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Here Goes Nothing...Why is the Cat on my Head?, April 23rd, 2008

By: sandybunz (View Profile)
Date: 8/26/2011

Awoke this morning kind of sad because it is our last full week. Where did the time go? We are at the same time excited because Johns sister arrives tonight. We cooked in eggs mexicana this morning...I am still not tired of peppers and onions and jalepenos.

The day is a blur and all I can remember is that we got a rotisserie chicken and made a booze run up to the Navy store. Wed been celebrating the ending of our wonderful one on one time and decided that even though Diana would probably be in on the 8pm ferry, we should hold off on dinner thinking she might be hungry. Sure enough she was on the ferry and we proceeded to drink our way to the bungalows, making sure when we got there that everyone had a shot or two of tequila in celebration of our all being on the island together. Diana said she didnt want any dinner and I guess I was drinking mine so I continued on happily...urp!
Meet Diana!

We ended up on Hidalgo where I think I hoped I might get a taco or something..but following in the whirlwind left by my sister in law (its always someone elses fault isnt it?)we ended up at the place across from Faynes where there was a great band playing by the way, and ordered those delicious pura Margaritas! A good some must have started because Diana bounded up to the dance floor, ever the free spirit that she is. I must have thought she needed protection or company or something but before I knew it, one of the waiters at Faynes was shouting at me over the loudness something about paying for the band!!!! We left the dance floor, payed the restaurant for our margaritas, stumbled home taking this mans anger personally (I was) and finally figuring out that we were drinking in the bar across the street and dancing to the band at the OTHER bar...they do not like this!!! And they will make it known to you in front of God and everyone! It was an honest albiet drunken mistake and I wasnt in the least impressed by the guy freaking on me. I didnt know! It did not make me want to come back and buy his drinks by any stretch of the imagination. I guess its the same thing, as you cant use anyones banos unless you are buying thier food or drinks.

The next morning I woke in the living room with Gatty curled up on my head, I wont tell you what shape John was in and I looked out the beach side door and Diana had dragged her futon off her couch and plopped it in the sand and passed out there. Must tell her to be a tad more vigilant where she sleeps. She could not find her sandals and its a good thing we found them on the roof before we checked out!

One of the tiles in the kitchen of the bungalows that I fondly call "Bearded Lady with Fishy Fruit Hat and Chicken Breast"
Next, nursing my cat head.....

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