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Kristi & Dave's Isla Adventure (Part 2)

By: KristinMN (View Profile)
Date: 11/19/2007

Kristi & Dave's Isla Adventure Part 2

Monday - Our first full day!

Breakfast - French Bistro.

I had to order the banana crepes I read so much about, they were delicioso. Dave had the western omelet (very good). I couldn't finish the crepes, filled me up, but just a bit too rich for me.

We purchase 2 limes at the Super Express and it was so cheap we were confused as to how much it really should be easy to figure out but, it wasn't for us, so Dave and I laugh and just say that the limes were "almost free"...hehe.

We walk around a while and I spot the orange juice guy with his cart. I've been wanting to try this so, I'm too excited to remember my Spanish and I just say, "Uno grande...por favor"...I guess that was all that was needed. It was very tasty, 25 pesos. we go.

It's beach day, we grab our towels, and Miguel from Sergio's spots us walking on the beach. I knew it wasn't happy hour all day here, but he was so friendly we plopped down. I immediately go into the ocean, I love to be in the water. I'm knee deep and spot these little sand colored fish, only a couple inches long, staring at my ankles. I met a nice woman named Bonnie there and we chat in the water a while. Now I'm waist deep...every once in a while when I pick up one of my feet, I feel one of those little fish nip at my toes! Of course, it freaks me out a little and I have to explain to Bonnie why I jump, so she doesn't think I'm a crazy woman. This happens about 4 or 5 times and Bonnie says that they are probably interested in my ankle bracelet strings (it's one of the braided bracelets I bought from the little girls...I got about 6 of them this trip). Then, I notice a bigger, darker in color fish swim right by my legs and scare the little ones off...that's it! I'm outta the water in a flash to take the dang thing off.


Where we're sitting, it's between two docks where the snorkeling tours leave from. It's a bit breezy and my beach towel wasn't staying on my chair. The nice lady sitting next to us lends me 2 of her close pins that she uses to keep her towel in place...we purchase these later at the Super Express.

Four cervesas here at Sergio's (before happy hour) $10US...oh well, we're in paradise.

I spot Maria (from a picture someone posted) selling her peanuts and when she comes by, I call her by her name, she smiles, I buy some spicy peanuts ($1US for a bag). She was so sweet she gave me a smaller bag of candy covered peanuts and no extra charge. Good snack on the beach for me, not so much for Dave, we leave for lunch.

Play Lancheros here we come! Took a cab from Playa Norte (40 pesos). Here's where we met "ericinsc" and his wife, hola amigos! We already knew what we wanted to eat here...we've been here before in 2006.

We knew that we'd get a lot of food, so we just order guac & pico to start and the Tix & Chix for one...along with (4) cervesas. Nice service, delicious and we couldn't finish everything! 230 pesos...I couldn't even finish the guac (and I LOVE guac), they gave us a lot. Taxi back was 37 pesos.

I love this pict Dave took, at or near the Caribbean Queen.

This one Sergio's Playa Sol.

View from our deck at "home".

We decide to hang at the pool before sunset. We meet Pablo who tends bar at the pool bar, super nice guy! It's happy hour, 2 Sol's for 25 pesos (we should have spent more time here)...but, there's just so much we want to see on the island.

Shower up, check my mapchick map and find a place for dinner. We head for Miguel's Moonlight - I must say, Miguel is funny, great guy! We order the fish tacos (YUMM!) - This is where we find Cindy & Donny from Freeport, night! (too bad we didn't bring the camera, again)

We're there for many cervesas and we all are off to the "stump bar" as we all called it. An outside bar that had tree stumps around it to sit on and a huge bottle of tequila with scorpions in it! Our bartender pours free shots of this tequila but, Cindy and I don't want any part of it...the guys have a shot and Donny eats a scorpion! ...again, I wish we had the camera.

We're pooped and head for home.
Nite nite.

Part 3 coming up!

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