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February 22 - March 08, 2008

By: Quartzs (View Profile)
Date: 3/25/2008

WE had an outstanding 16 days on Isla. We planned to do so many things but as usual none of those things happened as we fell into the comfort of Isla and never left the island. This was our 11th trip to Isla. But we did try several different resturaunts this year.

La Brisa - awesome food here and the service was fantastic. We had 13 people at our table and this is the 1st time in 11 years that all of our food came at the same time. I had a Red Snapper filet cooked in Tequila sauce and was just fantastic. I do not like fish normally but do eat Red Snapper and Grouper while on Isla. I also tried the octopus here and was also great.

Miramar - We have eaten here many times before but thought I would mention that the steaks there are great. Serivce was good to.

Buccernos - We probably had our best breakfast on the island here.

There was a new place across from Bamboo's that had a breakfast buffet, that was ok, but probably would not go back. Bamboo's has a great breakfast too.

Of course we spent a lot of time at Miguel's and had many shots of Pomegranite, brought a bottle of that back with us.

Down the road there is a place that I believe is called the Tequilaria. That was a lot of fun, but a little expensive on the drinks.

We have a very large group that goes the same time every year and can be hard to accomidate all of us. In the past we have sat on the beach in to the left of Sunset Grill. For the past 10 years they have always taken care of us. But this year everything changed and the son is running it and frankly is really a rude kid. So a friend of ours works at Chi and Charlie's so all 25 of us moved down there and had such a wonderful time on the beach. Wonderful guys there. Casper is the bartender and was just awesome. So we now have a new spot, I guess times change and so do people but we have always been very loyal to certain families and places. We spend alot of time ont he beach and alot of $$$. We did try one more day to go back to the Palapa in front of Ixchel 2 but again very rude to customer's. the owner did try to convince us to stay but why did we want to spend our hard earned money where it was not appreciated. Sorry rant is over.

We did other things as scooters and golf carts around the island. Went Snorkeling at that place down from Garafon, that was great. My daughter had a 5 Foot Barracuda right in front of her. And a very nice man brought up for her 2 large starfish for her to hold. the turtle farm has really changed and have alot more turtles then 2007. Was very disappointed in Mundaca. Been there several times and always fun to walk through. This trip they raised the price to $2.00, no big deal. Except all they have is the monkey's, crocs and lizards. Can't remember the name of the place but you turn by the baseball field and on the right there is a bar there, nice place, wonderful people. Next year need to go out at night. They have a big stage there for music.

We went and seen the bottle island very interesting to say the least.

Mainly spent our days lazily on the beach. This is the first year that I have seen waves as big as they were. It was great we had from 12 years to 65 years old jumping and playing in the waves.

Our trip home was a nightmare. I must give props though to Cancun Transfers. For 9 of us it was $7.77 roundtrip per person. They were on time both ways and took care of us. Delta is a nightmare of an airline. We were delayed and they tried to blame another airline, but fact was our plane was not even in Cancun. We finally got on our way 1.5 hrs late and they said no problems for connections in Atlanta. Right!!! We landed at 5:40PM and had to go through immigration, customs and be on other side of airport by 6:30PM. As we were waiting Delta said no problem they were waiting for us. so we get the tram and get to our gate and they were loading so I thought great. there were people trying to get on in our seats stanby and I really yelled at the girl. We did get on.

So we get to Milwauakee, WI and wating for our luggage and they lost all of our luggage said they did not know where it was. they did not even see it arrived from Cancun, which we knew it did because we had it in Customs in Atlanta. What a nightmare there was our flight from Cancun and one from Orlando going to Milwauakee and they all of our luggage. It came 2 days later and they delivered it at 1:30AM, can you even believe it. The guy who delivered my folks luggage said there are 15 of them that they spend 7 days a week delivering throughout Wisconsin just for Delta. What does that Tell ya.

Anyways great Trip, but someone needs to do something about these airlines. Service sucks but the price just keeps going up.

Look forward to next year on Isla !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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