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Carlo & Stacey's 1st Isla trip Day 4 - part 2

By: islaorbust! (View Profile)
Date: 5/20/2006

Day 4 – part 2 Dinner at LoLo Lorena!

We get all dressed up for our final dinner in paradise. We arrive and begin our adventure, otherwise know as, dinner with LoLo Lorena!

We are welcomed into Lorena’s home and seated at a quaintly set table, and promptly offered some delicious wine. Lots of lively conversation. Dinner is running a little late due to “oven problems,” which have now been resolved. Lorena is quite a character, who adds a whole other dimension to the dining experience. Her energy level alone is something to witness.

Lorena and Carlo both speak many languages, and their exchanges throughout dinner flip back and forth between English, Spanish, Italian, and French, with a dash of Dutch thrown in – just to make it interesting! My head is spinning – is it the flurry of languages, or is it the wine? Who cares, I’m having a great time!!

We are served a small snack of olives and artichokes before our appetizer comes out…a great way to start a meal. We notice that Lorena has someone running errands for her while cooking our meal. First she sends him to get bottled water, then some missing ingredient, and then another. We get a good chuckle out of this, and hope that our meal lives up to all the hype we’ve heard. We are just the very slightest bit worried.

Drum roll….Lorena emerges from the kitchen and presents us with a roasted tomato, herb and goat cheese tart surrounded by lovely salad with a champagne vinaigrette. The aromas were so fantastic that we can’t wait to dig in. We are not disappointed! The tart is SUPERB, and the salad and dressing are the perfect accompaniment! (My mouth is watering just thinking about it!!)

Between courses, we enjoy meeting Lorena’s family, and chatting about how wonderful our time on Isla has been. We are also introduced to several feline members of the family who wander in and out through the open doors. One particular kitty is especially beautiful and sweet. We think about catnapping her. We start smelling a fantastic aroma from the kitchen.

Our second course arrives, and does not disappoint! Shrimp in a gorgeous, creamy saffron sauce with a side of perfectly grilled veggies. This course is fresh and light, but with a complex sauce that goes perfectly with our delicious wine. We are in gastronomic heaven once again.

We can’t imagine our meal getting any better, when Lorena once again emerges from the kitchen with our dessert! A beautiful trio! Chocolate mousse with candied orange rind, chocolate espresso Italian ice, and mixed berries. YUMMMMMY! What a delicious ending to our meal….but wait there is more!

Lorena revs us the espresso machine and makes us our favorite brand of espresso! Just as we like it. Yum, that hits the spot!

What, we’re not done yet?? Finally, the house drink specialty! A flaming shot! A mix of Kahlua and rum flambé! I’m a little apprehensive, but what the heck – everything else she served us has been perfect! CHEERS! In goes the straw, and down the hatch! Wow! That was cool! Good too!

After our flaming shot, we settle our bill, and Lorena offers us a tour of the rest of her house. We chat some more with her family and then we return, quite tipsy, to VLB. Thank goodness it’s only a few blocks away!

We are so glad that we chose LoLo Lorena’s as our last dinner on Isla. Nothing like having a gourmet chef prepare a private dinner for you to put that final exclamation point on a perfect vacation in paradise!

Back at VLB we are both blissfully happy, and quite sad. We’ve just had an incredible day, followed by an even more incredible meal….but it is our final day. We don’t want to go home tomorrow! We take one long last look at the bright moon shining and shimmering on the Caribbean . We fall asleep one last time to the sound of the waves crashing on the cliffs.

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