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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 17-18

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 8/12/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 17-18

Thursday March 8 – Friday March 9

Thursday March 8

“Who Ordered The Clouds??!!”

After a busy day yesterday, it was nice to sleep in a bit. I didn’t get up until 6:30, but the sun did not greet me today……hmmmmm….

My eyes aren’t happy to see all those clouds, so I decide to go back to bed and see if a little more sleep will change the view. If only! Up again at 8, but the view is the same. Maybe a few bites of a Starbuck’s chocolate chip bun will help.

With the clouds hanging around, we might as well do some shopping. First stop is the market for some more fresh OJ….that stuff is so yummy! Next up is the new Navy store. We walk onto the base and past all the construction and finally find it. Vince finds Superior Beer at a great price so he loads up as much as he can carry. On the way home we get a bunch of bottles of vanilla from Mirtita’s. Those are always handy little treats for the friends at home that like to bake.

Dropping off all of our goods, we decide to just get comfy and spend the next while reading. I’m on my third book for this holiday….Vince is still working on DaVinci code from our last holiday!

Around 2, Vince’s tummy is growling so off we go on the moped to Minino’s. There is a volleyball tournament at the zocaló today and some of the teams are having lunch there too. I watch Vince as he enjoys a fish fillet Veracruz style. He said it was delicious….

With a Dos XX and water, the bill was $90MXP. It is still cloudy but not raining so we hop back on the moped to do a little more touring around the island.

The birds are gathered for a meeting at the lagoon….

The flowers bring colour to a gray day….

As we circle around the south point of the island and come up the east side just past the turn off to Punta Sur, a woman is walking towards us with 2 dogs on leashes. A third dog, unleashed, walking with her, comes charging at us at full speed. I scream and Vince hits the brakes, although we weren’t going very fast. The dog comes right up to our legs and starts barking and snapping. It was a brown dog…looked like a pit bull type. Vince is yelling at the dog and trying to keep the moped steady, while I’m trying to get my legs away. The woman continues walking past us, seemingly oblivious to our need for help. Vince finally yells at me to ‘hang on’ and he speeds away as the dog chases us. Some construction workers from nearby are running in our direction to help and the dog turns around and heads the other way. We wave our thanks to the men and drive a mile or two up the road. Vince pulls over in silence and we both just try to catch our breath.

After enjoying a moped on the island for several years, nothing like this has ever happened before. So, when people warn you about the dangers of riding a moped, listen. If Vince had not been experienced on the moped and also a qualified motorcycle driver, the outcome could have been much worse. I hate to think about what might have happened if we had fallen off the moped with an attacking vicious dog next to us. The other thing that really bothered and angered me was the fact that this woman walking her dogs, with this dog along with her, didn’t even bother to help us in any way. She didn’t even look at us. I realize the dog probably wasn’t hers, but I don’t understand how she could ignore our screams.

So, be wary and be careful. We’ve driven past lots of dogs in the colonias before and they usually never even lift their eyes from their naps. For the next few days though, I was always very aware of what was around us and always on the look out for that dog.

Ok, back to the fun….I’ve got a few more gray hairs, but oh well! We arrive safely back at Roca Mar, park the moped, and walk over to the zocaló to watch some of the basketball. We enjoy a limon popsicle and then it’s back to the room to read for a while. Racing heart is starting to come down by now!

Let’s eat! We’re lazy and stop just a few steps away at CoMoNo’s.

Lee and Jen greet us and we sit on Hidalgo and watch the passersby. We order way too much food!....Labaneh, shrimp tempura, beef kebabs (spicy!), calamari and a small salad. Would anyone care to join us? Luckily we had quite a few friendly kitties that were more than willing to help. After our dog escapade today, I’m happy to be with the kitties….

This little cutie ate for a while….

And then had to have playtime too….

Hope the dog doesn’t find this kitty when he drives home!....

The food is delicious as always and so are the strawberry margaritas. One note…they always include a 10% tip on their bill. We always give them more than that and it’s well deserved.

We’ve been pretty lazy today so a walk is in order. Off we go to the end of Hidalgo….waiting to bump into some amigos and then realizing hey, we’re the last of the bunch. Everyone except John and Faith has left us! We stop at Fayne’s to listen to the music again…excellent. Back towards home where we stop at the gelato shop on Hidalgo for our usual….chocolate and banana for me and Vince picks lime and pineapple. I don’t know…he comes up with some weird combinations! But, he liked it!

Cozy in bed for more reading….so, will the sun shine tomorrow???

Day 17-18

Thursday March 8 – Friday March 9

Friday March 9

“OK, Bring Back The Sun!!”

There’s a tiny bit of sun this morning when I step onto the balcony….a little ray of sunshine and a glimmer of hope for more sun today…

It’s very warm and humid….26C and 70%. By 10 we are on our way to the beach near Buho’s. We get comfy in the sand and pass the day with reading, snoozing and swimming. It stays somewhat overcast for most of the day, but there are sunny breaks to enjoy…

And of course, we also enjoy pepitas from Maria and popcorn too. By 5, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a stupendous sunset, so we stop at the bank on the way home…9.26MXP/CDN.

Tonight we’ve decided to try the new Cuban restaurant across from Angelo’s. The prices are really reasonable and the portions are huge.

The service is prompt and efficient….not overly friendly, but they could smile a little more. Vince enjoys chicken fricassee while I have Creole salad.

It was certainly a different salad than I’ve had before…romaine, avocado, cucumber, green tomatoes, onions and olives with vinaigrette. But dill pickle slices?? That was kind of a weird addition! Vince’s dinner was delicious and more than he could eat. Good thing as I ate most of his fried plantains…those were good! With water and Bohemia, the bill was $165MXP plus tip.

As we’re enjoying our dinner, Rick and Joanne walk by. Rick introduced himself to us on our very first day here….”Are you Doris?....I’ve read all your trip reports”. Vince kept track on this holiday and said that he heard that at least 17 different times! It’s really fun to meet new people and I appreciate everyone who came out of ‘lurking’ to say hello to us. We’re all connected as people who enjoy this special little island so it’s great to meet so many friends. And besides, it makes us behave in public because we never know who might ‘know’ us and be watching!

Back to Rick and Joanne…..fellow Canadians and a very nice couple who were a little sad about the weather the past few days. We told them it wasn’t normal and they would just have to come back again. They were leaving tomorrow but managed to put on their best “It’s the last night of our holiday” smiles. If you’re reading this Rick…Hola! If you’re reading this Rick…Hola! Hope to see you again next year!

Dinner is done and it’s time for dessert! We walk a few blocks to Color de Verano where we share a fruit cup called ‘Amenecer’….strawberries, mango, kiwi and blueberries with ice cream…$55MXP….yummy!

We walk home past Jax where there is live music and dancing. Should we stop in? Nah….we can dance on our balcony under the stars……

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