didn’t necessarily believe the forecast until it was confirmed by a Catamaran Captain that we met at Tacos Campono. The sky is beautifully clear and the sun wonderfully warm. It is 8 am.

Yesterday we went back to Lancheors for Tix n Chic sp? We arrived early just as they were starting the fire and we must have been one of the first orders off of the grill. It was perfect-not overcooked and dry as I remembered from an earlier visit. We had ordered guacamole just in case it needed moistening and ended up giving the guac to a nice lady from Minnesota at the next table. We shared an order of fish, ate our fill, and brought home enough for lunch. We especially enjoyed the skin and pulling the meat out from between the spine bones. We met so many people from all over there and it was fun to chat before we walked to the Castile.

We arrived when the place was pretty much at capacity as far as chairs and shade were concerned. But Doug did manage to find me chair which I pulled under a palm. He went for a snorkel while I read. There were quite a few no see ums in the grass so I kept an eye out for a place in the sand which soon materialized. Doug said that on his second swim he saw the most amazing fish-pink & green with aqua and violet around the mouth. He found her so beautiful that he followed her quite a ways. For Doug that swim made the trip perfection. For me (the lover of sunrises, the sky this am was worth the cost of the plane tickets). There were big lumps of clouds on the horizon but the sun edged in between before hiding again for a second sunrise. In between there were big holes in the clouds and rays from both the top and bottom of the clouds. At one point the hole looked like Australia and the second one like South America. Doug said that God was giving us a geography lesson and sure enough then this enormous cloud floated in that was Europe complete with England, Italy, Russia and Asia! I took so many pics and we tried to capture this on film but could not do it justice. If its not on film, was it really so? Call me a fibber-you weren’t there.

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