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Holbox, Isla and Contoy: Part 2...........

By: kip (View Profile)
Date: 9/25/2006

Quiet streets of Isla Holbox.............
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No reservations in hand, I walked through the puddles of Holbox's sand streets, the rain now passed. Half way across this lateral road to the beach side, the small town looks like any quiet rural town in Mexico. Wilma was as destructive as anywhere on this island, and the damage is evident. Nearly to the beach, you will begin to see the most work being done, it is clear that this side of town has taken precedence in their rebuilding efforts. The zocalo (town square), like on Isla, is being rebuilt. With a bandshell in the center, the perimeter will be lined with walkways, and pyramid like palm frond palapas. It will be beautiful from what I can tell, and unique to other zocalos I've seen throughout the country.

La Palapa Hotel's Beach Front.........
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The beach and the aqua, green water are a welcome sight, but my first job is to find a room, second is to find a Captain to take me out to see the Whale Sharks in the morning, also not set up ahead of time. I like to work this way, spontaneously, though with a plan, things usually fall into place, somehow.

Where the lateral road meets the beach, I see Faro Viejo, a hotel I've stayed at in the past, but next door just to the west, is the lovely and smaller La Palapa, only recently rebuilt from the storm, but cool as ever. The Italian owner Lino has lived on the island for 21 years now, a sea of information about anything on Holbox, and an ever-ready hare (can't call this man a bunny). He's constantly moving, always at the helm with his staff, and doing anything he can for his guests. I secured my room, and within an hour, Lino came knocking at my door, an alarm clock in hand, the constant smile across his darkly tanned face, informing me to be at the pier 100 meters down the beach at 8:00 the next morning, or thereabouts, the Captain and some others would be waiting.

Late afternoon on this now windless day, I washed up, organized my things after a long day of traveling, and headed out to see some of the streets of Holbox.........okay, I was in desperate search for several beers! This time of year, not much opens until 6-7 pm restaurant wise, but I found a little place next to the zocalo, slammed down a couple of cold beers, and ordered up a taco dinner, chicken ones tonight, with some guac on the side. Adequately filled up, I took in the night for a couple of hours, strolling around, seeing what has changed. Tired and ready for the hammock on my porch off the room, I bought some ice and 6 sols at the mercado, I made it through 3, never got in bed, and awoke to the alarm clock at 7:15 the next morning, and Lino reminding me as well with a rap on the door. Whale Sharks tomorrow...........

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